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Good story, and important points I noted.

October 07, 2019 11:02AM avatar
Things you said about Steve and/or things Steve said to help and encourage you. I noted those in the Quote below, and a lot of what some of us say to try and help others seems to get ignored all too oftenb because so many are thinking only about 'depth' or having their detector work 'perfectly' and that's just not going to happen.

"he taught me a lot about detecting... " ... of equal note is that you were willing to want to learn. We shuld always want to learn more, all the time. I know that's how I am and have been since I first got started.

he used the old Compass, and was a fan of Tesoro and Whites. ... Many of the former White's models and Tesoro models were-and-are favorites of mine. Several are in my current Detector Team simple because they work and work quite well. I also have a favorite older Compass and two Garrett's that hang here in my den because they were very good in those much earlier days, and I use them in seminars to show people what we had ... and sometimes what performance we lost as detectors progressed in this great sport.

I have no need for a dedicated salt beach machine, and he sent me links to videos of lagoon hunters in Hawaii using Pros in salt ... Since I don't swim, nor do I live close to a saltwater beach, I also don't have need for a dedicated beach Hunting, waterproof detector. However, I do have good reasons to own a waterproof detector for some applications to include working a freshwater beach, and for that the coming Simplex + is going to be a very good fit in my team.

For those who wanted a waterproof detector that was "multi-purpose," the Garrett AT Pro came out at just the right time. It works, and for many it works well enough for their needs.

his soil was mild inland and he hunted the Maine wood cellar holes. but he had success in the salt.... I've hunted some mild and very mellow mineraliztion to some really terrible stuff, and the same goes for saltwater environments. Some sort of 'extra-salty' or more conductive, and the ground under the water can be almost neutral to also quite challenging. The detector plus the operator's skill can make a difference in success.

i used an MXT beach mode twice. sand ok wet sand ehhh surf nada in water no way. but he could,he had an MXT. he used it on the beaches. and i wonder if the salinity or his sand was different.... A combination of many things, such as salinity, ground mineralization, search coil used, control settings, and the Operator's skill level to best make thing work as they should. The MXT Pro used to be one of my main-use detectors and I hunted some beaches without a problem, but others were more of a challenge.

Mainly or "Mainely" as i should say, he had skills, and a knowledge of detectors. . I think its back to the old Operator saying to a big degree, use what you have to the fullest. ... Regardless of what detector, or detectorS, folks have, they should always learn to master the unit. Learn it, both strengths and weaknesses in order to have the knowledge of what it will take to get the better performance from it while also understanding the weaknesses to best address that performance. Yes, it is up to the Operator to make the device work for a hunt site and not a magic formula used in the design. Use them for what they are and what they are capable of doing. If it comes up lacking for one or two applications, just get a different detector for those particular needs, and then learn and master it.

we have murky muddy on the southern east coast. black mucky sand. the beaches, well stink, physically and literally.... Once I get the Simplex + in-hand, there are some "black, mucky, stinky and very salty beaches" where I will be tasking it. Also some nice beaches, both salt and fresh water.

Steve was a patient hunter and coached me on swing, settings techniques, etc by phone. he said most would work in some salt to a degree, mainly wet sand, and some of the oldies better than others, like the TR machines. for my infrequent forays. no more than i could go, just hunt the sand. made sense.... Being a 'patient' detectorist is also very important for enjoyment and success afield.

older wiser experienced. patient operator. how to use what i had and get the most out of it for the short trip.
... Yes, that's what we need to do.. Learn and master what we have, use the best settings and search skills, then add an ample dose of patience and it will make any detecting jaunt more fun and, possibly, rewarding in finds as well.


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a question about the SimplEX

dixiedigger57 258 October 04, 2019 08:43AM

Some comments about the SimplEX +. -- Salt water beach hunting as well.

Monte 203 October 04, 2019 05:03PM

Re: a question about the SimplEX

Kickindirt 169 October 04, 2019 10:30AM

Re: a question about the SimplEX

dixiedigger57 148 October 07, 2019 07:14AM

Good story, and important points I noted.

Monte 142 October 07, 2019 11:02AM

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