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Settings Choices and Why? ---- Very good topics and reminders, Rich.

December 22, 2019 08:48AM avatar
I must be getting old.
Hummm, if someone questions it, perhaps they really are.winking smiley

I sat down at home Friday after a long week of work and decided I needed to clean up my Deus after my muddy outing to a construction site earlier in the week.
A WEEK !! I don't think I've ever stretched a cleaning job more than 24 Hours. Maybe you need a different job with more time off to attend to important things?

I found myself trying to remember where each setting is located and how it influences the operation. I was momentarily tempted to pull out my cell phone and pull up my copy of the list of settings I keep there in hopes it would jog my memory.
Uh Oh .... another sign of aging.eye rolling smiley

A good point, however, because some detector designs seem to confuse us with odd-names for normal functions, or settings that do multiple things we're not used to, and then those that seem to be not just disguised, but hidden in the menu system.

It occurred to me that I had literally spent years reading up on the Deus, its operation and settings Prior to my purchase in May. Yet, since my initial WTHO outing when I set up my two Ghost Town programs and some trips to a favorite ski resort that spawned its own custom program, I hadn't picked up a manual or users guide in months.
There's a reminder for almost everyone! So many people never read their Owner/User Manual, cover-to-cover, completely, and no doubt quite a few haven't clue where that manual might be. It's a good time of year for a lot of folks to read the manual, learn the manual and, in doing so, learn their detector better.

I grabbed my user guide off the shelf and did a quick thumb thru finding the exact references I was looking for. I guess this isn't unexpected as I have a few detectors that see regular use when their number is called. Each detector is quite different than the other. Each from a different manufacture and thus each with a different feel and way of doing things. Each with settings laid out in a different manner. It can be challenging to remember all the details of each.
More good reminders, Rich, because even from the same manufacturer and somewhat similar, detectors can, and will, work differently We need to learn them, then use them to learn them better and that helps the remembering part.

For many years in the 90's I swung a CZ-6a and used the factory tone breaks without issue. .... Then in 2018 in learning my EQ800 I set up one of my park programs with 5-tones similar in nature to my old CZ to help me find good targets hiding in the junk; iron, foil, nickels, the middle stuff, and lastly, higher conductivity coins. My finds improved quickly. I'm now a fan of this arrangement for myself.
A simple reminder is for everyone to know the individual units and set-up or use the Tone ID settings that they like best. The more comfortable we are with the audio quality, and audio Tone response, the more comfortable and successful we might be.

These category settings carried over to other areas I was hunting and proved successful for me as well. While I appreciate the tonal qualities of the multitone, and occasionally switch to it in target sparse areas, my 5 tones on the 800 and 4 tones on the Deus, help me hunt better and have become very comfortable to me.
Yes, it is a must for us to become 'comfortable' with the audio from each model. I know that, for me, that there is only one detector I have ever cared for using a "multi-tone' feature, and that is White's XLT. I've had a lot of models that allowed Tone ID options from 1-Tone to 2-Tone, 3-Tone, 4-Tone, 5-Tone, 7-Tone, 8-Tone, 20-Tone or the often-labeled 99-Tone that really isn't. But other than the XLT, my personal preference is to keep things simple.

Too many tones kind of muddies the water, for me, and because I like to hunt very littered sites, the blended-signal or two or more targets in very close relationship can produce a confusing audio response. Tone choices are also influenced by each individual's hearing abilities or limitations, so that has to be factored in. I generally prefer a good 3-Tone audio in trashier sites, especially with ferrous debris in the mix, so I have an assortment of units to select from with 3-Tone audio .... and they also work a bit differently as you related.

I might grab a CoRe, Relic, Racer 2, Simplex + or ORX for those types of conditions. In low-to-modest trash and more open environments I personally like a good 2-Tone audio search mode, and again that would include those models except the ORX. And for other sites like tot-lots, or when I just want to relax and work one of those trashier ghost town type locations with challenging ferrous junk, I can be absolutely fine with a 1-Tone detector with a likeable audio report, which is handled by my Bandido II µMAX, Silver Sabre µMAX or modified IDX Pro.

I made lists of the settings for each detector and saved them to my phone just in case they were needed.
I did misplace a loose list I had for a few models and now have them jotted down for my Racer 2 (the only models I use that I can errantly erase back to default) and I keep that settings list with all my User Manuals that I also keep together. I only had to good once. Well, actually twice.sad smiley

Goof #1 was pulling the trigger when in FD (Factory Default) and I wiped out my settings. Goof #2 was when I couldn't find the misplaced list of settings and I had to walk through each and every adjustment to refresh my memory in order to refresh the settings.

But it didn't occur to me to jot down my thoughts on how I came up with each specific setting. Some I do recall very specifically, like my break points in my tones. Others . . . . . Well at least I wrote down the settings.
I only need a list to correct the Racer 2. Other units I use easily fall into the 'Simpler-to-Use' group and are more of an 'instant recall' if I want to change them around and go back to where I was.

So here's a suggestion, if you have settings for your detector(s) for different situations, jot them down in a handy place, make a few notes. Most cells phones have a place you can make and keep some notes. If you find success with a small adjustment in a certain situation jot it down with the details. You may need to refer back to it at a later time.

Best of luck in the coming year.

Again, great reminders, especially the last one .... To jot down thoughts on how or why we came up with specific settings. We should each have a good reason for doing what we do.

'Thank You' Rich, I appreciated the post. I read it, then kept thinking about it while I was working on other projects during th night. Decided I'd comment because what you suggested as 'Detector Talk' ought to get everyone thinking about why they do, what they do, and where to keep their notes.


PS: Try not to rush the "getting old" part of life. Just slowly ease into it.

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Detector Talk - Settings Choices and Why?

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using too much detector. grinning smiley

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Sagebrush dust remover

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Re: using too much detector. grinning smiley

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Now, that gave me a Christmas morning chuckle. N/T

Monte 93 December 25, 2019 06:14AM

Settings Choices and Why? ---- Very good topics and reminders, Rich.

Monte 161 December 22, 2019 08:48AM

That settles it, I'm getting old. . . . . . . . . thinking . . . . . . . . . N/T

UtahRich 111 December 23, 2019 09:58AM

We're not gettin OLD----we're jes gettin BETTER LOOKIN!!!!!!!!!!! N/T

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