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Whenever I go detecting .....

January 31, 2020 10:42PM avatar
When you go detecting, do you dig all possible targets (whatever metallic targets may happen to be there)? Or specifically what you're looking for, like coins or jewelry, and leave the rest behind ?

Unless the site is from a likely era to anticipate a small stash or a larger size cache, I generally ignore recovering larger-size targets. My interest is mainly in smaller-size things like Coins, Trade Tokens, Jewelry, some metal Buttons and Insignia, or other neat stuff from the past, Small metal Toys, Badges, cartridge cases, Bullets, Thimbles, and all sorts of ornate stuff from days-of-old. There is a o of very interesting stuff out there to be found, especially that is in a 'smaller-size' category.

So depending upon the site I am searching and the particular detector model I have in-hand, I have my Discrimination set at the minimum to just barely Reject Iron nails, like my Tesoro's, or I set it low-enough to just barely Accept Iron Nails. Then I rely upon the audio response and to a degree a glance at a visual display, then, 'If it Beeps, I Recover the target.' When I'm led to believe it is a nail and not a partially-masked keeper I might ignore nail recovery, but I want to find those otherwise often passed over good targets that have been masked or partially masked.

What's your reasoning ?

I like looking for and finding neat stuff and try not to walk away from a potentially good, out-of-site target. During the first five years of detecting there was very, very little competition, but for the following half-a-century I have hunted behind others, or visited places that have been heavily hunted, and it's enjoyable to find what other people have missed. Since none of us are perfect, I know I have found a lot of things I have walked close to as well. No sense changing that approach to success.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Whenever I go detecting .....

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