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My experiences with both wet and dry conditions.

September 19, 2019 12:28PM avatar
A reply, and I corrected some of the inquisitor's typos/spelling.

from an e-mail to SvenS
Seems to still be a puzzle as to why this happens. Club member has found 206 silver coins in this general area this year with his Nox 600

"Hi Sven, I'm trying to figure something out. I've detected this small area many times and have detected it with other people.
I do not know what detector, or detectors, this person used, or the soil/soils used, or the settings used. I also do not know how many other people hunted it, nor what the other people used. Also haven't got a clue as to just how often other people visited this site, which could be more than the inquisitor who e-mailed you.

What is known is that the site is known and obviously has been detected, repeatedly, by more than just one person. Therefore, stuff has been found. But we don't know the make-up of the site on an 'average weather' day, or how often anyone searched it when it was dry, damp or very wet. confused smiley

from an e-mail to SvenS
I have gridded it in every direction and have done it in the rain, my machine loves wet ground.
really? What detector is it and how has he determined the detector "loves wet ground"? Does he mean his detector is 'waterproof' or ';rainproof', and other than resisting water intrusion, that doesn't have anything to do with "loving wet ground.'

All the writer has indicated so far is that it is a dedicated site and he has gridded it in some fashion and worked it in every direction, and that simply suggests he's done a lot to encounter lost targets and has continued to thin down the number of targets at the site, in whatever weather and soil conditions existed.

from an e-mail to SvenS
Ok so I've gone over it a few times again and nothing, so I went back for the hell of it and have done well.
Once again, more repeated hunting. A few times and nothing much was found. Hey, that happens to us all!

Then he returned and did well. And, on a good day, that can happen to all of us, also.

But he didn't indicate what the dry or wet conditions were on those days or what was used or the settings used, and certainly he likely put the search coil over different areas to not find things one day and have better success on another.

from an e-mail to SvenS
My question is do you think barometric pressure can effect detectors? There's something going on that people are missing. Just my 2 cents worth."
Barometric Pressure??!!

Good heavens, don't sent that topic to you know who's site or we'll end up withy more goofy % quotes and ..... a mixed review / suggestion / theory-set of what effect / result -.-.-.-.- barometric pressure has on metal detector performance / behavior / results, coupled with the elevation the search is taking place at and effect the wind or sun might have on the barometric pressure reading at the time. And an abrupt seasonal weather change could have devastating effects if it was causing the barometric pressure to rise or to fall at a rapid rate rather than a gradual change.

Anyway, what I didn't see brought up and addressed was any question about different effects we might experience between searching in a dry or wet ground condition, so since that was in the posted question, let me add my thoughts on that subject:


• Most of the time folks are going to detect places when it is favorable, mainly dry, weather. Therefore the ground is usually going to be dry.

• In very wet conditions, some places, urban or rural, can be too soggy or muddy and that makes them more miserable to hunt in and definitely to make target recoveries in, so I don't usually search in those conditions and most other hobbyists don't either.

• Coins and similar lost objects don't 'sink' so they are still going to still be there after the wet period is over, so I'll go hunt when it is a drier surface and pleasant.

• Most often, hobbyists are in search of non-ferrous targets such as coins, trade tokens, gold and silver jewelry, and also encounter other similar non-ferrous objects such as metal toy care, planes, soldiers, etc., costume jewelry, forks and spoons, buttons, buckles, other clothing fasteners and 'stuff. as well as the undesired but also non-ferrous trash like foil, pull-type and pry-type tabs, and screw caps.

Typically, these targets are going to not be benefitted much, if at all, by any addition of water to their otherwise drier environment.

• The majority of hobbyists are urban Coin & Jewelry Hunters and do not work in a highly iron trash contaminated are but they still don't care for ferrous debris such as Iron Nails, bobby pins, bolts, nuts, scrap ferrous discards like plow parts, automobile parts, building junk or the more frequently encountered washers or tossed-away crown-type bottle caps. Some of the ferrous trash can be easily Discriminated (rejected) but some, due to size or design, can be rather bothersome and produce favorable audio response, both repeatable and good-sounding to sporadic and jumpy.

Sadly, most ferrous trash has a tendency to deteriorate and rust, and this decaying process, brought about partly from exposure to water can result in an increased relationship between the primary object and decayed iron particles of sufficient size and close relationship or proximity to the primary object that, if there is ample water, to the point of the ground being saturated and not just 'dampened' to and below the Iron object as well as any near and inclusive decaying ferrous shards or sufficient-size particles, it can create a greater effect on the generated EMF. That's not good, unless you are intentionally hunting in All metal in an attempt to find more iron targets.

