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Often-Asked Questions: What Brand? Which Model? Which Coils? .. and I can't forget 'Why?

July 18, 2019 04:06PM avatar
Early on most detectors on the market were BFO's, TR's or TR-Disc. types, and most used a round-shaped search coil of about 6" to 8" in diameter. Many had a sort of 'common' look to their physical packaging, and that was long before George Payne came up with motion-based Discrimination, and that was five years before he configured the visual Target ID display circuitry in '83, then shortly later Audio Tone ID to complement that. 'Basic' would have been a good word to describe the commonly found controls and needed adjustments to make the detectors work.

Back then most folks didn't have a clue about what a metal detector was as it was a newer and fast-growing hobby. If they had an interest in joining the rush, they knew they had to have a detector and quite often an inquisitor's question was quite simple. It was often something like: "Is this one any good?" when either mentioning a name or pointing at an ad in one of the then-popular magazines. A simple, and often biased, answer would be Yes or No.

A lot of folks joined in the fun of looking for anything that had been lost, and as more people gained some knowledge about detectors, and with the advances that brought us a lot of additional features and functions, we have had more people with a bit more understanding of the newer features, and therefore more specific questions related to this great outdoor sport. Especially when you have more experience with a variety of detectors.

We can get more specific questions such as the following:

What Brand of metal detector do you use? Why do you like that Brand?

Which particular Model do you use or like over other Models from that manufacturer? Why do you like that one over the others?

What Search Coil do you prefer?

Why do you prefer that particular Make or Model?

Why don't you like the (naming some specifically) detector or search coil?

And then you get the useless questions, too, like:

Do you think that would be a good one for me?

Is that detector going to work fine for what I will be doing?

That detector is going to handle my ground, right?

The problems here are that you often read these questions, as well as get asked directly, but you don't know what the person is going to be using the detector for so you can't give a proper response. They don't let you know just exactly what they will be doing or using the detector for. You might not know the type of site environment they will be searching or the terrain conditions or the amount of, or type of, debris they might be dealing with. And they wonder if you know if it will handle their ground, but they don't tell you where they live, the type of ground conditions, or what the site locations might present them with.

I also get asked Why I have more than one detector, and more specifically, How I determined which detector brands and models I like best. So, I decided to provide an easy answer here and update my Signature below to reflect Monte's Favorite Models by Brand. Remember that I have been using a lot of detectors for over fifty-four years now, and most of them just didn't impress me enough to want to hang onto them, while others really worked quite well for me. So, my Regular-Use Detector Outfit is comprised with detector models that I liked then and have continued to like today. Devices that performed the best for me, were more comfortable for me, and provided some of the best in-the-field performance for me.

In alphabetical order by Brand, as listed in my Signature, here are what I like best and use what I like best, and WHY they are my favorite models. If you do not see a Brand listed, that's because I either didn't have a particular Make or Model impress me, or in a couple of cases I do have a specimen, but it / they are in my Specialty Group and not a Regular-Use Detector. Here they are:

Fisher: F-44.. I've used Fisher detectors since 1972 but very few of them, other than the CZ-5, really appealed to me. The F-44, however, is very affordable, very light weight and comfortable to use (especially with the 4" Concentric, 5" DD or the 7" Concentric that I keep mounted most of the time), and it satisfies several check-points for me. Important is that it is a 'fun' detector to use. It features Iron Audio Volume, a Backlighted Display, and the adjustments used are Saved at turn-off. It makes a handy daily carry model, it's good for most casual urban Coin Hunting, and it is a very useful 'loaner-unit.'

Nokta-Makro: FORS CoRe and FORS Relic.. Since January of 2015 I have found all of the devices from Nokta, Makro or the current Nokta-Makro group to be some of the more solidly-built designs on the current market. They have ample adjustment features and hard-to-beat in-the-field performance. I don't Beach Hunt, and I personally do not care for a wide array of audio Tone ID choices. I like things to be simple yet performance based, without a lot of (to me) excess adjustment choices. And I am very satisfied with a 1-Tone, 2-Tone or 3 Tone ID selection. Also, they provide a very good set of search coil choices.thumbs up. These two are in my Regular-Use Detector Team because they have been unmatched or exceeded by other models for the very iron contaminated old sites I most enjoy searching. The balance very well, are comfortable, and are in my top-three Relic Hunting favorites. Both models keep their smallest coil mounted full-time because they make a killer combination in iron infested environments.

