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Re: What Do You Dig When You Go Detecting ?

February 02, 2020 01:02PM
If I have limited time and don't know when i'll get to come back I like to 'cherry pick' for the best signals.

When I know I can return often and the site will most likely not be hit hard by others I will dig almost everything except for the bigest aluminum or iron signals, for as Monte has indicated, your eyes are the best discriminator.

I'm currently searching a guys back yard for an item that was lost many years ago and is very valuable so first I did a 'cherry picking' search and now i'm griding off the yard and digging EVERY signal I can find. In doing this, and then going back over the area once I thought I had it cleared out, I have found items that had been masked by iron or other larger items and have found more iron, nonferrus items and even some coins. It's interesting to see how much has been completely masked by the iron or other larger items once they are gone. You aren't rewarded very often by doing this but sometimes you are. This is very tedious as I used no less than 3 detectors before moving onto the next grid. I also go back over the cleaned out grids when the conditions change, such as moisture or dry spells or overcast/sunny days. I have been doing this in my own house also and just recently i've found some clad that I could not detect before doing this. This is taking things to the extreem but in these two instantces I'm willing to do it and it makes me wonder what is really out there within that first 9" or so of ground that gets left behind because most of the time, you just can't read through bigger targets to get to the ones that may be underneath.

Most of the time I dig targets based upon what type of items are likely in the area.

Sports fields, I dig everything that sonds solid.

Heavily used parks, I 'cherry pick' what I can and listen carefully for those deep, clear whispers.

Home sites that are older and could hold silver etc I dig everything except the most obvious iron signals.

Scout camps, I dig everything because thats what those boys lose - everything!

All these scenerios are subjuct to chang based on mood, fatigue which detector i'm using and a host of other factors that come along. So, as Capitan Barbossa said "these are more like guidelines than actual rules".
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What Do You Dig When You Go Detecting ?

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Re: What Do You Dig When You Go Detecting ?

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