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Re: Large versus small coils.

January 10, 2020 02:37AM
Certainly is a interesting topic,i have both of these coils ie 6'' and the stock 11'' coil and until last week the 15'' coil as well,the latter has been swapped out.

A few possible ways of looking at this small v large coil debate,one is does the small 6'' coil work better in trashy sites and target masking,in theory the small coil should do better but not only in the case of the 11'' stock coil but also other stock coils on other machines i dont think one sees alot in the target separation debate,the 11'' Equinox coil is a exceptional coil and in some cases defies the logic of detecting in really trashy site scenarios,how they have achieved this i dont really have any idea but it does work and works well,even the larger 15'' coil in theory should be even worse in trashy sites but its still a eye opener for sure.The only reason i let the larger 15'' coil go was not how it perfoms but its slightly heavy for me.

Of course its a personal thing which coil you use and still alot of folks will use the smaller coil and small coils in general on all detectors on iron infested sites as that is what we have been lead to believe,but a couple of areas that the 6'' coil or infact any small coil will win the day over a large stock size coil and that is for me harvest time,when the crops come off and the stiff stubble wont allow a stock or larger coil near the soil,so the only way around this without loosing 4-6'' of stubble height is by using a small stubble busting coil as i call it and get in between the stubble row,this is one of the biggest winning scenarios for smaller coils especially on my many farmland permission just after harvest.Also another major reason why i have been gradually changing over on almost all my detectors to smaller coils is that i have a major problem with my right detecting wrist after 2 serious bike accidents back in the 70s and 80s,so for everyday use detecting then all i can manage is a small 6'' coil then i can swing all day long.If this method allows me to carry on detecting then i will use small coils on my Nox,Deus,T2 or what ever machine.

For deep pasture sites then a stock coil or larger coil wins the day,for not only better depth but that all important ground coverage,but to be able for me to do that then i use a full GPX harness and that allows me detecting for long periods of time.

So the small v large stock coil debate for me is not only about target separation and which works best on iron infested sites but also if i can swing larger coils due to health issues.Both coils have advantages and dis-advantages and i will still carry on using what is best suited for my detecting conditions/targets and my ability to swing what option i choose.

Equinox,Deusx2,T2,TDI Pro,Nexus MP,Nexus SE,Fisher TW-5,IDX Pro,DFX,Arado120b,Mirage PI,Crossbow PI and just a few others.
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Large versus small coils.

D&P-OR 262 January 08, 2020 04:05PM

Coil selection at WTHO's

UtahRich 120 January 12, 2020 12:53PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

tabman 133 January 10, 2020 07:16PM

Yep! Both are good coils .... for different applications. N/T

Monte 105 January 11, 2020 12:59PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

GeoW 99 January 10, 2020 06:21PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

RickUK 133 January 10, 2020 02:37AM

And there-in is the answer for each of us.thumbs up

Monte 134 January 10, 2020 02:54AM


UtahRich 154 January 09, 2020 05:58PM

Each detector, any detector and every detector...

Monte 127 January 10, 2020 03:29AM

Becoming a Detectorist / Staying a Detectorist eye popping smiley

UtahRich 95 January 11, 2020 11:44AM

Theoretical Postulation Attachments

OregonGregg 118 January 11, 2020 01:45PM

Theoretical Postulation - The Fors CoRe

UtahRich 91 January 11, 2020 03:28PM

I always enjoying hearing, and learning or refreshsing.

Monte 100 January 11, 2020 12:57PM

Is it Spring yet ?

UtahRich 92 January 11, 2020 01:23PM


D&P-OR 160 January 09, 2020 08:11PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

OregonGregg 163 January 09, 2020 06:57AM

Re: Large versus small coils.

Kickindirt 170 January 09, 2020 06:14AM

Large versus small coils. - unmasking ability.

UtahRich 195 January 08, 2020 11:27PM

"It does make one think, doesn't it?" ... It sure does, and that's why - - -

Monte 143 January 10, 2020 02:44AM

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