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UPDATE: Batteries tested so far, and more to go.

January 15, 2020 04:54AM avatar
MarkCZ started this over on Findmall. I spoke up and joined the mission to test AA Alkaline batteries for their 'Run-Time' for an 'average' per battery. Mark bought quite a few and I sent him some as well. I'll also be mailing some off to him this week. We have found several things that get our attention in doing this. Such as with the Energizer and Duracell batteries tested so far, some of them, as well as some 'house brands,' have terrible performance times, even though they are newer and their package shows a long time until their 'Use-By' date.

It's interesting to see how many different countries are listed in the "Made in ----" list, and it's difficult to track down who the actual manufacturer is. We think of big names, like Duracell and Energizer for example, as being one very large corporation making batteries, but they seem small potatoes when you see where they are just parts of a bigger business that buys them and then sells or trades them off to some other much larger outfit. That seems to make it more difficult, too, when one battery business has so many production facilities in different countries and with different standards, but all using the same brand name and packaging.

We're finding some of the lesser know brands, and I include some 'house brands' are out-performing many of the more commonly recognized brands. For example, I like to watch my budget and I'll often buy a pack of alkaline batteries that are on-sale to see how well they perform for the $$$. If they are terrible, I don't buy them again. I have a lot of detectors that use AA Alkaline batteries, and I'm sure more flashlights than several people might have, combined. I change batteries when they wear out, and I check and change them in flashlights as needed and also if they are aging or wearing down about when we change to Daylight Savings and then again when we change back to Standard Time.

A couple years ago, when shopping at Tractor Supply I saw some of the JobSmart AA's on sale with a 48-pack for $5.00, and with an extra $10 bill in my pocket, I bought two packs of 48 each. Those break down to a cost of only 10.42¢ per battery, so we'll round that off to 10½¢ each. Affordable, and only 42¢ to fill a detector that runs on 4-AA's and just 84¢ to top-off an 8-AA powered detector. At that price, if the Run-Time is average or better, that's quite a bargain.

I fond that I was getting OK performance in a detector I just got that need batteries, so I returned and bought a a couple more packs. Later they had some smaller-count packs on sale, also, so I picked some of those up. They've been handy, also, when on an Outing and someone needs batteries and wasn't prepared.

Note the Duracell 'Dura-Lock' batteries I sent that were Made in the USA. They were made in 2013. The package reads: "Guaranteed 10 years in Storage" Okay, but the front of the 40-pack also reads: "Use Before 2013." Note the word 'Before' and you wonder when does the 10 years start and end? Each of the batteries in that pack have 'Dec. 2023' on them, and that's 12 months after the Use Before 2023 comment on the package. So, battery marketing can make it tricky to make battery purchase decisions. None-the-led, it was a brand new, unopened package when I took out 4 Duracells, Made in the USA, to send to Mark, with a Use-By' on them for Dec. 2023. They used up a lot of shelf-time considering we just finished Dec. 2019.

They sat unopened for 6 years and only had 4 years left of that 10 year use-by life. And look at the performance they gave! 8 Hours and 6 Minutes put them in the 'Better' category (anything w/8 Hours). But I also sent him an identical-looking Duracell 'Dura-Lock' set of batteries that were Made in China. They were newer with a date in 2026, making them 3 years newer, but .... look at the Run-Time those 4 batteries provided. Only 6 Hours and 18 Minutes, and even though they looked identical and had an additional 3 years of shelf-time, their performance was in the lower 'D' grade range

NOTE: Mark was running all these tests and we could see the results in the Run-Times and I suggested we use a common 'school grade' system to list the battery performance and it goes like this:

A+.. Kind of an 'Honors' grade since they have a Run-Time of 10 Hours or longer.

A.. BEST rating for 9 Hours or more.

B.. BETTER rating of 8 Hours but less than 9, making them a Better Battery than 'Average.'

C.. AVERAGE battery Run-Times of 7 Hours but less than 8.

D.. POOR or below Average and only providing 6 Hr. but less than 7..

F.. FAIL and not worth buying at all. Anything Less than 6 Hours.

In the future I will only shop for batteries in the Better or Best categories, or those that provide 8+ or 9+ Hours of Run-Time, and then watch for bargain prices on them.

Notice the batteries I sent him from an unopened package I bought at Albertsons grocery. Those are their 'Signature' house-brand and they are Made-in-the-USA. I called and verified that on Monday. I bout at 60-Pack of Signature Alkalines in 2016 and pout in my battery tote. They were Use-By Dated for 12-2026 so had sat for 3 years and had 7 remaining, considering many say 10 years. And note the test results on that chart. They gave 8 Hours and 30 Min. which puts them right in the middle of the 'Better' grade group. In 2016 that 60-pack cost me $10.99 which averages to 18.32¢ so we'll average each battery at 18½¢. That's still only 74¢ to fill a 4-battery detector, or $1.48 for a detector powered by 8-AA alkaline batteries. Again, that's fuel efficient for Better or Above Average Run-Time.


