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Equinox 800 depth and other tests

June 27, 2019 12:09PM
(Gregg, here's another spreadsheet for you! smiling smiley )

I don't do much depth testing anymore, since it is no longer the most important parameter IMO. However, I got the 15" coil for a beach trip next month and thought I'd better compare all coils.

Here's some results using the 6", 11" and 15" coils, and my conclusions below. A nickel was buried in my substrate (Play Sand from Lowes).

Mode using Factory Presets (5)

--------------6"------------------------11" (8)-----------------15"

Park 2-----Intermittent-----------Yes (6)------------------Yes (6)
Field 1-----Intermittent-----------Yes (6)------------------Yes
Field 2-----Yes---------------------Yes (6)------------------Yes
Beach 1---Yes (2)-----------------Yes (6)------------------Yes
Beach 2---Yes (2)-----------------Yes (7)------------------Yes (2)
Gold 1-----Yes, Best! (3)---------Yes Best!---------------Yes Best!
Gold 2-----Yes (4)-----------------Yes (8)------------------Intermittent


1) Park 2, 40KHz, Recovery 1, 2 tones, passes Monte tests
2) does detect, but gets a shot "blip" rather than a smooth response.
3) Best response, ID's nickel correctly. Passes Monte tests
4) Yes, but IDs as iron
5) FP each mode, noise cancel & ground balance. Test substrate reads "6" in ground balance before test.
6) detected over 1/3 (center only) of coil.
7) IDs as iron.
8) Monte's tests, 4 way and 2 way only. 15" coil not tested on these.

Monte tests: Nail board, nail on top of nickel.
Nickel always IDs 12 or 13 when detected.


1) In trashy areas & ghost towns, use the 6” coil!
2) In “6” strength soil, the 15” coil is the deepest.
3) Don’t use Beach 2 for in dry sand.
4) Gold 1 mode seems superior in every way. Sounds out the best, while still IDing correctly.
5) Use 15” for ground coverage and maximum depth - as long as targets are well separated.
6) The 11” coil is indeed the general purpose workhorse for "average" areas. (whatever that is)
7) At essentially the limit of detection, the Nox IDs correctly and steadily.
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Equinox 800 depth and other tests

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Just a few comments and a quick correction:

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