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Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

December 26, 2019 07:30PM avatar
Once again, Rich, you've touched on an interesting Detector Talk topic. Let's see ..thinking

It's a good time to share some thoughts and Ideas as we prep for another season of detecting.

The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas -

I've frequented an Old Park in my area for many years. - - - - I will usually have an idea ahead of time of where I want to hunt and how I want to go about my hunting. Sometimes I will walk away with a keeper or two, sometimes not.
... I always try to 'be prepared' before I hit a site, whether it is one I'm not familiar with or presume it has been hunted through the years, even to my all-time favorite ghost town of 'Twin Flats' that I personally know to be hard hit. I recall the first time I went there with my older brother to detect and we took each others photo and it was dated ... May 4th of 1969. I recall the periodic times I'd hunt it with those older and inferior detectors for that type of site, to the very frequent trips I made, even spending a night or two out there to hunt it a lot, especially after we got a decent detector for such a task in the summer of '83.

Frequent visits by myself, and I hunted with many good friends out there, too, finding hundreds of coins to card and fill four binders with some left to be cleaned, and once ... only once ... did I leave there being skunked when I only allowed 4 hours to depart the main road for a quick hunt. Why did I have such fantastic success? I'll answer shortly, but it was failure to adhere to my mental approach that I blame for my one day of failure. Looking back, I let myself down.

I'm interested to hear from all of you that frequent such places on some of the:

details: I try to know as much as I can about a hunt-site's location and history of use. I also try to plan for an ample amount of allotted time to make my efforts worthwhile.

mind sets: When I head out to search any site, whether I have hunted it before or if anyone else has, I just put those thoughts aside. My 'mind-set' or 'mental approach' is to search any location as if it was the first time I had ever been there, and with the presumption that it has never been detected by anyone. I try to picture a site as it might have appeared during the era of busy activity, and take my time so as not to miss anything that might make a decent find and treat it as if it was a virgin, un-hunted place.

If I happen to be detecting with any others, that's great and I wish them the best of success. But, mentally I like to enjoy everyone's finds and I do not like to mentally make it a 'competitive' atmosphere. I'm there to relax, enjoy the experience, have some fun, and on a good day also enjoy some success.

preparation: Review notes and photos, if I have any, to refresh my knowledge of the site. Be rested and in good spirits, and not let myself get down due to lack of finds or anything. Make sure I have something to drink and eat during the day, dress appropriately, make sure my detector and equipment are in proper working condition, and remember to take along extra batteries and anything I feel might be needed for a successful day's adventure.

equipment selected: Never limit myself to only one detector and one search coil. Always travel prepared with at least 2 to 4 detectors and best search coils for the site's I plan to search. If it is a Coin & Jewelry Hunting jaunt, then take models that I have that are best suited for that purpose. If I'm off on an adventure to Relic Hunting type sites, load up the models and coils that have served me the best for those applications. Always be sure to use the best detectors and coils for the needs I'll be facing, and that all are in proper working order.

and so forth as you step into areas that have been hard hit by yourself and / or others.
When I have spent some time, even a long day of hunting some site, I might say something like "Boy, I sure gave it a good try!" And I might look over any keepers that came my way. But even though I have worked a place recently or long ago, I just try to clear my mind and set out on any hunt as if it was my first time working it as if it was unhunted virgin territory. I also do my best to work a location in a slow and methodical manner, trying to put the coil over all available huntable spaces, and not be in a rush


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Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

UtahRich 240 December 26, 2019 10:39AM

Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

Monte 203 December 26, 2019 07:30PM

Re: Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

OregonGregg 207 December 27, 2019 06:01AM

What is this smack talk ? ? cool smiley

UtahRich 186 December 27, 2019 09:40AM

Re: What is this smack talk ? ? cool smiley

OregonGregg 162 December 30, 2019 07:53AM

Re: What is this smack talk ? ? cool smiley

D&P-OR 169 December 27, 2019 11:56AM

Re: What is this smack talk ? ? cool smiley

OregonGregg 114 December 30, 2019 07:57AM

Re: What . . . ?

Remfire 173 December 27, 2019 10:41AM

Re: What . . . ? just use a hemp bag instead of the plastic bag N/T

Kickindirt 113 December 30, 2019 11:39AM

Re: What . . . ?

OregonGregg 125 December 30, 2019 08:01AM

Re: What . . . ?

D&P-OR 108 December 30, 2019 10:45AM

Western Oregon thinking?

Monte 152 December 30, 2019 10:40AM

Re: Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

WM6 161 December 27, 2019 03:16AM

Re: Detector Talk - The ART of finding Keepers in Hard Hit Areas

Dan'o 134 December 26, 2019 01:27PM

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