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We just have to use our imagination, or reseach, and always be alert.

August 04, 2019 01:31AM avatar
Good hints Monte. Thanks.

Old removed stands too, of course.
You're welcome, and yes, I always check out any fruit & vegetable stand, be it standing and in-use, shut down and out-of-season or simply out-of-use, as well as any vacant former location where one once was.

Here can also be productive visits to (present and past) celebration public places,
where different celebration was organized by fireman's club, or local church or local
authority or for some other reason. There are some private party places, circus show
places and alike.
Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Back about 2011 or 2012, on May 6th, I got an early start to work a lot of playgrounds at favorite city parks in Portland, Oregon. I set a fun goal for myself to try and get to 200 coins by the time I stopped for lunch. This particular older park, in a more central location with older neighborhoods, can still give up occasional silver coins or other earlier-dated coins so I work some of the grassy areas after a quick-hit in the bigger-size tot-lot.

I did well in the playground area as I was there very early and nobody else was around except a fellow walking his dog, and park workers doing their morning clean-up of trash. Finished with the play structures, I headed out to work the lawn and head toward a favorite area. I spotted a lot of loose straw on the nice green grass and that immediately caught my attention so I headed that way ready to find stuff. As I stated, it was early morning on May 6th, and that means the day before was May 5th, and I know there were a lot of Cinco de Mayo festivities out in my area by the Hispanic families, and this had all the signs that they might have had one there.

I was right! The park workers had grabbed up all the loose straw from the pile that was left behind and hauled it away. Later they would come back and rake up the remaining loose scatter straw. In the remaining scattered handfuls of straw and mixed in the grass were a lot of coins, mainly an assortment of Pennies and Nickels, that had been tossed in the pile of straw. Kids would have a coin scramble and a lot of coins worked their way down through the straw to get lost in the grass. Sometimes these family or group parties will feed the pile of straw and do it two or three times during the day's event.

My back was killing me, and I wish I would have had a wooden cane as my metal cane kept getting in the way when I'd kneel down to recover a target or two, and just work the coil around the surface while I was knelt down. There was a lot to be found.thumbs up I know a few coins were still scattered about, but I had recovered coins-a-plenty and had to pause and stretch my back to take a break.

Just about then two park workers came up with their motorized cart to rake and clean the area up. They had seen a few coins when picking up the bigger pile and asked how I had done. I told them I quit counting after five minutes but I did well finding a lot of Pennies and Nickels. One of the workers then asked: "Did you hit those other two scattered straw areas?" He had my attention! He pointed out where they were located, a ways further north toward the next two picnic table areas, and said they would be over to tidy them up in a little while. I quickly hobbled that direction!

One of those remains is where they hid Dimes and Quarters in the straw pile. There were not as many as the first pile, probably due to the cost of the money and the fact most of those shiny coins were easier to eyeball in the loose straw and grass. But they didn't get them all.smiling smiley I recovered a good Quarter count, and perhaps four times as many Dimes. The workers were driving my direction so I quickly headed to the third scattered remains and that spot was a mix of Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters. It looked to be a smaller-size pile and had fewer coins left around, I found a fair number there, but I was getting fatigued and that called for a break after recovering about forty-five coins from the last pile when the workers got there.

I had to sit in my SUV and rest my back as I drove to the next playground. Fortunately they didn't use any foreign, Mexican, coins. Only US money, and I was well above the 200 coin goal by lunchtime. Before I got to those three pile locations I already recovered over forty coins just from the tot-lot which was easy as I just toe-scuffed the bark-chips.

Those are the kinds of things I also kept a watch for as there were a good number of Cinco de Mayo gatherings all around the Portland metro area every year. I just had to find (or stumble upon) activities like that.

Unfortunately we don't have as many circus shows travel around like we did in the '50s and '60s, but I used to hunt some of the locations I remembered. Also, I would hit some places where preachers used to wander into a town, pitch a large tent, bring in a covering of straw or woodchip, then set up their chairs and have big revival gatherings for several days then pack-up and move on to the next location. Not all the donations stayed in the hat or bowl or box or basket that got passed around.smiling bouncing smiley

My Dad rented them organs at his music store and knew several of them personally from doing business with them for several years. Sometimes I'd deliver the organ to them and pick it up, and other times they handled it, but my Dad knew where they were holding their revival and that helped give me some new places to go hunt. Quite a few of those were held when we still had silver coins in circulation and that really brightened my day.


Darn: here it is, 2:30 in the morning and now I am trying to think where some of those activities might have been held around my small town long, long ago. thinking

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How about Fruit & Vegetable Time in your area?

Monte 278 July 31, 2019 05:25PM

Re: How about Fruit & Vegetable Time in your area?

WM6 152 August 01, 2019 12:19PM

We just have to use our imagination, or reseach, and always be alert.

Monte 185 August 04, 2019 01:31AM

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