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"... and deep?" - - Rich, I was waiting for your comments regarding "at depth."

July 27, 2019 07:56AM avatar
Detecting "On-Edge" coins is most typically associated with coins that are located at shallower depths, and often in a more loose material that can easily be disturbed. Generally a dropped coin will land in a flat, or relatively flat, position on wood, cement, or dirt. If dropped in a grassy environment it might stop in a somewhat edgy or canted orientation, but nature takes its course and cons (objects) tend to reposition to a relatively 'flat' position.

There are exceptions, and over fifty-four years of looking for coins, in a wide range of environments, has shown me this to be the case with the exception of loose and disturbed material, or instances where a coin encounters resistance. Coins can be lost and displaced due to erosion or other examples where a coin is in amongst rocks, one or more, that have it in an upright or slightly canted orientation.

The same can happen when a dropped and flat-to-the-surface coin is 'moved' by the growth of a tree and the enlarging root structure moves the soil. A root might grow over a lots coin, which can push it lower, but as it grows near a coin from the side it can also push it over a bit and reposition it to be about 'on-edge' against or near to the root.

Also, if a coin is lost and the ground surface is 'malleable,' such as a wet, muddy condition, it might impact in an 'on-edge' orientation, and vehicular traffic or foot traffic (by human or animal) can squish stuff around and leave a coin 'on-edge' or very canted. Impacting other loose material can also keep a dropped coin from laying 'flattish' such a in snow. However, in most typical places that also have human activity that generates coin loss, we also experience snow melt and coins will generally end up flat-on-the-ground.

Perhaps the two most common environments where coins get lost in a wide array of positions would be in sand at a beach or volleyball court , which can be disturbed by foot traffic and even more by wave action at a beach, and all of that disturbance can frequently reposition their orientation as they are frequently displaced.

And inland the greatest chances of finding an 'edgy' coin would be in tot-lots / playgrounds that have a loose medium to help comfort falls. That material is often loose sand, pea gravel, or some sort of wood product (such as bark-chips or wood-chips), and in the past couple of decades we can encounter rubber chips from shredded tires, and there's one town I like to stop at in my travels that uses cherry pit or similar shells.

In these looser materials, coins, as well as rings and other jewelry and lost stuff, can get frequent displacement and the majority of a lot of items are not found in a 'flat' orientation as long as the material is loose and easily moved about from human activity. Nor is it a 'flat' surface anyway, keeping targets in many angles to th search coil.

It's good to know a metal detector's performance capabilities, with different search coils, when hunting any site where coins have a greater likelihood to be encountered when not in a nice-and-proper flat-to-the-coil orientation. Often, I believe, a lot of hobbyists will ignore a response that is not a good, clean signal or might only produce a one-way response. In short, the more savvy detectorists will find a lot of keepers that others have ignored because the response wasn't 'perfect' or wouldn't hit at a 90° sweep.

Also, most typically, 'on-edge' target encounters are found in the looser materials for a short time after being dropped in a muddy environment and are going to be positioned closer to the search coil ... in essence, shallower targets. This is where we can more easily detect these targets because if swept crosswise, in their closer position in the tighter EMF nearer the search coil, we can get the more distinguishable "double-beep" response. If swept lengthwise, we have a much thinner or narrower amount of surface materiel to disrupt the EMF and create a detectable target field and that means it is usually only going to generate enough response to be located in a closer proximity to the coil (i.e.: a smaller-size target) and not be a target found 'at depth'.

It is fair to note that both the target position and effects on the EMF, including the target's depth, is likely going to have a greater effect and response with a smaller-size search coil rather than an 'average' or 'standard' size coil or any of the larger-size coils many folks tend to use these days.

So when I read your comment with "and deep" I was waiting to read how deep you generally locate 'on-edge' coins and the detectors and coils you've used and methods to best determine what the located target might be, in order to figure in is an 'edged' response target. You just left me wondering ....confused smiley


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By request: How my set of detectors handle 'on-edge' coins.

Monte 407 July 21, 2019 07:39AM

Diggin' those 'on-edge' coins. Both shallow and deep. thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 199 July 25, 2019 12:54AM

"... and deep?" - - Rich, I was waiting for your comments regarding "at depth."

Monte 243 July 27, 2019 07:56AM

Nothing to add. N/T

UtahRich 178 July 28, 2019 12:06AM

Re: A little to add.

Remfire 281 July 28, 2019 08:33AM

Things happen! ... Even at 4" deep.

Monte 202 July 28, 2019 11:58AM

Thanks for the reply Monte!

Hombre 246 July 21, 2019 07:08PM

Re: Thanks for the reply Monte!

Remfire 184 July 24, 2019 09:47PM

Thanks for your reply Remfire..

Hombre 223 July 25, 2019 06:36AM

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