Teknetics: Omega 8000.. Urban Coin Hunting 'fun' with 'proven results' is why I added an Omega 8000 back into my Detector Team. I bought my first Omega 8K in March of 2010 and for typical urban coin potential sites it out-performed all other Teknetics models (to include my T2's) and gave me a tighter and more consistent visual TID on mid-depth to deeper targets. Like today's Fisher F-44, it was very light-weight and nicely balanced using the T2 grip, and out-performed and out-lasted all other makes and models I owned and used for day-to-day Coin Hunting when I was thinning out most of the Target ID units I had in 2015.. It's not only comfortable to use, but, like the F-44, the Omega 8000 makes a good 'loaner-unit' when needed. I also keep a 7" Concentric coil mounted full-time, and it shares search coils with the F-44.

Tesoro: Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX.. Time-tested and very proven afield, these two handle a lot of my Urban Coin Hunting tasks as well as sidewalk tear-ups and other renovation projects I chance upon. Handy to have on-hand, and in-hand, for both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting applications. On both of these I keep their assigned 6" Concentric coil mounted full-time. These are my two all-time favorites from the Tesoro line, and I have relied on these models, one or both, since they were introduced in October of 1997. That's almost twenty-two years of very enjoyable service.

White's: XLT.. White's was the first factory-produced detector I started using in the summer of '68, and I have owned or handled the majority of what they have produced since that time. Of them all, the XLT is, without a doubt, the most satisfying detector they have ever offered for my wants and needs. Not real difficult to learn, and time-and-time again it has provided rewarding adventures for Coin Hunting, mainly, but also has been surprising in quite a few tougher Relic Hunting environments. I keep a 6½" Concentric coil mounted full-time, and for more open and less littered sites the 8" Concentric will be used.

XP: ORX.. I've only owned mine for 1½ months, but once I figured out how their adjustment names and functions were, it took very little time afield to really take a serious liking to the ORX. I own and use only one search coil for it, the 5X9½ HF DD, and for all the sites and conditions that I'll grab this device, that's all the coils I will need (until they figure out how to make a small 5" or 6" round coil for it). And the ORX compares about the same as my F-44 when it comes to being light-weight and very comfortable to allow this old and falling apart character to enjoy longer hunt-times these days. And, as I have stated earlier about some other units, the ORX is simply a 'fun' detector to hunt with, and the most appreciated feature it provides is a nice 3-Tone audio in the Coin programs, and maybe the best Modulated Audio I have enjoyed in a long, long time. The ORX joins my CoRe and Relic as my top-three primary-use Relic Hunting devices.

Well, there you go. If you've been curious Which makes and models I favor the most for daily use, and Why I found these models to be my favorites from those manufacturers, I gave you some reasons. These are the 8 individual models I grab from when I head out for a detecting jaunt, picking as needed based upon the sites I am headed to.

I trust you have good reasons for YOUR favorites pleasing you for your wants and needs, and I wish everyone the best of success on their next journey out the door.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Often-Asked Questions: What Brand? Which Model? Which Coils? .. and I can't forget 'Why?

Monte 399 July 18, 2019 04:06PM

I have been using the following metal detectors and associated coilssmiling bouncing smiley

Hombre 347 July 20, 2019 12:39PM

Comments for you, Randy.

Monte 227 July 21, 2019 06:34AM

Re: I have been using the following metal detectors and associated coilssmiling bouncing smiley

D&P-OR 260 July 20, 2019 05:48PM

Hi Del, I'm a regular packratthumbs up

Hombre 269 July 20, 2019 07:57PM

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