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Re: Ghost Town Hunting: Part 1... 'How to Prepare.'.

February 19, 2020 09:45AM avatar
Monte, if the old T-R ignored nails, why not use them today in the ghost towns? (I have a 6000di w/T-R mode!)
Different. For one, the earlier T/R's, initially had the broad-range tuner control on the Metal / Mineral Locators and they worked better with iron. A second point is some moves to TR only lacked the Null and Mineral range adjustments and they set the lowest end of the Tuner control off a little so some accepted bottle caps while others still broke them up or rejeceted them Manufacturer to manufacturer difference and even between models under the same brand. Just like detectors today.

A third point is that the early TRs worked at or close to 100 kHz while your 6000Di w/TR-Disc. operates at 6.59 kHz and there is a difference in that, as well as how they designed the TR-Disc. circuitry.

You are correct. That was from a spot in Tobar, Nevada. There were worse spots too!
That's the town I guessed, but so many of the old towns look so similar.

BTW, this is why I believe there are plenty of coins left - under nails. My theory is that the townspeople dropped coins while the town was active. Later others came in dismantled it and/or burned it down - leaving the nails on top!
Yes, there are a lot of coins, trade tokens, sheep ear tags, buttons and insignia, and the neat small targets left to be found .... they are too deep or just too close to some offending ferrous junk and are masked.

Those are some of the reasons I have long relied on smaller-size search coils to tackle tough conditions.


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Ghost Town Hunting: Part 1... 'How to Prepare.'.

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Re: Ghost Town Hunting: Part 1... 'How to Prepare.'.

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Re: Ghost Town Hunting: Part 1... 'How to Prepare.'.

Monte 41 February 19, 2020 09:45AM

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