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Some comments about the SimplEX +. -- Salt water beach hunting as well.

October 04, 2019 05:03PM avatar
I don't swim, therefore I don't dive and never waded out in the surf more than about 6"-8". Therefore, I do not really need the waterproof ability of my Anfibio or the soon-to-arrive Simplex +. That said, I used to live in the Portland, Oregon metro area and had a reasonably fun drive to the NW Oregon coast and made several trips a year. Never used to have a problem with handling a detector or wading. These days, this old character gets around with a cane and my mobility is quite wobbly, plus I have been known to lose my grip and drop stuff much more often. Therefore, having a Simplex+ would provide me with several benefits, including waterproof ability to handle such maneuvering catastrophes.

To be honest, most of my Beach Hunting through the years has been on freshwater sites of large rivers or lakes, so I plan to evaluate the Simplex + in both freshwater and saltwater environments. The main benefit of the Simplex + for me is that it can resist water intrusion, as well as being 'simple' yet it appears to be sufficiently functional for many applications. I like the waterproof design. It will make a very good "always-travel" detector to keep in the vehicle.

I have had ample success, as well as failure, when trying to work a salt water beach do to .. the salt. We have to take into consideration the ground mineral challenges to deal with, and those are often a tough thing for many makes and models when you add the wet conditions of the lower conductivity of wetted salt. Many detectors, from all manufacturers, can encounter challenges with some salt environment performance.

The Simplex + operates at 12 kHz which is a very good general-purpose operating frequency. I have owned several multi-purpose detectors, to include simultaneous units like Minelab's BBS Sovereign or several FBS Explorer series models, three of the Fisher CZ's, a terrible White's DFX and equally irritating V3i and VX3, and some selectable multi-frequency devices I've worked on a beach like the Nokta Impact and Nokta / Makro Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi. I have owned all and used all for some Beach Hunting. None of them worked really well all the time. Some better than others, but each of them met some challenges at times due to the ground mineralization and / or handling the more conductive salt water.

I haven't been a big fan of simultaneous multi-frequency detectors even though some I like for certain applications. And I definitely do not buy in to all the talk I read on the forums or elsewhere about how a "multi-frequency" model always handles a salty beach better than a "single-frequency'" model. I can attest that statement to not be completely true. I have hunted an especially salty beach environment, dry sand, wet sand or into the surf, that is more challenging than most beach hunters here in the USA encounter on either coast. As soon as I get a Simplex + I will be taking it there as well as a few other interesting locations.

I've not only used the simultaneous and selectable frequency models on assorted fresh and saltwater beaches, but I have routinely worked some of the NW Oregon beaches with a few of my favorite single-frequency detectors as well. More often than not, my results matched or bettered the 'local' folks with their multi-models. Usually I was operating one of my favorites that worked at 6.59 kHz or 10 kHz, 12 kHz and 15 kHz, and at their request we did some search-and-find and then compared their units against what I was using on target detection, depth of detection, and ability to better handle (identify or classify) problem ferrous debris.

No, my single frequency units didn't always do the greatest job, either, but overall I just have to take an honest look at what we have provided for us. That 'honest look' means that we have to accept what the manufacturer makes, learn ALL of the adjustment functions it provides, then see if they can be set to best handle the different types of challenges we have to deal with. Doing so we find out that not all 'salt water' hunting or 'beach hunting' conditions are going to be easily handled. There can be some trade-offs to accept and deal with, and that could include moving up to the drier sand and avoiding the wet-saturated ground minerals as well as lower-conductive wetted salts.

As for the new MInelab approach that is still a few months out, we will have the Vanquish. Sadly, I haven't found any mention in reviews or in the spec sheets that discusses Ground Balance on any of the three models they previewed at Detectival and have on their website. That, alone, can be limiting in an operator's ability to make necessary control adjustments for many varying environments.

Some say it has "Multi IQ" and that Multi-IQ means it has Ground Balance built in to its performance. That's different from what I heard many people saying to try and describe Multi-IQ when the Equinox duo were first introduced. Their intro sort of hinted how it could handle Beach Hunting, but we then discover the Vanquish are not waterproof except for the search coils

Yes, I have heard a little so far about how the Simplex + prototypes or test samples have worked, but those were their opinions for their sites. I'll reserve my final thoughts until after I get a Simplex + in my hands and make a few trips to search a variety of sites, including one very challenging saltwater environment plus maybe three trips to the Oregon coast.

I'll add to your post that I have been a hunter all my life. I had a Remington 660 in 350 Rem. Mag. I got a Model 700 Tactical in .308 Win. that I sold my oldest son and it is a very good rifle.. I just saw a Mohawk in .308 I am thinking hard about buying.thinking I liked the 710, but favor short-barreled rifles like the 600 series, and had a rifle when the 710's were out so I didn't buy one.. Good guns as well.

But I select each of my firearms as I do my detectors, knowing that they have a purpose and roll in my outfit, and that none are 'perfect' and I need to understand their limitations as well as strengths ... then just ignore what other people think of my selections..

It's interesting to see Minelab making an entry into the lower-end of the detector market, or middle-range with the Vanquish 540 model. Nokta / Makro have had things covered for mid-range and high-range, and overall have had very, very competitive prices. Matter of fact, it's my opinion that the new Simplex +, with the added features/functions they have done over the past year or two prior to its release, could be priced $100 to $200 higher and still make a terrific value today. I know that the MInelab Equinox is a good detector, but for reasons I just didn't acquire one and am very satisfied with the models I have selected for my wants and needs.

Honestly, there's something about the Vanquish 540 that interests me and I'll likely check one out, but there are more things about it that just do not meet the boxes I need to check for it to make a good 'fit' in my Outfit. For some others it will probably make them happy. I sure wish I could answer your questions knowledgeably, but I'll hold off until I get the Simplex + out into some real-life search sites and form and opinion. It does check a lot of boxes for me, that's known, and right now I think the main thing I am waiting to hear is when a smaller coil or ±7" will be offered for the Simplex+. I seriously doubt there will be any reason I won't find the Simplex+ appealing, so hang in there.

I'll know better when I get one and take it to a handful of challenging hunt sites, to include some beaches.


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a question about the SimplEX

dixiedigger57 183 October 04, 2019 08:43AM

Some comments about the SimplEX +. -- Salt water beach hunting as well.

Monte 155 October 04, 2019 05:03PM

Re: a question about the SimplEX

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Re: a question about the SimplEX

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Good story, and important points I noted.

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