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"It does make one think, doesn't it?" ... It sure does, and that's why - - -

January 10, 2020 02:44AM avatar
- - some people who have an Equinox and also have their 6" DD coil like it and prefer it and use it. Sometimes almost exclusively. Matter of fact, if I break down and buy an Equinox 800, and the thought has crossed my mind, I would most likely use the 6" DD coil myself, and probably almost full-time.

I watched the video and read all of the comments / replies, but concluded that while that one test comparison seemed to suggest the 11" DD is better than the 6" DD, I don't think CD or most of the others know why, they had those results in that particular test. Anyone can make a test, compare two coils or two detectors, and make a quick judgment from what they saw. However, to come out ahead in doing any performance comparisons anyone can point to it and say ... "Look! This did better than that."

But to really learn fro any experience afield or in a test scenario is to be able to say ... 'This did better than that because -----" or 'This didn't perform as well as the other because ---' and then be able to fill in the blanks with a logical and knowledgeable answer or reason.

A different detector might have done better with a smaller-size coil than the EQ-800 simply due to different circuitry design.

Walking up on that test scenario from a different approach angle with both coils could have made a difference.

I'd like to see him attend the 12th WTHO this coming June in Nevada and wave his EQ-800 and 11" DD around some choice areas of Tecoma, Toano, Cobre or Metropolis and leave a 6" DD sitting in his vehicle because "it's no good."


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Large versus small coils.

D&P-OR 304 January 08, 2020 04:05PM

Coil selection at WTHO's

UtahRich 138 January 12, 2020 12:53PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

tabman 154 January 10, 2020 07:16PM

Yep! Both are good coils .... for different applications. N/T

Monte 125 January 11, 2020 12:59PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

GeoW 121 January 10, 2020 06:21PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

RickUK 153 January 10, 2020 02:37AM

And there-in is the answer for each of us.thumbs up

Monte 151 January 10, 2020 02:54AM


UtahRich 173 January 09, 2020 05:58PM

Each detector, any detector and every detector...

Monte 142 January 10, 2020 03:29AM

Becoming a Detectorist / Staying a Detectorist eye popping smiley

UtahRich 116 January 11, 2020 11:44AM

Theoretical Postulation Attachments

OregonGregg 136 January 11, 2020 01:45PM

Theoretical Postulation - The Fors CoRe

UtahRich 106 January 11, 2020 03:28PM

I always enjoying hearing, and learning or refreshsing.

Monte 116 January 11, 2020 12:57PM

Is it Spring yet ?

UtahRich 108 January 11, 2020 01:23PM


D&P-OR 181 January 09, 2020 08:11PM

Re: Large versus small coils.

OregonGregg 186 January 09, 2020 06:57AM

Re: Large versus small coils.

Kickindirt 191 January 09, 2020 06:14AM

Large versus small coils. - unmasking ability.

UtahRich 213 January 08, 2020 11:27PM

"It does make one think, doesn't it?" ... It sure does, and that's why - - -

Monte 163 January 10, 2020 02:44AM

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