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An easy answer for GeoW, UtahRich and anyone else who awaits my reply.

June 25, 2019 12:46AM avatar
Hypothetical... Monte, you are going on a detecting trip,
coast to coast, detecting ghost towns, schools, playgrounds, battle fields,
plantation sites, colonial sites, etc.

Now lets add beach hunting to the mix. One detector.
Here in the USA, with 48 contiguous states, I have traveled across a lot of it and have hunted in 17 states. From that I have enjoyed learning a lot about how detectors work in virtually neutral ground, very mild ground mineral conditions, above-average mineralization challenges, to very tough ground environments. That, alone, can have an affect on selecting a Handle-it-All single detector selection.

All your hunting site choices are things I would like to take on, with two main exceptions:

►In order, I would NOT hunt a Plantation because I put that in a category of working a large, open plowed crop field that would cover quite a size. I'm 70 years old and have been dealing with health issues since 1991. Diabetes that's out of control, a very bad back from top-to-tail, imbalance that continues to worsen, and other things. The doctor got me a cane two months before I turned 44, and it is really needed to help me get around.

Other things have slowed me down, such as a leg-long blood clot in my leg, a "modified" (medical term) left foot, a left knee with torn cartilage, ligaments, tendons and meniscus. Due to diabetes, mainly, my feet and lower legs are very numb, and so are my fingers and hands, and that makes it difficult to walk what little I can, often stumbling and tripping. After my fall in early April of last year that lead to them to slitting my throat to work on my cervical spine and fuse C-4 and C-5, that mending is continuing. I was told that, at best, I might get muscle strength and mobility restored to 60% to 80% in my right shoulder and arm, and the doctor tells me I am about at that point now ... in the 60% to 80% range

So due to my very hampered mobility issues I don't/can't hunt large areas, be it a wide-open park or a plowed field.

► Also, walking in sand is too difficult without a cane, and canes and loose sand just don't get along very well. Plus, beaches are often too large for me to maneuver, so I don't beach hunt. Maybe a few times a year, 2 to 4, if it is a firm, dense, gravelly-type beach, close to where I'd park or camp, at an inland freshwater site. Besides, I don't swim.

Seldom, given enough hunt time these days, do I amble more than 50 to 150 feet from where I park.

Instead of your arsenal of detectors you are allowed but one detector. Only one.
I have been working hard to trim my detectors and, as of right now, I have the following detectors in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit that are constant travel companions. They are:

Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic models that are "General Purpose" detectors I can use for Urban Coin Hunting as well as Serious Relic Hunting. I also have a Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX I keep in my vehicle. And now I also keep the XP ORX loaded up for all my travels. At home in my den I keep my absolute pristine 'seconds' of the Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX, and my two favorite urban Coin Hunting TID models, a White's XLT e-series and Teknetics Omega 8000. I have now trimmed by main arsenal to 7 detectors, 5 of which are regular-travel models. I do plan to add one more detector in the near future for special applications, at least at this time.

What would be the one detector you would take?
I have used all of my 'Regular-Carry' devices for many different applications and, honestly, it could be any one of the models with full or partial Ground Balance control.

Would it be one already in your arsenal, or a more multi purposed detector?
For ME and the sites I prefer to search and the different challenges I know I will be dealing with, there isn't anything that I would call a "more multi-purpose" detector. What I have works well, each unit has its strong points, yet each model can do well in most hunt scenarios I will face. I could happily set out for a planned metal detecting vacation and be very satisfied if I took ONLY a Nokta FORS CoRe or FORS Relic, my XP ORX, or my Bandido II microMAX. All can be used anywhere for any hunting. I'd keep the 'OOR' DD on the CoRe, the 5" DD on the Relic, the 6" Concentric on the Bandido II MM, and the 5X9½ HF DD on the ORX since those coils balance quite well and provide all the in-the-field performance for at least 90% of the hunting I would do at the mentioned sites.

Am anxiously awaiting your answer.

If I set out tomorrow, with only one detector, it would be the XP ORX.

