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Eric .. Two busy days and I'm back with a reply.

September 30, 2019 01:29AM avatar
Monte the site is in an irrigated pasture that was once a homestead.
Any old homestead site can hold some promise, but depending on the era of the homesite and how close neighbors were, how big the family that swelled there and how long it was an active homestead can make a difference. I've picked on old homesteads since the very early '70s, to include some near the little town of Vale where I now reside. The homesteads I hunt have either been associated with a gold mining or logging town site and have been rather independent from the adjacent ground and were simply a house built for dwelling as the 'working' activity was different from farming and ranching homesteads.

Homesteads associated with farming and ranching activity typically included some surrounding land activity, such as farming, to include tilling, digging and working the close land for a garden, and on to plowing and planting and working larger areas for crops, or some range area for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other critters and that can bring about disturbed ground for many reasons, to include plowing or otherwise working the land to be different for the animals. It's not uncommon for homesteads associated with ranching and farming to expect to also have 'worked ground' and that can 'displace' lost targets we might be searching for.leaving them deeper than a typical 'lost-target depth.'

Jeff told me he hadn’t recovered any thing old above the seven inch level, the deepest target he recovered was an Indian head at ten inches. Jeff is a diehard Minelab guy he uses an Explorer 2 and a new Equinox 600. The search coils he uses on that site are 15” on the Explorer and 11” on the Equinox.
I used to own several Minelab FBS models, and of them all the Explorer II was the better all-around Coin Hunting detector, especially for higher-conductive coins. I can't handle the weight and poor balance of them and after owning perhaps 5 or 6 of them through the years, I just parted with them. They were/are good for what they are intended, just not comfortable for me.

I have a half-dozen friends who use different models of the FBS series and most use the standard 10" to 11" DD coils, but three of them generally keep a 15" WOT coil attached for hunting the wide-open grassy parks, but I know they miss quite a bit. They make long sweeps and do not factor in enough overlapping. It's often very little to no overlapping, and working along behind them I always made good recoveries they had missed. Not always deeper, either.

I think the reason for the targets being so deep is this pasture is irrigated weekly,
Irrigated just adds water, but how deep does it really get 'saturated' enough to possibly permit 'Displacement' of a heavier, solid object? Also, irrigated for what purpose? For cattle or horses to graze which adds a lot of heavy animal foot traffic and can possibly 'Displace' coins and such, or to also grow crops that will also need to be tilled or have other equipment work the land and ... again, cause 'Displacement?'


I don’t think coins sink into the ground as many people believe. I’m pretty sure the real reason for the extra depth is that the Thatch layer builds up much quicker in lawns and pastures that are regularly watered, I’m sure when flood irrigation is used sediments in the water are deposited over time.
Nope, coins don't sink into the ground or into-and-through any solid substance. In a very fluid state coins and other heavy and solid objects can cause 'displacement' and that allows them to 'sink', so to speak, but it's simply a lighter and movable substance getting out of the way of the heavier solid object .... which will also come to rest when it gets to a solid form that halts its progress.


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Question for Monte

Utah1971 234 September 26, 2019 12:49PM

Re: Question for Monte

Kickindirt 122 September 28, 2019 12:58PM

I agree with performance of Anfibio Multi w/round 11" DD. N/T

Monte 80 September 30, 2019 05:50AM

Re: Question for Monte

Utah1971 94 September 28, 2019 07:25PM

Eric, I sent you a PM. N/T

Monte 51 October 01, 2019 06:42AM

Re: Question for Monte

Kickindirt 91 September 28, 2019 09:33PM

How about four questions and THEN an answer.

Monte 134 September 27, 2019 07:54AM

agree with slow down

dixiedigger57 82 October 01, 2019 08:19AM

A lot of good points you made.thumbs up

Monte 81 October 01, 2019 01:44PM

Re: How about four questions and THEN an answer.

Utah1971 105 September 28, 2019 11:03AM

Eric .. Two busy days and I'm back with a reply.

Monte 93 September 30, 2019 01:29AM

Hey Eric...i can bring the V3i and show you how i do it:-) N/T

zincoln 102 September 26, 2019 08:36PM

Re: Hey Eric...i can bring the V3i and show you how i do it:-)

Utah1971 118 September 27, 2019 06:13AM

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