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The WOW factor, the WHIZ-BANG marketing, and what WORKS.

September 19, 2019 10:07AM avatar
All new equipment that is coming out is the same old thing just different packaging.
In some cases that's been true, and 'packaging', or in some cases 're-packaging', 'brand-switching' or 'decal and name changing' has been the marketing approach some manufacturers have used. At times the name used or color used does give the so-called 'new' product a better appearance or better sounding name. But there's no difference in actual performance in the field because there wasn't any new and creative circuitry change.

We have seen this occur more and more, for quite some time now, with detector manufacturer's here in the USA more than foreign detector producers. It's the 'WOW!' factor that they put into promoting a new model's appearance, in color or design, and that gets blended with the 'WHIZ-BANG' excitement they add to the names and terminology used to try and promote their new detector, or some of how they describe the product and what it is supposed to do that, by their encouragement, that makes it a superior performing product over the other guy's offerings.

Sometimes the innovative concept sounds good, and at times it even sort of performs okay, but that's usually not when it is really put-to-the-test and goes up against a competitive product in some actual hunting and facing some tough challenges. Yes, there will be times they can do what they are claimed to do, but only in a very favorable condition, and people them claim they can work well when things get tough but, in reality, they don't work like some folks hope they might.

And that is what I look for in evaluating any detector ne-on-the-market or one that's been around for a while. I want a detector that is well balanced and comfortable. I want a detector with adjustment features that are functional. But overall, I demand to have a detector that 'WORKS' for me and the different types of site challenges I am going to face with it. A lot of what we see getting released might not 'WORK' any better, or even as well as, products we are already using so we don't need to get so excited about them. Don't fall pray to the 'magic of marketing!'

I own most top of the line detectors and about the only difference I see is wether you can use it in the water or not.
That has been one of the trends manufacturers have been working toward. Today, we see Nokta / Makro working oin a move to design fully waterproof detectors that are also powered by a built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery system with all their models designed for the Recreational Metal Detecting market In 2018 and now in 2019 they have brought us three Kruzer series models, three Anfibio series models, and soon the "entry-level" priced Simplex+ model, and all 7 of those new devices are waterproof and powered by an internal LiPo battery.

They have been more aggressively trending that direction and have discontinued two of the / their very beat models for serious Relic Hunting in nasty iron contaminated environments with the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic. Mine are in that #1 position and can't be easily matched in several tough tests I do in evaluations by any competitive model, regardless of their price or claimed abilities or excessive tinkering with a lot of adjustment functions. They are rugged, simple, very function while being uncluttered, and they WORK excellent!

The only detector offered today that can come very close to their performance is the Racer 2, another of the Nokta / Makro detectors currently offered, as well as the selectable frequency Impact .... but with their changing trend to go all waterproof, I wonder just how long the Racer 2 and Impact are going to remain in production. Both are NOT water proof and the both can make use of easily replaceable AA alkaline batteries.

Not everyone lives close to a beach and not every metal detecting hobbyists goes in and/or under water for the bulk of their detecting. Some hobbyists might, but only occasionally and that is just to wade in the shallow water's edge. Beach Hunting and specialty designed models for that particular niche of the hobby have been made by most manufactures for several decades, but the preponderance of all metal detecting enthusiasts hunt out of water and are strictly land-hunters.

For me an my own needs, for the few times a year that I will purposefully beach hunt or feel a need for a waterproof unit, the new Simplex+ that will be out soon is going to be all the detector I want or need in my Detector Outfit that needs to be 'waterproof.' All my other detectors operate on Alkaline batteries, are light weight and well balanced and handle the different tasks I typically use them for just fine ... without being waterproof or rely on a built-in rechargeable battery.

Like you, I have more than one detector because I do a variety of hunting in a broad assortment of site environments and like to have some models that fit my needs for different tasks. They do not all have to be 'Top-of-the-Line' ... they just have to fit the requirements and 'WORK' well for me.

Maybe I’m just getting tighter with my money and don’t see any advantages of buying the latest and greatest lol.
I watch for a good deal on what I would like, or I make a trade to get what I'd like to have. I have been and still am trimming a lot of mu duplicate or excess detectors to get my Outfit down to a functional few. Matter of fact, and standard or accessory coils I have for them are at-the-ready in my Accessory Coil Tote because I keep one preferred search coil mounted to each of these units so they are ready to grab and ready-to-go for the site I encounter.

Right now I am down to the following in my assigned categories:

Relic Hunting in dense environments with a lot of iron debris:
Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD
Nokta FORS Relic w/5" DD
Tesoro Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric

Urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting:
Makro Racer II w/7" Concentric
Teknetics T2+ w/10" Elliptical DD
Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX w/6" Concentric

ready-to-Grab Specialty-Use models:
White's XLT w/6½" Concentric
Fisher F-44 w/7" Concentric
Nokta / Makro Anfibio Multi w/11" DD

When I head out the door for a day's adventure afield, I can just load the three detectors assigned to the 'Team' for where I am going. I might add one or two from the 'Specialty-Use' group if desired.

I have, and will, acquire a different make or model of something new that comes along, and recently did with the XP ORX w/5X9½ HF DD coil. A very good detector and I really like it ... But while impressively light weight and handy, and even with an excellent modulated audio and impressive depth capability, for my wants and needs id just wasn't a 'fit' in my current detector Outfit, nor did it bump anything I already own and use. To cover the use I had for the ORX, I simply bought the 10" elliptical DD for my Teknetics T2+ which gives me a solid-body mid-size coil (eliminates snagging on sagebrush, stiff weeds and trigs), is also light and comfortably balanced, and provides some usable adjustments not found on the XP product.

I'm sure I'll get my hands on the new upper-end 540 of the new "entry-level" Minelab Vanquish models to check out, but I don't see it bringing anything exciting in performance that will do battle against my current outfit. If it does, I'll make another replacement in my Regular-Use Outfit, but I don't see it happening. The good news about that new entry, in my opinion, is that it isn't waterproof (which can add additional weight) and it does use AA alkaline batteries and not a built-in rechargeable.

So, instead of pace back and forth awaiting something new and trendy to appear, I'll just devote more valuable time to getting out detecting and use what I have because ... naturally ... they WORK!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Seems like.....

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Looking over the fence. . . . . .

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"... what is needed most is time and experience in the field "

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The WOW factor, the WHIZ-BANG marketing, and what WORKS.

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Re: Seems like.....

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