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A warm 'Welcome' from the chillier "Deep North."

December 13, 2019 05:43AM avatar
Glad you're here, Tony, and pardon the delay in approval but we had some Forum issues, as you know.

As for the White's detector line, while I am not a "Brand Loyalist" for any particular brand, I AM a "Favorite Model Loyalist" regardless of brand and have long preferred to keep some of my all-time favorite models and preferred search coils on-hand in my working Detector Outfit. I started out in this great hobby/sport using home-built Metal / Mineral Locators in March of '65, but by July or August of '68 I had my first factory produced detector in my hands and that was a White's Ghost Towner BFO. I mainly used White's and bought a new White's 63-TR in May of '71.

Before the end of that year I had also checked out several other brands and added models from Compass and Garrett to start my first 'Outfit' of more-than-one detector. As the years progressed and I started hunting a wider assortment of sites with different challenges, and as new and improved performance detectors came along, some models were added and some were thinned out. Sometimes I have even let a favorite go for something that gave me better performance in some applications, only to sometimes add an older 'favorite' back into my arsenal.

Thanks to having a few 'duplicate' models I currently have 15 individual detectors here in my den, plus 3 or 4 much older devices I use in seminars and demonstrations. Of the 15 I am still going to thin out a few of them, but I know my most-used and my 'favorites' are going to hang around and get used. Just that getting older and falling apart all at the same time has urged me to go with the lightest and better balanced detector/coil set-ups I can, and any heavier or awkward units ... for me ... need to go to new homes of people who appreciate an excellent detector.

If I am asked to name my favorite three older White's models, that's easy and I currently have two of them. They would be my modified IDX Pro and XLT. Both of my specimens are in pristine condition and work great! The 3rd model, the one I do not have, would be the one you just acquired. The 6000 Pro XL or renamed XL Pro (same detector but different label/name).

I was rather envious when I clicked on your attached photo. I was fortunate to get to handle a prototype and knew right away I was going to get one as soon as thy were released, and it definitely didn't let me down in performance. I hardly ever use a '950' coil on anything and usually work a 6½" Concentric (weird marketing idea to name them a 5.3 anything) most of the time when it is brushier or trashier. But I see you also have my favorite 8" Concentric coil ... the Royal 800 in the burgundy color. It's just a Blue Max 800 in a much more attractive color in the flat-bottom design. I just bought one in very nice condition last month to have at-the-ready.

Of all the White's detectors I have owned and or used in all these many years, those three models are, without hesitation, my three favorites. And what about today and their current offerings? To be honest, there is only ONE detector in their current line-up that I really like. One that is priced very favorably and has enough features and adjustments, and provides very good depth of detection and general-purpose performance. And you have that one, also, in the MX-7. Especially with the round 6½" Concentric coil, that White's calls a 6 Inch, it works quite well. The rest of their line is either dated, lacks ample modern features and/or is over-priced by comparison in today's market.

You mention looking for old gold and silver coins during your winter months. I'm not sure how long Australia minted and circulated silver coins, but I do know some of the Aussi coins I have sampled are of an interesting alloy mix. I have one of your $2 coins that is just a little larger than our USA 1¢ coin but it sure doesn't give an audible or numeric VDI response like I thought it would.

I better stop rambling. I'll just look back at your photo during our cabin fever months and keep an eye open for a new or pristine condition specimen. Congratulations on such a nice find, and again, 'Welcome' to the AHRPS Forums.


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I don't fly. However, in the secret White's 6000 Pro XL / XL Pro manual .,.,

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Hello from the deep South

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A warm 'Welcome' from the chillier "Deep North."

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Re: A warm 'Welcome' from the chillier "Deep North."

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