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The frustrations of Increasing age and Declining health and mobility, or simply put →→

February 09, 2020 08:27AM avatar
Getting Older and Falling Apart.

One of the better advantages of Getting Older is that, unless you've hit the point where your memory also fades a bit, you can sit back and enjoy a lot of wonderful memories of the past. Honestly, I have enjoyed doing that all my life and to this very day. Oh sure, we remember some of the less than exciting things or some sad times on occasion, but to off-set that I can clearly picture so many very good things.

All the fun and educational times I enjoyed with my all-time best friend ... my Dad. Then all the other people who I have admired and appreciated and how I consider really good friends ... whether they think so or not. Most of my enjoyable and very vivid recollections involve people because people are special, and we can learn a lot from others. Then there are the things I have enjoyed doing, most often with people, other than work or daily things in life. The activities that help us keep our mind alive, and those activities (Hobbies you might call them) for me included a wee bit of Fishing, as much Hunting of any kind I could take on, the associated interest in Shooting Sports and Firearms Training, and naturally, Metal Detecting.

Well, the 'Getting Older' part slowly slowed me down a little and started to hamper things years ago, but the 'Falling Apart' business has had a greater effect on me and my enjoyment of this great Outdoor Sport of Recreational Metal Detecting. I've always planned for the future, preparing for a new day at a new site, and a new and exciting experience. Like waking up to a new day and looking to the east, awaiting dawn to arrive, to see how the day looks to be and being prepared for another ample dose of enjoyment. The vehicle prepared with the detectors I planed to use that day and the other recovery gear at-the-ready.

Always planning ahead by looking at a fresh start to a new day of adventure, meeting up with friends and making new friends, and searching for whatever finds of interest might come my way. Along the way I stumbled across a new-to-me detector that just seemed to be a 'perfect fit' for some of my needs to take on different site challenges, For over half-a-century I have enjoyed the sport and also enjoyed some detector models that were 'special' to me. A fondness, that I have stated many times in conversation or print, of a particular model or two that I figured would stay in my detector outfit until I just couldn't get out detecting any more.

Well, this old phart has been struggling a lot more the past decade or two, making it more difficult to get to where I want to hunt, to have the stamina to put in those long hours or days of detecting, to have the mobility to get around and enjoy some of the experiences that are out there. I hope to still nab a few keepers, but I tend to wish a little more that the friends I hunt with and know are going to enjoy more success to help build their own vault of stored memories.

In rearranging my life so as to be more comfortable and still do my best to put in what time I can with a detector in-hand, I realized that along the way in more recent years, that comfortable chair on my deck got moved. I great the day with it facing off to the west now, and I am enjoying the memories of long ago while I am realizing that I'm looking into the sunset. The thoughts of the past experiences in life I always greeted to start the day left me with a full-course meal of enjoyment. Now, as the sun is setting and the daylight dwindles, what time I have left to get out detecting is more like snack-time rather than a deluxe meal or terrific buffet.

I've realized it more over the last decade as I would try to keep long-time favorite detectors around, but a little at a time they were used a lot less often. I can't handle the weight I used to and I'd part with a favorite only to add one back in. That was the 'good memory' part of me kicking in to encourage me to do it some more, but health has limited that, and I took a very serious look at the sunset recently and had to just face reality.

I've been thinning out a lot of duplicate detector models I've had on-hand as well as some individual specimens that are in pristine condition, but I just can't get out and enjoy using them as I one did. In order to hang in there and enjoy what time I have left in the great sport, it has been necessary to trim my Detector Outfit to some of the lightest-weight detectors I can handle that are still maneuverable enough for me to last more then thirty or forty-five minutes.

One of the choicest-condition XLT's I've owned I got from UtahRich about 9 months ago, and it was one of the last detectors I would ever part with, I'd said, and reality meant I finally had to. It's back 'home' with Rich again. I still have six to eight detectors left to sell, and one is another model I vowed to keep around until I couldn't detect anymore. Well, I just have to detect a lot less these days, and will be parting with the next heavy-looking but really comfortable model, a cream-puff modified IDX Pro 3-coil package.

I'm hoping that as I'm not tending for so many hang-around units, and only escorting just a fewer light-weight models around, it won't tire me out as quickly and I'll be less exhausted at the end of the day, so I can better enjoy looking west toward the end of the day. Maybe it will be more restful and I can enjoy life just a little while longer. Lack of good mobility has hampered most of my relic-type old-site hunting, but I can still try to work in some easier times with more urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting. Just a couple more weeks and with March's arrival I'll start my 56th year of having fun. And if that memory-loss thing doesn't creep up on me, I'll still be adding more experiences to my memory vault.

Sorry to ramble on but I just wanted to extend my best wishes to all the AHRPS Forum participants to enjoy this great sport while you can. Enjoy it by simply getting out detecting, making some satisfying finds, and to remember every experience in life. Spend time with friends and family along the way and involve those you can in the metal detecting adventure. And do whet I tell people all the time: "Whatever you do, don't get old and fall apart."


PS: Rest up and wake up as early as you can to get your day started. Keep your chair facing east so you can enjoy the sunrise and plan for a long and enjoyable day with time well spent.

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The frustrations of Increasing age and Declining health and mobility, or simply put →→

Monte 101 February 09, 2020 08:27AM

Re: The frustrations of Increasing age and Declining health and mobility, or simply put →→

WM6 71 February 09, 2020 06:16PM

Slowing down has helped me on the book.

Monte 54 February 16, 2020 08:06AM

Re: Slowing down has helped me on the book.

jmaryt 52 February 16, 2020 10:12AM

Re: Slowing down has helped me on the book.

Sodbuster 37 February 19, 2020 09:23AM

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