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Personal eperience warning about magnet-equipped tools.eye popping smiley

October 09, 2019 10:58PM avatar
Latter 1980's there was a big trend in "nugget picks' and 'nugget hoes' promoted as useful tools for both "Electronic Prospecting" and "Relic Hunting." Handy tools and I saw all sorts of hoe designs and had several for evaluation. I found one I used to take with me on some of my hunts. In '90, if I remember correctly, I had one that carried well when I remembered to have the ring on my gear belt. The 'ring' or 'loop' I refer to was the nightstick or flashlight ring I used to use when I was in law enforcement. It has a strap that goes around my duty belt, now referred to as a 'gear belt', and snaps on. The ring is plastic and a hoe fits nicely at my side..

I didn't have my Detecting Gear Tote back then and just tried to remember to snap it on at home if I was headed out Relic Hunting or Nugget Hunting. I was residing in Ogden Utah at the time and headed off for a long summer day hunting my favorite ghost town of 'Twin Flats' where the ground is generally easy to toe-scuff or heel-drag and most targets are not deep. Surface, literally, to 3"-4" max 98% of the time.

There had been a dandy of a thunderstorm almost two weeks earlier that brought a lot of associated thunder showers and wetted the area down quite a bit. With the high summer heat, however, it dried quickly but left the ground with a crusty hard layer so I had my hoe along just to be handy.

This was a newer revised hoe that had a decent length wooden handle and the magnet was inserted into the end (bottom) of the handle. That made it handy to find some of the 'hidden' iron objects in dig areas, and I could reach it down in the dig-hole to double-check for nails or other iron.

I remember those days well as it was the earlier days of my bad back issues and I stumbled a bit now-and-then, but it was before I had a cane to occupy my off-hand and I could maneuver quite well. Since I had forgotten my gear ring I just hand-carried my hoe in the available hand to be ready when I encountered a digable or questionable target signal. I could bend easily at the waist and, without my ring to carry the hoe, I'd just reach down and break up the ground area, then twirl the hoe around and stick the handle in my back pocket while I reached down and recovered the target.

Eyeball my find, put it in my pouch or the 'keeper bottle' in my pouch, grab the hoe, and carry on searching and finding stuff. I also remember that there were still a lot of good targets left to be found back then, too.smiling bouncing smiley

I got a very early pre-dawn start because I knew it was going to get hot later that day and I took the shorter of the two routes to reach that site. My drive the day before was a shorter one and used little gas so I knew I had enough to make it to the ghost town site and then back to a gas station on the longer route when I headed home. I stopped at a mini-mart to grab some soda, already had a sandwich and on that stop used the last of my pocket money to get some snacks for the day ... and extra cans of soda for the cooler. Enough change to also grab a bag of ice.

I got there just after sunrise and enjoyed a comfortable morning. made a lot of finds, and other than buttons buckle sna suspender parts I did manage thre or four coins. A quick lunch break when it was heating up, then back to hunting. I found many more targets and that meant a lot more hoe work and recoveries, that became routine.

Sweep-sweep-sweep ... BEEP! ... Pinpoint and hoe the dirt ... Stuff the hoe in my pocket and recover the target ... Grab the hoe and carry on.

This process repeated until it got into mid-afternoon when, without any shade and temps in the mid-to-upper 90°'s I decided it was time to head for the vehicle, turn on the AC, and head for home. All was well and I had recovered more keepers, and coins along numbered five or six. A good day.thumbs up

I enjoyed having my nifty nugget hoe along that day to help with the crusty-top desert dirt. After I got home, however, I had decided I was done with that hoe and only used to on rare occasion a half dozen times after that. One reason was because I had acquired a better hand-trowel. The main reason was because I stopped for gas in a tiny town on the drive home since I was about empty.

Out of pocket money from my snack and pop shopping, I grabbed my wallet and credit card. Do you know what it's like to be away from home, out of gas, and have a credit card that didn't work?

A credit card that is in a wallet and a wallet in a back pocket that was the same back pocket where a hoe with a magnet-equipped is stuck in-and-out and in-and-out, repeatedly, if usually going to be swiped clean and not usable.sad smiley

Be careful with magnets!

Don't set them down near any wallet or other object that might be carrying a credit card, etc., such as a back pack, purse, other bag or ???

Magnets can be handy tools for snagging problem iron during a target recovery, but when I'm out I use detectors that do an excellent job of unmasking a keeper near ferrous trash. When they do, I isolate and recover the desired target, and usually just leave the nail or other iron debris on-site for others to enjoy.grinning smiley I only carry off a few of the interesting iron objects that are of interest to me. It's the good stuff I'm after.

I enjoyed using magnets on a longer-reach tool on some sites with a lot of nails, mainly, that I could move along close to the ground just to clean out a lot of the surface/shallow iron before detecting. But those were gridded-off and dedicated areas for iron removal. Haven't done it for over twenty-five years now as it is time consuming and also more difficult when also using a cane to get around and not having the strength and mobility I once enjoyed.


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Personal eperience warning about magnet-equipped tools.eye popping smiley

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my front pocket leather moneyclip card holder has a magnet...

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Do I carry a Magnet?

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