Working in a very WET and Saturated environment, and due to the fact that Iron has a different effect on the EMF than Non-Iron, you will be dealing with more unwanted signals from accepted or problematic Iron debris, and also suffering from the enhanced EMF and negative effects from the Iron that will therefore increase the amount good-target (Non-Ferrous) masking by the Iron than you might experience in a drier and unsaturated environment.

• Keep in mind that too much water in a very iron mineralized environment or in an alkali or salt-influenced ground condition can also have effects on both Ground Balance and the ground signal in both All Metal and Discriminate modes.

My Choices for Best All-Around Performance based on Ground Moisture Content:

I prefer to NOT spend my time hunting in a very wet and saturated condition. I don't care to slosh around in a soggy condition. I don't like to wallow around in mud. I don't care to deal with some Ferrous junk that might give false signals more easily. And I don't care to have to deal with more good-target masking due to enhances ferrous annoyance.

I prefer a drier environment for more pleasurable hunting and for targets to be unaffected by H2O and provide audio and visual responses closer to a 'normal' and out-of-ground condition.

I don't mind a somewhat damp or slightly wet condition where the ground is firm enough, yet not rock-solid as that leaves it easier to dig and recover targets w/o causing undue interference in detector and detection performance.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Wet or damp soil vs. dry soil?

SvenS 339 September 16, 2019 07:26PM


dixiedigger57 210 September 23, 2019 12:00PM

Hello, my name is Monte and I am ... "The Operator."

Monte 162 September 24, 2019 07:08AM


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Remfire 162 September 23, 2019 05:34PM

thanks guys... these forums have taught me that!

dixiedigger57 142 September 24, 2019 09:34AM

Re: Wet or damp soil vs. dry soil?

Sodbuster 136 September 20, 2019 01:13PM

"Easy digging and easy probing." ... smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float Exactly! N/T

Monte 130 September 22, 2019 06:41AM

My experiences with both wet and dry conditions.

Monte 153 September 19, 2019 12:28PM

Re: My experiences with both wet and dry conditions.

WM6 150 September 19, 2019 03:13PM

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UtahRich 180 September 20, 2019 11:23PM

"Religious Experience" ... Location might be part of the key reason.

Monte 153 September 22, 2019 09:43AM

Jewelry Items. . .

UtahRich 147 September 22, 2019 05:28PM

Re: A Religious Experience - eye popping smiley

Sodbuster 185 September 21, 2019 01:38PM

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WM6 184 September 21, 2019 01:36PM

Being Objective . . . . . . .

UtahRich 185 September 21, 2019 05:16PM

Re: Being Objective . . . . . Well Said Rich thumbs up N/T

Sodbuster 119 September 22, 2019 10:11AM

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jmaryt 157 September 21, 2019 09:28PM

Lemmings -

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jmaryt 166 September 22, 2019 11:54AM

Being Selective . . .

UtahRich 164 September 22, 2019 01:00PM

Re: Being Selective . . .

jmaryt 155 September 22, 2019 06:02PM

Be selective, yes ....

Monte 184 September 22, 2019 10:08AM

Re: Be selective, yes ....

OregonGregg 178 September 22, 2019 04:26PM

Well Gregg, I already HAVE "seen the light."

Monte 202 September 22, 2019 11:13PM

Re: Well Gregg, I already HAVE "seen the light."

OregonGregg 159 September 23, 2019 03:39AM

Yep, just reducing and adding as necessary ...

Monte 184 September 23, 2019 08:25AM

Re: Well Gregg, I already HAVE "seen the light."

SvenS 180 September 23, 2019 05:34AM

Re: Be selective, yes ....

jmaryt 168 September 22, 2019 06:04PM

Re: Be selective, yes ....

OregonGregg 178 September 23, 2019 03:28AM

Re: Be selective, yes ....

jmaryt 148 September 23, 2019 07:55AM

No, you can't add an EQ-800 to your list ....

Monte 178 September 23, 2019 07:54AM

Re: Lemmings -

D&P-OR 158 September 22, 2019 07:08AM

Re: Being Objective . . . . . . .

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Does it stay or does it Go ?

UtahRich 175 September 21, 2019 07:54PM

Re: Does it stay or does it Go ?

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Post High Jacking - starting a new thread.

UtahRich 225 September 22, 2019 01:20PM

Re: Post High Jacking - starting a new thread.

D&P-OR 144 September 22, 2019 02:30PM

Re: Does it stay or does it Go ?

jmaryt 142 September 22, 2019 11:59AM

Yes, 'marketing' does get interesting. And sometimes stretched a bit as well. N/T

Monte 118 September 20, 2019 01:53AM

I like the ground to be moist ....

Hombre 170 September 18, 2019 09:21AM

Wet or damp soil vs. dry soil?

UtahRich 156 September 16, 2019 08:06PM

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