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1st Detector AA Battery Test .. Panasonic 'Platinum Power' U-B 1-2030

January 16, 2020 08:36AM avatar
Part 1 was started by 'MarkCZ' on the Findmall Forums, and he got all of the stopwatches and parts set up to run a test and drain individual AA Alkaline batteries, one battery at a time, by putting a load on the battery. He has four (4) individual 1-cell battery holders so he can test each battery singly. I suggested we use 4 batteries of each brand / model so that we can get a good 'Average' Run-Time of a battery with a load placed on it.

Mark tests each battery (and remember, we're using 1.5 Volt AA alkalines) and he starts them and the stop watch as they begin to drain, then he stops the stopwatch when the battery drops to 0.8 Volts. All four (4) AA Alkalines have an identical, measured load placed on them. Once all four batteries have drained to the 0.8 V. stop-point he then has their 'Run-Time' and we know how long each individual battery lasted in Hours and Minutes. Then we add those times up and divide by 4 to get an 'Average Run-Time' for that Brand and Model. So far it has been very interesting.thinking

I listed the 'Grading System' we'll use once we figure out the 'Run-Times' for both tests. As I requested earlier, we would really like some donations of AA Alkaline batteries, 4 each, for the battery testing we are doing. Mark has purchased a lot of batteries to get his testing started, and I mailed several batteries to him. I sent 4 each from some un-opened battery packages I have in my emergency battery and flashlight tote, and we have been noting any performance loss based on the shelf-life that's been used up. We are going to list the 'Made in ----' information of each battery tested when we complete all testing, and also the 'Use-By' dates for each battery tested.

If it is a major brand, such as Duracell, Energizer or Ray-O-Vac, that can be found almost anywhere, you'll have the particular information. If it is a lesser-known brand, such as just an 'off-brand' or a 'house-brand' associated with a particular store, that information will also be in the list. Additionally, we will list the MSRP a manufacturer suggests, and the typical store price from a few locations, such as a Walmart or The Home Depot, etc. If some batteries were acquired on a 'special' we are also going to show that 'Sale Price' and number of batteries in the package. That way, readers / consumers will have an idea of what the Per-Battery price is and they can compare that with the reported 'Run-Times'.

That should also be a big help in shopping for batteries to be investing in the best deal because we are finding not all big names to be great values. Also, just because some batteries are Made in China doesn't make them an inferior product. There is a very credible major battery maker there, and certainly some in other countries as well .... even here in the good ol' USA.thumbs up But be aware, there are a lot of stinkers out there as well.thumbs down In the end, our testing is going to be handy and I know I will base my battery shopping on our tests as I trim out some of my 'old stock' and get fresher batteries on-hand for detectors and flashlights.

To complement the individual battery drain-time with an applied load that Mark is busy doing, I started testing 4 batteries at a time in a detector. To accomplish this and put as much load or drain on the batteries as possible, I am using one of my Nokta FORS Relic units. It is powered by 4-AA batteries, and the design is handy because of the Voltage Regulator used. When the batteries get too weak to power the device with an ample load, the detector simply STOPS! The side display shows a big and empty battery and it lets you know it is at the Low Battery point.

It is still alive, but the batteries are run-down just enough to not do any detecting and reporting. Since that is based on the internal circuitry design and regulated to quit working when the batteries are too weak, then I stop the stopwatch. I start the stopwatch when I turn the Relic 'On' and make sure it is working at maximum drain level.

I have the settings as follows:

Sensitivity at '95'
Discrimination at '0'
Iron Audio Volume at the maximum level of '5'
Volume at the maximum of '20'
Display Brightness level also at '20'

I have test samples, ferrous and non-ferrous, periodically swept past the coil, but worse yet, the device is here in my den where I have extreme EMI and the detector does NOT shut up. No headphones are used so the speaker is also adding extra drain on the batteries. You can not tap you finger on a desk-top fast enough to keep up with the beeping, or last as long, either. And because it is CONSTANT, the numerals in the side control box display and joystick handle are flashing through all the segments continuously, and the hand-grips VDI display backlight is also 'On' constantly. Honestly, the back-light NEVER goes out and the random VDI segments NEVER stop their read-out.

The Battery Bar on the side display kept showing a Full Level for a long, long, time and then finally after about seven hours it started to drop a little at a time until it hit the 'STOP' point.

Anyway, we ran enough different batteries and times to figure out a Fail, Poor, Average, Better and Best grading level with Mark's timing system, and after I have tested and compared enough different batteries, all using the same detector and settings, then I'll be able to do the math and determine a Run-Time grading system to correlate with that used for Mark's testing. It might not be possible, however, because other things might shift the attention to cost rather than time. We'll see.

Vic sent some packs of Energizer Industrial Alkaline batteries that were delivered this morning, and I have a set added to the other batteries I bought this week to send to Mark. Remember, there isn't just one Energizer or one Duracell or one of any major battery out there, so that leaves a lot of battery varieties for readers to shop for and make a donation to the cause.

Results of the Panasonic 'Platinum Power' with a Use-By date of Jan. 2030. (These are as fresh as they can be.)

Starting Volts:
#1.. 1.57
#2.. 1.57
#3.. 1.58
#4.. 1.57

Shut-Down Volts:
#1.. 1.115
#2.. 1.120
#3.. 1.125
#4.. 1.125

Volts after 30 Min.:
#1.. 1.183
#2.. 1.184
#3.. 1.183
#4.. 1.181

Battery Run-Time for 4 AA's in series = 13 Hr. 52 Min. 28 Sec.

Average Battery Contribution: 3 Hr. 28 Min.

Battery Cost: $5.99 for an 8 pack = 74.875¢ ea. round to 75¢ each.

75¢ each X 4 = $3.00 to run 13 Hr. 52 Min

= 21.634¢ round to 22¢ Per Hour


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1st Detector AA Battery Test .. Panasonic 'Platinum Power' U-B 1-2030

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Re: 1st Detector AA Battery Test.. Panasonic 'Platinum Power' U-B 1-2030

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