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No, I'm not calling it quits.eye popping smiley

September 03, 2019 09:30AM avatar
I heard from a couple of people who read the posts I made yesterday on the Buy / Sell / Trade site here on AHRPS, and they wondered if I was selling everything out and stepping away from this great sport. The simple answer to that is ...
Definitely Not!

It's September but I figured I ought to finish my "Spring Cleaning" of extra metal detectors. I started gathering up a few units from the den or extras in the vehicle back about March, and set up a folding table in my living room so I could make sure I had any extra search coils and such to go with them. Through the many, many years I've enjoyed the hobby, the best way I could learn what I liked or what I wanted to have in my personal outfit for the types of hunting I do was to buy / acquire makes and models of interest, then use them afield in side-by-side comparisons. Along the way I would have some favorites, and every now-and-then a new model would come along that appealed to me and I'd hang onto it for a while.

If you follow the link to the Buy / Sell / Trade site you'll note that I made 7 posts, including 8 units since I listed two (2) of the Omega 8000's. Very seldom do I have any detector in my inventory that is only in fair condition. I pamper all my gear and most of my detectors are basically New, or they fit a category such as: 'As-New', Pristine, Excellent, Showroom, or some similar appearance. That's also very true for several of these specimens because some of these detectors have simply been 'back-ups' and hung around on my den wall display because they were duplicates in my inventory. Sometimes I do that just to keep a different search coil mounted so I don't have to make coil-swaps when afield.

That's not to say my health is an example of perfection or that I am nimble and sure-footed as I vaguely remember from my younger years, long, long ago. I can't get out detecting as often, nor can I put in day-long searches and cover a lot of rough or hilly terrain. These days I get worn out easily, I have to stay within a short, slow walk from my vehicle, and the flatter the ground the better ... I do have more frequent issues of tripping and falling.sad smiley But, I still enjoy what time I am able to devote to metal detecting, and I guess add a little comical entertainment for those who happen to witness my stumbling, blundering moments..

All but one of the detectors listed look great and, naturally, work well also. I wouldn't hesitate to grab any of them to take afield, and since most are duplicates, that's exactly what I do anyway. A glance at my Signature below tells you I am still well outfitted for the types of detecting sites I enjoy working. I've been enjoying the past few months using what I have, or had, and evaluating what works best for me for the site challenges I encounter, and more importantly just enjoying the 'fun factor' I get from the detectors that have brought me so much success and relaxation.

At the moment, while any of my detectors could be used anywhere, I have dedicated 3 for serious Relic Hunting the older sites that abound in iron debris, and 3 are assigned for travel when off working urban Coin Hunting locations. I will be adding a waterproof unit soon to travel on any adventure specifically for Beach Hunting, and also to use when it might be a little bit 'drippy.'

I hope to set out next week after a Doctor/Hospital visit and put in a few days of dedicated Coin Hunting out-of-state, but between now and a week from tomorrow, I have my CoRe, Relic, Bandido II µMAX and recovery gear loaded and ready-to-go! It's still favorable weather and the gold mining ghost towns and other old-use sites are awaiting our arrival. I'm loaded and ready, and by 'ready' that means I have the drive and desire to get out detecting! Nope, I haven't had to give it up yet, just thinning out some duplicates or excess units.

Happy Hunting to All!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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No, I'm not calling it quits.eye popping smiley

Monte 322 September 03, 2019 09:30AM

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