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'Thank You' as well, Del. All the considerations I've had.

June 30, 2019 10:42AM avatar
Monte-----It would probably be best to plan the next WTHO for next Spring/early Summer.
Some areas 'Out West', especially the 'southern' areas, can be warm enough to access in early spring. Perhaps March to mid-April, if we can get some workable suggestions for sites that direction to plan for. Could even do February to March if in parts of New Mexico, Arizona and California. Even Texas, perhaps, or elsewhere, IF we have some hunt site referrals and can plan ahead.

That way not only would participants be able to make (long range) plans for it---the grass/most under growth would be at a low point---and---it wouldn't be too hot of weather yet.
Knowing that it can sometimes get hot in the typical places we have selected over the past 5 years of Outings, we have usually planned them for April and May, but even the Nevada locations haven't been all that comfortable on some Outings. This year they were held there in mid-June and, overall, the weather was rather pleasant. Weather, naturally, isn't something we can predict when planning an Outing and we take it as it comes, but the same applies to the vegetation that might, or might not, be there.

I've been hunting ghost towns in Utah, Nevada and Oregon since 1969, and working them much harder (as in much more frequently) with some of my good friends since 1983. And those Nevada town sites we've worked since our Outings in 2015 we could sometimes hunt all year long, when there were very mild winters. And many summers, from early spring until fall arrived, we often worked the towns when other than sage brush there was very little to almost no weedy, grassy growth to deal with.

Again, that's seasonal and weather dependent because, if there's not a lot of snow and they get very little rain, they can stay close to naked. This year we happed to have a lot of late season rain from winter going into spring and on until late May and early June. The result is a lot of places, around here in Eastern Oregon as well as down in Central and Northern Utah and Nevada, are plagued with heavy weed growth. It can be cyclic and you just never know what to plan for and take it as it happens.

My favorite northern Utah town site of 'Twin Flats' often had 8" to 20" of snow on the ground most of the winter like when my cousin Gregg A. and I rabbit hunted out there. But around February 15th of 1991, Utah Rich and his young son and I went out and camped overnight to enjoy 2 days of Ghost Town Hunting. The ground was very dry, snow free, the day had pleasant enough temperatures, during the better parts of the daylight, and we both made memorable finds on that trip. very huntable and the ground was mostly dry and soft and easy to recover targets ... around the 15th of February on that high plateau desert. You just never know.eye rolling smiley

Also, and here's something you didn't touch on----older people (like myself) that are retired & on a fixed income would have time to set funds aside for the outing.----These (long distance) outings can really eat into a persons resources that are on limited incomes.-----Being able to plan into the future a ways for them will "smooth things out".
On that note, also being in the older, retired and on a fixed income group, I have to plan my travels out as well. And seeing three doctors this past week and addressing new health matters, I've been reminded to keep my daily driving to no more than 1½-2 hours. I need to start working more on that, as well as my diabetes, high blood pressure, and new things they have found including blood clots.

So the Outing drives I need to pay attention to, and I am also going to try and plan maybe an extra month or two or three, if needed, between Outings in the futures than what we have in the past. That will allow a little more time to build up some extra needed travel funds for many/most of us.

Those that are still working would have adequate time to make plans getting time of work to attend also.
I agree, and maybe adjusting a little more space between Outings will help everyone work out their planning schedule to attend more of them.

Please don't set them up for "holiday time"smiling smiley------Just a few thoughts/suggestions.------------Del
I appreciate the suggestions/thoughts, and I do want to avoid routine 'Holiday' weekends. I look at Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Father's Day, a weekend close to the 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekend. Those periods make it a little difficult to fit our Outings to please everyone.

So I'll continue to work on Outing Locations and Dates for 2020, but really would appreciate some help from everyone with site suggestions, and even step forward to Host an Outing.


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Can we fit in one more WTHO this year?

Monte 360 June 26, 2019 12:00AM

Re: Can we fit in one more WTHO this year?

NWCindy 205 June 30, 2019 10:40AM

smiling smileyBumping the WTHO question back to the top.

Monte 256 June 29, 2019 03:49AM

Re: smiling smileyBumping the WTHO question back to the top.

Kickindirt 199 June 30, 2019 09:59AM

WTHO's 2019/2020

UtahRich 227 June 29, 2019 11:31PM

Thank You, Rich. You pointed out one of my main concerns ... Timing.

Monte 240 June 30, 2019 07:49AM

Re: Thank You, Rich. You pointed out one of my main concerns ... Timing.

D&P-OR 214 June 30, 2019 09:19AM

'Thank You' as well, Del. All the considerations I've had.

Monte 292 June 30, 2019 10:42AM

How about that "Twin Flat" site that you often refer to?

D&P-OR 255 June 30, 2019 12:30PM

Del, sad news about 'Twin Flats.'sad smiley

Monte 207 June 30, 2019 05:36PM

Re: smiling smileyBumping the WTHO question back to the top.

Digstrashtomuch 275 June 29, 2019 11:48AM

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