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Detector picks, site selection, older coins, and the 'fun-factor.'

October 23, 2019 12:27PM avatar
i'm using my tesoro mojave to hunt mainly "curb strips" because i find the strips to be grossly over looked by most. hunting these " strips" kind of levels the playing field in that i got at least a 50'50 shot at finding some old stuff.
Good detector pick and also a good site selection. Of course it depends on where we live and the size of the town/city we live in and the attitudes of people in the neighborhoods we hunt. I worked parking strips, or curb strips as some call them, mostly during the latter '70s and through the '80s and into the mid-'90s. There were plenty of other public places to hunt, and I was also spending most of my hunt-time to work ghost towns and other rural or remote Relic Hunting sites, or vacant lots, demolition sites and renovation work in urban Coin Hunting areas.

Where I lived most of that time, in NW Oregon's major metro area, we stared getting more homeowners and others who complained to you or even called the police because they felt the parking strip was their property and not public domain. Just a lot of frustrations at many of the grassy sites so I then worked them mainly when there was sidewalk repair or other digging, or if associated with a vacant lot or demolition project. But during the better years they sure could be productive at times.

the tesoro IS a fast recovery instrument,but it still struggles in the trashed out public places.i still enjoy hunting with it in public places, and occasionally get lucky and pop something old, but it's becoming more and more difficult to do so.i just basically poke along and try to recover as much clad as i can, and stay with the hobby.
My favorite Tesoro models have worked well for me, and they are a Quick-Response / Fast-Recovery design that really helped set a standard in the industry that other manufacturers worked to try and match. Perhaps the best of the analog detectors were the White's Classic series, which is why I have one modified version in my Specialty detector group, also.

I find Tesoro's to still work very well in most typical urban public places thanks to being able to use a very slow-motion sweep to best handle working in and around modern trash. Of course one advantage is that I use smsaller-size coils on them just as I do on most of my Detector Outfit.

That said, in the more challenging sites with a lot of nails and other ferrous debris, while the Tesoro's do quite well, I do have an 'edge' in very dense conditions with my Turkish-made Nokta CoRe or Relic or Makro Racer 2 using smaller coils and up-to a round 7" mid-size Concentric on the Racer 2. Also the French-made XP ORX with the mid-size 5X9½ DD HF coil. Of any US-made model I have or have had, the Tesoro's I use w/6" Concentric coils hang in there and almost match the 'foreigners' most of the time.

it's still fun, but i miss the old days when i could just go out and grab 5 to ten silvers a hunt.really do miss that, but those days are long gone
"Long, Long Ago" is almost an understatement these days. At least when it comes to all of the typically encountered lost coins. More silver coins and other oldies can still be found in better quantity, but that calls for using a worthy detector with a ±11" coil and very patiently working old-use parks and other sites that hold potential. That, or knocking on doors to get permission to work an unhunted location, or doing research to find new, fresh possibilities.

in my view, guys are going "multi-freq" now and it's making' a difference.
Personally, I believe the biggest 'difference' isn't the use of a simultaneous multi-frequency detector as much as it is the individual who is using the device. I see people buy them, use them somewhat, then get rid of them because they are complex, confusing, or just fail to perform as the buyer thought they would. But we do hear about those who are more successful, and I don't credit the detector for that as much as I do the individual's willingness to learn the new multi-frequency device AND they put in the time at more likely sites to produce. Also, to have the patience level to work the coils in a more efficient slow-and-methodical sweep presentation; and recover more good or 'iffy' targets, and also to do some better-potential site selection.

the "turks"and the "aussies" are "on the ball" so to speak, and the results in the field are making a difference.
Yes, the Nokta / Makro products from Turkey and the Minelab offerings from the Australian company have set some marks for achievement, and I'll add the Fresh-made XP Detectors to that list.

I'll still own and use my favorite Tesoro models because they work quite well and are very durable and seldom have field failures. But other than some 'Specialty-Use' models, the US offerings are going to have to get busy to get more competitive, but I honestly don't see that happening, at least not by one or two of the manufacturers.

In the end, however, we just need to own a quality-built and reliable-performing model (or set of models) that we trust and also that we enjoy putting to use. That way we can continue to enjoy the 'Fun-Factor' of this great hobby.


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Ending 2019 with my newly organized Detector Outfit.

Monte 299 October 20, 2019 08:16AM

Now, a RE-organized Detector Outfit to prepare for 2020.

Monte 145 November 28, 2019 07:45AM

Re: Ending 2019 with my newly organized Detector Outfit.

jmaryt 192 October 20, 2019 10:05AM

And I hope Garrett stays around

dixiedigger57 179 October 21, 2019 06:13AM

My newly purchased Garrett Pro Pointer AT . . .

UtahRich 134 October 22, 2019 11:34AM

Re: My newly purchased Garrett Pro Pointer AT . . .

D&P-OR 142 October 22, 2019 02:25PM

Re: And I hope Garrett stays around

jmaryt 143 October 21, 2019 09:33PM

My old-time 'sentimental' models still work well.

Monte 157 October 22, 2019 12:49AM

Re: My old-time 'sentimental' models still work well.

jmaryt 126 October 22, 2019 07:45PM

Detector picks, site selection, older coins, and the 'fun-factor.'

Monte 161 October 23, 2019 12:27PM

Re: Detector picks, site selection, older coins, and the 'fun-factor.'

jmaryt 159 October 24, 2019 07:00PM

1 Tesoro, 1 good smaller-size coil, No grumpy people.thumbs up N/T

Monte 123 October 24, 2019 11:10PM

There are several things needed to stay in the game in the metal detector world.

Monte 192 October 21, 2019 08:57AM

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