Is it the best detector I use? No, not for everything. It is one of the deepest, for times I want or can achieve depth, and it handles most ground mineral challenges well and hits nicely on smaller-size targets like thin gold rings or chains. I just happen to enjoy the extremely light, well-balanced design. I like the elliptical HF coil. And I like the performance of the Coin Deep mode with very limited adjustments. In other words, it fits my Simple, Functional and Performance based requirements. --- But so do the CoRe, Relic and Bandido II MM.

Lol, I think Monte would have OregonGregg drive a support vehicle carrying all of his detectors. grinning smiley
That wowuld be one way to get him to handle an XP product.smiling smiley

Just a thought here, I know this is a fun exercise to try and whittle things down to a single detector. But, let me turn the tables on you for a moment and ask a question. IF you were taking a summer off and traveling across the country detecting battlefields, beaches, ghost towns and gold fields, old parks and old homesteads, swimming holes and tot lots, wouldn't you want to have the most appropriate detector for each for optimum results?
Yes, it is an interesting exercise, and while I like Geo.W's approach I also like your thoughts. Actually, it fits me better because I'm only supposed to drive 1½ to 2 Hours per day, total, and it would take forever to make a country-wide journey. I prefer the shorter duration 'vacation' type approach

I mean, you are taking a summer off after all. and this is a detecting adventure, not a family trip with a few minutes of detecting here and there along the way.
In my case, being old and retired, I have most of my time off anyway. It's just the travel limitations and a need for more $$$. For me, all detecting jaunts have always been 'an adventure' making over half-a-century of searching out old places to hunt, taking in all of the interesting and appealing scenery, learning different detectors and .... of course, finding good stuff.thumbs up

I used to be the guy with one detector and it did my one thing pretty good, hunt the yards of old homes with a little old park hunting thrown in for good measure. But when I started to diversify and move out to other places, I became aware that there are detectors that do those other things exceptionally well.
I was also a One Detector Guy until later in 1971. I was still mainly a typical Coin Hunter like most, but didn't specialize in working only old yards

I hit parks, schools and playgrounds and sports fields. I also hunted private yards, kept an eye open for any renovation work, hit vacant lots, and on my travels even back to 1974/'75 over here to Vale where I live now, I would venture out to work old homesteads, out-buildings and similar places. I hit my first ghost town on May 4th of 1969 (which later became my all-time favorite and most productive ghost town) and that also prompted me to do more detector evaluations as time passed. Been 2 or 3 or 4 or more detectors in my personal arsenal since late in '71.

What I'm saying is that a multipurpose detector can provide pretty good results if you learn how to maximize its capabilities in a variety of locations, but a specialty detector will give you opportunity for the best results provided you have expertise in its operation.
Exactly! I have some 'specialty' detectors, but most all of what I keep in my arsenal fit the 'General Purpose" category.

I think Monte will pick the Minelab Equinox 800 as the best choice for just 1 detector. LOL. Ok, maybe not.
A very capable unit, and fine for a lot of people, but not in my arsenal as I have what I like now.tongue sticking out smiley

Let's see how he responds.

I gave Geo. an answer above, the XP ORX, being my current 1st detector pick from my arsenal. That might please some XP Fans, just like a CoRe or Relic would make the Nokta folks happy, or my Tesoro choice satisfying followers of the now defunct brand. Well, thinking this through I will give a more complete answer to both George's question as well as your follow-up. I'll test myself on abilities, confidence and patience to 'Pick-One and Use-One.'

I am going to set out on at least 4 detecting jaunts. I'll have no control over the weather I'll encounter, nor know for sure what types of places I will find to hunt. On each trip I will try to make them a full week and take only ONE detector to use on each journey. ONE of my detectors in my Outfit. I'll pick them at random from the CoRe, Relic, ORX and Bandido II µMAX so I am not selecting one that I might favor for certain sites ... just a random pick to tale along for the entire journey.

Then, when finished, I'll have a better answer for both of you ... and maybe me ... and know which of the four devices I would select in the future ... if only limited to one make and model.

How's that for an answer?


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***

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I'm not trying to upstage Monte but I used one detector only for 6 months

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An easy answer for GeoW, UtahRich and anyone else who awaits my reply.

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Good Heavens !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: An easy answer for GeoW, UtahRich and anyone else who awaits my reply.

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