Look at the attached list and see what Mark has tested so far.

In addition to that, Vic mailed me some packs of Energizer Industrial Alkaline that should arrive tomorrow (Thursday).

Monday I bought a brand new pack of Signature batteries at Albertsons that are the newer style 'wrapped' on the batteries and fresher than those I sent Mark before, and I have 4 of these new 'Signature' Alkaline batteries to also send.

I also stopped at BiMart on Monday and bought an 8-Pack of Panasonic 'Platinum Power' and will send him 4 of those. They are fresh with a Use By date of 1 - 2030, ten years from now. Those say: "Made in Thailand, packaged in the USA." It will be interesting to see how these perform.

The battery 'grade' I established above are base on the Run-Times that Mark is getting. He's using 4 batteries of each brand / model being tested. Each are put in a 1-cell holder and each have an identical load placed on them. They are then timed until they drop to 0.8 Volts, and then those 4-battery run-times are 'Averaged.' All batteries are getting the same load.

I'm starting my testing, also using 4 of each battery, and using a Nokta FORS Relic detector. It will be in the more powerful 2-Tone mode, Max. Sensitivity, Full Iron Audio Volume, and '0' Discrimination for full-power drain. Also, no headphones, just letting it blare away with the built-in speaker. Search coil will be 'sweeping' over dirt and both ferrous and non-ferrous targets to add to the battery drain..

Detectors use battery regulators, and with this detector when the batteries get to a point the unit won't work, it just quits and the display reads -Lo Bat.- I plan to run each set of 4 batteries from start to when it stops and reads 'Lo Bat', and log that Run-Time as well as then check the remaining Voltage of each battery immediately when it quits.

I will then do the math and figure out the Grading System for the battery after Detector Testing and compare it with the spread sheet Mark is doing. Then, post the final results.

Batteries donated for the testing could be any Alkaline battery other than what is shown in the chart or what I just listed that I am sending off to Mark. He'll test 4 each and I'm testing 4 each and in-the-end, I know there will be some very useful information folks can use to help in their battery shopping. They can be a major brand, a house brand, just as long as they are an Alkaline AA battery.

If anyone would like to send us batteries to be tested, 4 for Mark and 4 for me, just e-mail me and let me know what you're sending. My address is:

Monte V. Berry
629 15th St.
Vale, OR 97918

We appreciate all the interest and help in this project.



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WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Monte 252 January 02, 2020 02:07PM

Re: WANTED: "LIST" Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Sodbuster 107 January 14, 2020 10:26AM

UPDATE: Batteries tested so far, and more to go.

Monte 139 January 15, 2020 04:54AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

DesertRokon 123 January 13, 2020 12:36PM

'Thank You' Vic. .. They are due this Thursday.

Monte 121 January 13, 2020 04:42PM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

OregonGregg 125 January 11, 2020 10:35AM

Battery Test

UtahRich 130 January 03, 2020 09:19AM

Battery Test challenges. thinking

Monte 147 January 03, 2020 10:31AM

Battery Test challenges. - - - -

UtahRich 129 January 03, 2020 12:25PM

Rich, a good question and a simple answer.grinning smiley

Monte 125 January 04, 2020 12:14AM

What are you currently using ? ? ?

UtahRich 142 January 03, 2020 12:26PM

Do they still make those? smiling bouncing smiley N/T

UtahRich 121 January 02, 2020 09:58PM

Selecting Detector Batteries . . . options.

UtahRich 120 January 03, 2020 09:14AM

Rich, for some folks your idea works.

Monte 142 January 03, 2020 10:49AM

Tape that 9v

Remfire 152 January 03, 2020 09:44AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Kickindirt 131 January 02, 2020 06:56PM

Re: rechargeables no comparison to throw away alkalines

Sodbuster 153 January 03, 2020 08:07PM

Eneloop a good choice -

UtahRich 116 January 04, 2020 12:01PM

Re: rechargeables no comparison to throw away alkalines

Kickindirt 132 January 04, 2020 08:23AM

Re: WANTED: Brand new AA Alkaline batteries, 4 of each brand for Testing.

Dan'o 135 January 02, 2020 03:22PM

Re: Amazon Basics.

Sodbuster 151 January 03, 2020 07:33PM

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