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El, a tricky question but I'll try to answer.

December 18, 2019 07:29AM avatar
Monte, all conditions being equal at a site you want to hunt, which detector would you grab to hunt that site. The Simplex + or the ORX?

Thanks, El
The problem is I can go from one site to another and all conditions are NOT equal. That's why I like to have a few detectors on-hand and be selective on the search coil I am using at as site as well.

A second problem is the Simplex + only has the standard round 11" DD coil available at this time. I'll know more about what the Simplex + can provide in versatile performance when smaller coils come out. Whereas I own two ORX units and have a 5X9½ DD HF coil on one and a round 9" X35 DD coil on the other, and that provides me a choice with the ORX ... right now.

A third problem favors the Simplex + and that is with regard to just barely rejecting most Iron Nails , as in rejected so you don't hear them, but still being able to hear an Iron Audio low-tone of other iron. I mainly use the Field mode and Beach mode with my Simplex +. One has VCO audio for non-ferrous targets and the other doesn't use VCO. I get to pick. And in a lot of more open areas where I like to hunt with a 2-Tone audio, my Simplex + is set up to do that without any Disc. rejection, but a Low Tone audio for targets in the 1-to-15 VDI range (the first three Disc. notches or segments).

Most nails produce a VDI numeric read-out of '04' so all I have to do is reject the first segment, and that eliminates or rejects 0 to 5 and most iron nails are Discriminated. I won't hear them. But any more conductive Iron that falls in the 6 to 15 numeric VDI range I can still hear a low-tone iron Audio and know some iron is still present. The ORX can't do that.

Instead, they don't do an Iron Audio based on a separate Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Break-Point. They have the Break-Point tied in with the variable Discrimination setting. For example, I have my ORX Disc. set at '7' so all targets that have a numeric read-out of '7' or less produce a Low Tone Audio. Targets above the '7' VDI might not produce Low-Tone audio, even if ferrous, because the ORX is designed differently.

Also, with the Simplex +, in Park mode I have a processed 3-Tone audio and with the ORX in Coin Fast or Coin Deep you have a 3-Tone audio. I like 3-Tone a lot in many trashier conditions, but if I am hunting a plowed field, pastureland, woodsy area, ski slope, fringe area of a ghost town away from a lot of iron or multi-targets, or a wide-open grassy park or anywhere that has targets more dispersed, I might find something deeper and I usually prefer to use a good 2-Tone audio search mode. The ORX is 3-Tne in Coin mode, that's it.

But with the Simplex + I can use my Field mode and hear a VCO-enhanced report on non-ferrous targets and a 2-Tone audio to alert me to iron in the area, or I can use Beach mode, which gets comparable depth to Field mode but my 2-Tone audio has a non-VCO enhanced audio response for the non-ferrous targets . I like them both but some times favor the audio of the Beach mode and that's how my Simplex + starts out when I turn it on.

The forth problem is I happen to like both of these detectors and that makes it a little tougher to decide which to grab. Because I am limited on search coil choices today for the Simplex +, that's one mark against it because I most often plant myself in the middle of a very littered site and smaller-size coils rule.

So, if I was asked your question by someone I didn't know, then I would wonder if the were planning on owning only one detector and trying to narrow it down between these two, or I would ask what other detector(s) they own and use because the Simplex + or ORX would be a complement to their set-up. Then I would ask, specifically, what type of sites or hunting they planned to do with either model.

Now, let me give you a rough, general answer. If I had only these two models to grab at a site, then today, due to coil sizes available, for Relic Hunting those very iron littered ghost towns we hit on the WTHO's, it would be my ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil. Yet if I am hunting a wide-open, sparse-target city park, like I have here in small Vale Oregon, then right now it is going to be the Simplex +. That's what I used this past weekend, but there's a reason why.

I am evaluating this model and want to learn it more. And I am re-hunting an area I have been working the past month and a half with an ORX w/9" DD coil to try and thin out some shallower targets so as to go after any deeper targets when I got the Simplex +. I found deep targets with the ORX and 9" X35 coil, so now it's the Simplex +'s turn to show what it can do. And so far it is doing quite well.

Here's another answer I might give related to this question. If it was December a year ago and I had the Simplex + just as I do now with only a stock coil, I would still be just as impressed and glad it was in my Detector Outfit. However, after a few months I would have still bought an ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil just like I did this year because I was interested in it. And getting it, I still wouldn't have replaced the Simplex +.

Fast forward to today, I got my first ORX to start June of this year, and in October I bought a 2nd new ORX and with a different search coil. With the CoRe and Relic and Racer 2 and Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX and modified IDX Pro, and maybe a couple of others, I was well prepared for Relic or Coin type hunting, but the ORX provided me with a different performance level and works differently. Glad I got them, but that helped me start thinning out other detectors, too.

I still wanted a Simplex + because I know the build-quality and the performance level that Nokta / Makro put into their detectors, and I anticipated this being more than just a lower-priced model, and it is. It is a competitive model that rivals a lot of mid-priced to even some higher-cost models and I really like it.

I like it so well that it is one of three detectors I will always keep in my vehicle for daily travels so I will be ready for any detecting opportunity I might happen across ... and I have no hesitation grabbing it first off. I'm going to be pleased when they get the smaller coils on the market for it.

So, at a site, I'd grab them both. Just one before the other based on how I felt at the time, and knowing I have the other at-the-ready in case things weren't going too well with the first one I grabbed.smiling smiley


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El, a tricky question but I'll try to answer.

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Re: El, a tricky question but I'll try to answer.

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