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Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

August 18, 2019 05:02PM avatar
This is really geared as a question for those in the USA or Canada, but out of the three main Foreign (to us) metal detector manufacturers ... Minelab - - - Nokta / Makro - - - XP ... do you own one or more brands now? Have you had and parted with one or more of these? Which of the three do you prefer over the others, and, curiously, why? What specific applications to you assign them to, if you happen to own more than just one of these brands?

I guess we'll include the questions:

Which models of these brands do you use now?

Are there one or two favorite search coils you prefer for the model(s) you favor?

Okay, I'll add one other question here:

If one or more of these foreign brand models are in your personal detector outfit, do you still own and use any 'domestic' detector model? If so what is it or are they? Please name them and identify them if used as often or more often than the foreign device, or are they used less?

Curious minds want to know.eye rolling smiley


I guess I should also respond, so:

I used to own Minelab's at different times, both a few Sovereigns and Explorer II's and an SE Pro. The FBS units were primarily used for old yards and parks or other open, low-trash areas to mainly search for silver coins. Their weight and balance just didn't work for me and I let the last ones go in 2014 and 2015. I haven't owned or really handled much the newest and current Equinox series. So far they haven't interested me at all, either.

I do have four (4) of the Nokta / Makro devices in my current working detector outfit, and plan to add the new Simplex + as soon as introduced. The primary applications for the devices I have from this manufacturer are for avid Relic Hunting in dense iron debris sites, mainly with their smallest coils, and making use of both 3-Tone and 2-Tone search modes. The Simplex +, once in my hands, will be as a constant-carry device and I'll use it for occasional urban Coin Hunting but it will naturally be my beach hunting device.

Of the XP brand, the only model available here in the USA that interested me is the ORX, and the only search coil that interested me was their smallest, the 5X9½ HF DD. That's what I purchased. This is a near perfect combination for me and most of the iron littered locations I search, and the very simple ORX with that coil is working out splendidly for me. This is more of what I consider to be a 'mid-sized' search coil and in the low-to-modestly littered sites it is handling the environment quite well.

As for US manufactured models, I do have several I am hanging onto for good reason in my current detector outfit. These are: White's XLT w/6½" Concentric coil which, for 25 years now, has proven to be a great combination, using the Tone ID function in my Bushwhack program for working many types of sites, but mainly those that are more open and with less good-target masking trash.

I also have a Fisher F-44 that usually keeps a round 7" Concentric coil mounted. This is my very light-weight and easy-to-use Coin Hunting model w/numeric VDI read-out and Tone ID. It's a casual Coin Hunting model that also fills the roll as a 'Loaner Unit' for times I want to invite someone to join a hunt. I also have a 5" DD coil I can swap to when desired.

Then there are the Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX. Each of these models keeps a round 6" Concentric coil mounted. I can grab them for any application, and they have done OK for some Relic Hunting for me. But their primary mission for me is quick-work handling tot-lots and other easy-to-hunt coin-producing urban locations.

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Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

Monte 381 August 18, 2019 05:02PM

Re: Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

Sodbuster 214 August 30, 2019 03:29PM

I'll pull out in about five hours to use two 'Foreigners' and one 'USA' favorite.

Monte 265 August 30, 2019 10:57PM

Re: Eneloops Attachments

Sodbuster 181 August 31, 2019 12:52PM

I hear what you're saying about rechargeables.

Monte 183 September 01, 2019 07:30AM

Favorite 'foreigner? Maybe "Cold As Ice"

UtahRich 215 August 19, 2019 09:41PM

Re: Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

dixiedigger57 188 August 19, 2019 06:12PM

Re: Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

GeoW 192 August 19, 2019 08:11PM

Re: Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

jmaryt 184 August 19, 2019 09:09PM

Re: Do you have a favorite 'foreigner' when it comes to detector selection?

OregonGregg 202 August 20, 2019 01:56PM

I have only one foreign made metal detector and that is.....

Hombre 261 August 19, 2019 08:18AM

Randy----We sent you & Sandy an email.-------Del & Patsy N/T

D&P-OR 165 August 23, 2019 06:45PM

Del,,,received your email and replied back N/T

Hombre 143 August 24, 2019 08:33AM

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