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Battery Test challenges. thinking

January 03, 2020 11:31AM avatar
So what type of detector and hunting environment is this battery test going to be emulating ? A low trash, low target place? Or a high trash, high audio output place like a tin and iron filled ghost town. ? ? ? ? Current draw on the batteries will be very different. :S
Rich, that is very true, but there are other things that make it tough to test performance. You buy Brand E and go out hunting for 1-3 hours today, then again for an hour or two next Wednesday, and maybe put in an hour after work a day or two later, etc., etc. and what you experience is NOT a continuous draw on the battery as they can self-recharge when sitting for a period o time, and then the run-time is not long, regardless of how many targets are being dealt with.

Look at it this way. You're setting out on a detecting outing for several days. You're batteries are in need of replacing but you don't have any spare new, fresh batteries on-hand. The ONLY batteries immediately available are in your flashlights that you just received, brand new, for Christmas. Identical flashlights but all have different brands of new alkaline batteries in them. Let's presume you're using your Nokta CoRe w/4 AA batteries needed, Which flashlight batteries are you going to use?

Humm, without knowing the different brands of batteries used in them or how well they work, it would just be a 'best guess.'

So, let's just say that ALL of the flashlights that friends or family gave you are identical. Same brand, same models, same Lumen power, and therefore the same draw on the batteries.' You can turn all of them on at the same time and run a stopwatch and see which battery being used provided the longest operating time. As you know, a flashlight at its brightest setting is going to put more draw on those batteries than most metal detectors will.

So, for this evaluation of a lot of batteries, Mark has been getting single AA battery holders ready, is using consistent measuring devices, and bought new stopwatches so several batteries can be 'tested' at the same time. Such as each battery in a set of 4. Unless he changes it, they were going to be started and then stopped (using the stopwatches) when the battery drops to 0.8 Volts. So, we will have the Run-Time for each of the 4 batteries of each brand, going from a brand new charge down to 0.8 V, and then we can also "Average' the Run-Time of a battery set that is getting a consistent drain. He's also double checked the Ohms rating of the resistors he's using for consistency.

Then we will also know not only what battery brands provide the better, or worse, Run-Times with a load, but have an 'average' Cost per battery to consider.

The only other way to test would be, to not take a potty break or meal break and use a full brand-new set of batteries and go detecting and not stop for any reason until the batteries died. That would be using the highest Gain settings, the least Discrimination and working the coil over multiple targets to cause more drain on the power supply. That can take a while, so this is going to be a Battery Run-Time Test that, we hope, should be useful for anyone.


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WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Monte 113 January 02, 2020 03:07PM

Re: WANTED: "LIST" Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Sodbuster 26 January 14, 2020 11:26AM

UPDATE: Batteries tested so far, and more to go.

Monte 26 January 15, 2020 05:54AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

DesertRokon 34 January 13, 2020 01:36PM

'Thank You' Vic. .. They are due this Thursday.

Monte 26 January 13, 2020 05:42PM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

OregonGregg 29 January 11, 2020 11:35AM

Battery Test

UtahRich 42 January 03, 2020 10:19AM

Battery Test challenges. thinking

Monte 48 January 03, 2020 11:31AM

Battery Test challenges. - - - -

UtahRich 42 January 03, 2020 01:25PM

Rich, a good question and a simple answer.grinning smiley

Monte 47 January 04, 2020 01:14AM

What are you currently using ? ? ?

UtahRich 40 January 03, 2020 01:26PM

Do they still make those? smiling bouncing smiley N/T

UtahRich 35 January 02, 2020 10:58PM

Selecting Detector Batteries . . . options.

UtahRich 38 January 03, 2020 10:14AM

Rich, for some folks your idea works.

Monte 44 January 03, 2020 11:49AM

Tape that 9v

Remfire 51 January 03, 2020 10:44AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Kickindirt 47 January 02, 2020 07:56PM

Re: rechargeables no comparison to throw away alkalines

Sodbuster 50 January 03, 2020 09:07PM

Eneloop a good choice -

UtahRich 35 January 04, 2020 01:01PM

Re: rechargeables no comparison to throw away alkalines

Kickindirt 32 January 04, 2020 09:23AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Dan'o 50 January 02, 2020 04:22PM

Re: Amazon Basics.

Sodbuster 43 January 03, 2020 08:33PM

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