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Ghost Town Hunting: Part 3 .. 'Before You Get to the Ghost Town'

February 20, 2020 01:05AM avatar
Where to GO and How to Get There:

As I've mentioned, I first worked my favorite ghost town since May 4th of '69, but I'd been there during the past year-and-a-half with my cousin Gregg when we were out rabbit hunting. I knew how to get there via three routes, but my older brother, Ed, didn't. Note that I said 'older' brother, by 5 yrs. 8 mos. and I loved my brother but he had that 'Big Brother' syndrome. You know, the I'm smarter-than-you sort of thing. We made two attempts to get to it during April after winter snows had melted and conditions were mostly favorable, when he wanted to drive and had things planned for the day. Well, you know I can go on in these posts but I'll save the comical stories for a group gathering or informal chat about adventures-of-the-past.

Let me just say this: Know where you're going ahead of time. Find out what the road/travel conditions are. Have a vehicle that might be more prepared for negotiating the route you want to take .... other than he tried in his '54 Ford. sedan.eye popping smiley Know what the actual site might look like, and don't rely on one of those State Highway Road Maps. just because it has a dot and a name printed on it.

We were a bit different in that I grew up enjoying western movies, especially those Saturday matinees for 25¢ and 50¢ at the theaters downtown, but on TV was fine, too. I liked getting outdoors and going hunting and shooting and exploring and ... oh, and metal detecting as well. Ed didn't hunt. Nor did he go fishing or hiking or exploring or ..... metal detecting, until the summer of '68. Anyway, going out to hunt a ghost town can be adventurous, as well as entertaining. At least it was for me on the trips with my brother. When we made it to the town site on May 4th, I was driving that time in my '58 VW bus, and that brought more stories to tell. Yes, my brother Ed was not an outdoors person.

If possible, try to find any sketches or photos, or images or drawings, etc., etc. to have a better idea where structures, businesses, homes and different places were before you get there. Also any wagon roads, walkways, trails or paths. The better glimpse you have of how the town was situated, the more advantage you'll have when figuring out where to search the location.

Go Prepared: That includes You, Your Vehicle and Your Detecting Outfit:

You, means to remember things like changes of clothes. Proper footwear. I always try to wear a high-top hiker type boot or other sturdier boot. Especially since I pulled over to check a site with my hunting buddy, Debbie, that had some old insulators buried and I was wearing some slip-on shoes, kind of like a "boat deck" type shoe. I stepped over a low sage bush and onto an old board from a structure tear-down with a rusty nail pointed upward. Yep! Easily went right through the sole of my shoe and barely into my foot.

Dress comfortably for a hot day and be prepared for a cold one as well. Hat or cap? Long sleeved shirt to prevent sunburn. Insect spray. A first aid kit for cuts or other needs. If you're on medications, don't forget the pills, and insulin if you're diabetic. And never forget water and something to eat.

Your Vehicle should always have a full tank of gas before leaving home, and make sure other fluids and such are at proper levels. ALL tires, including the spare, should have proper air pressure settings, and have decent, serviceable tread on the tires. And if the vehicle isn't running well, I wouldn't suggest chancing taking it afield to some remote location. Don't forget to let family or friends know where you are going and when to expect your return. Then, don't forget to let them know when you get back.

Your Detecting Outfit, I would think, should always be at-the-ready. Detectors, search coils, headphones and pinpointers all charged up, if that is required, or be certain the batteries are showing a good battery level. Then go prepared with an extra set of batteries in case needed. Don't forget an extra search coils, and if you are outfitted, perhaps an extra detector or two. Headphones, pinpointer, recovery tools, finds pouch, and other smaller accessories you might want along.

Other Considerations for Safety and Being Prepared:

Hunting Buddy or friend or family member to be along just in case there's an accident or some health issue that calls for emergency help.

Other Emergency Tools, such as making sure there is a jack and other things for changing a tire or making an emergency vehicle repair. A small shovel in case it's needed to get un-stuck. A blanket or other needs should you break-down and have to spend the night in the cold. This brings me to a few of my personal 'must-haves' when I set out to some remote location, and those are a cell phone and charger. At least one flashlight, and two or three wouldn't be a bad idea, and make sure you have a charger cable for them or a couple of sets of spare batteries. Also, I like to go armed. I don't like snakes, be them the slithery type or the evil two-legged type, I don't like snakes.

By now, you should generally be ready, your vehicle should be ready, your emergency gear should be ready and the hunt site, and your knowledge about it should be ready. But, is your detector outfit ready for the task at hand when you get there?

. ... On to ... Part 4 .. Now, are Detectors, Coils and Settings up to the Task?

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