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Nice idea, but an impossible task.

February 18, 2020 09:57AM avatar
1.. Monte, we need as many test results as possible *before* the outing! Who wants to show up in a ghost town, after traveling many miles at great expense, only to find out they have inferior equipment?

2.. Let's everyone test and publish as many results as we can.

3.. So far, with the arsenal I have, the Impact with 7" CC coil is the "winner". Only fails the N-S test on the 2 nail plank with the coin under the board. Do you have something better?

4.. I'd like to push the test to the extreme, by adding more nails, and using a harder to hit coin like the IH or half dime.

5.. I'll report on the AT Gold tomorrow.

1.. George, it would be great if every participant could check out their detectors before the outing, however, it won't happen. Not everyone is into 'testing. The only 'consistent' test we could do is if everyone had one of my Nail Boards set-up so all of the comparisons would be the same. Then, once ready to work it, a lot of the individuals would also have to learn proper sweep speed because many, as I have seen, sweep too briskly. Then they would have to learn their detectors and make proper control settings. I'd be willing to bet that no more than 20% of them, if that, have read their User Manual completely and understand all of it.

Other than the NBPT, there isn't a same-size st-up for the two nails and nickel, unless they look at my photo and read the measurements I described in another post. I'll have my test samples with me and folks can meet up before the Outing to detect or just make the outing and learn about the other test pieces. If they can do my Nail Board and get 7-out-of-8 or 8-out-of-8 hits on an Indian Head of Zinc cent following the marked sweep directions, then they have a very worthy detector and coil set-up to take on the GT's.

2.. Again, the testing wouldn't all be using the same samples and only a NBPT would be comparable. If they buy a Nail Board Performance Test 'Kit' then they can do these tests forever in the future and comparisons would be useable for comparison sake..

3.. I am certain the Impact w/7" Concentric works great. That was the set-up I had that was among my stolen detectors. I liked the 7" Concentric for 'cruising' open areas, hunting sparse trash areas, and as a 'scouting unit' to get familiar with a site. Otherwise, when working the really dense ferrous debris sites we're talking about, I had the 5" DD coil hard at work.

4.. When it comes to making the test tougher by adding more nails, I'd say 'forget it.' You can with my ''Shaker Box' as I use 1, 3 or 5 coins, but it would depict and totally unknown Nail and Coin arraignment that would be out-of-site, and when swept from four paths, from the left and from the right, it would let you compare the number of response with up to 8 possible audio hits from a random, unknown orientation. It would come close to duplicating a GT or other old site encounter.

I will have a Half-Dime on the Outing for comparison purpose with the NB and I can guarantee, it is a 'tougher challenge' for any detector and coil set-up. I have another Nail Test using a US 5¢ piece that I'd like to see someone sweep over, just barely rejecting the Iron Nail, and get a nice clean dig-worthy hit. It's just an old, cut Square Nail I recovered from 'Lone Tree' or 'Lost' and I'll let you check this test when I see you next.

5.. Looking forward to your report on the Garrett AT Gold and various search coils.


Suggestion for All Readers: Before continuing with any Iron Nail tests, consider things I have posted very frequently in many, many Forum Posts over the years. Things like: "A same-size Ferrous and Non-Ferrous object have a different effect on a detector's EMF."

► In any old-use site you are likely to encounter some type of ferrous debris.

► So before you test Iron and Non-Iron targets, find out WHY these different metal groups do what they do.

What effect do they have on the EMF?

► What makes one a tougher challenge to deal with than the other?

We have libraries and educated people somewhere, as well as the Internet right in front of you to help do the research.

And if you are going do to any 'testing' ask yourself:

► Do I really know my detector(s)?

► Do I understand all the settings?

► Do I know how to get the best performance out of my detector without messing things up with poor control adjustments?

And if the answer to any of these is NO, then break out the User Manual and read it, cover-to-cover, and absorb all it tells you. Make notes of what you don't understand and then find the answer so that you'll be in control of your success when afield.

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Test layouts and results

glabelle 61 February 17, 2020 03:36PM

Isn't testing detector performance fun!

Monte 57 February 18, 2020 04:53AM

Detector performance reporting

glabelle 50 February 18, 2020 07:05AM

Nice idea, but an impossible task.

Monte 47 February 18, 2020 09:57AM

Re: Nice idea, but an impossible task.

glabelle 42 February 18, 2020 02:22PM

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