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A detector and coil change comes with comments and a suggestion.

February 23, 2020 12:12PM avatar
Had the coil, and discovered the G2+ which supposedly has good balance.
I used to use the Tek. G2 because I preferred the looks (like an Omega 8000) and feel and balance compared to the Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Same electronics in a different configuration. Today, the G2+ is simply the Fisher F19 in the familiar Teknetics configuration

I used the standard and other coils on it, just to check them out and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the circuitry design, but favored the 5" DD for trashier places. That's the coil I left mounted to mine full-time. The control box got broken off the grip when moving things from storage in September of 2013, when the door came down on it, but I still had other models to use when I moved upstream to Arlington. In late 2014 I had two of the Fisher F19's and didn't like their nose-heavy feel due to the heavier weight of the 10" elliptical DD. They worked with the 5" DD and balanced better, but for me were uncomfortable with the elliptical DC and the 11" BiAxial that I don't care for anyway.

I enjoy smaller-size search coils and had a 5" DD on a T2 Classic and one on the F19 and one on an Omega 8000 and wanted a different coil for other applications, and also the Omega / G2 style for the F19 circuitry. It was late December '14 and I was planning on spending some $$$ when I got a Nokta FORS CoRe on January 8th of 2015. Well, with the smaller coil, the one I called an 'OOR' DD, than changed my planning and shopping a lot. I started thinning out my excess inventory, parting with my T2s, F19's, MXT Pro, MX5, F75 and most others.

Since then I have bought or traded for a lot of detectors, or borrowed some from dealer friends, just to see what I might have missed or if they had been any changes. Two models I picked up and then sold to Del a couple of months ago were Omega 8000's, and I really like their feel and balance. I had another F19 or two last year to evaluate and when I had the Omega's and enjoyed using them due to their physical package, I thought about picking up a Tek. G2+ simply for their physical design. But with the detector outfit I had, combined with the less than exciting features and performance of the F19's, I decided to pass.

The F19 / G2+ is one offering I would like to check out a round 7" Concentric coil on, however, just to see how well it might perform. The 5" DD is, in my opinion, a 'must-have' search coil for trashier sites. But out in the more open areas I found the 10" Elliptical DD to be a heavier coil to use and a bit fatiguing. But the 7" Concentric coil is much lighter weight and works well for Coin Hunting on my F44. I have a spare new 7" Concentric so if I come across an F19 / G2+ I'll have to check I out.

The AT Gold was supposed to be my wife's gold machine and my GT backup. I got tired just testing that thing because of it's horrid balance. Will probably sell it.

I only used the AT Gold a short while with the standard 5X8 DD, but found it to be a bit too top-heavy for me, just as I noticed with the AT Pro and AT Max models. I had the AT Pro on loan but decided not to buy it mainly due to the awkward weight and balance ,,, as well as circuitry design and performance. There are a lot of people who like the AT series, but they must be a lot healthier than I am because with my back, neck, shoulder and arm limitations for strength and mobility, they just are not comfortable.

Now, for my 'suggestions'. And these are not specific to you but just my opinions and suggestions for anyone interested in selecting certain detectors and coils to take on specific tasks, and I especially mean for hunting ghost towns and similar Iron littered sites.

First, learn and know the detectors you have and search coils you have. Know what they can do and what they can't do based on what you would like them to do to handle site challenges you'll face. Do some bench work and set up some tests, but be sure to use them afield and see how they perform.

Second, do your best to not get caught up in a lot of things you hear or read that pertains to performance, unless you check it out first. Example: I have met up with a couple of people who claim "multi-frequency" is something you must have to get the best performance. Then they used their particular Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detector and a comparably-sized coil against whatever single-frequency I used, but not match the performance I get. They were so entrenched with the SMF thought that they figured ALL single-frequency detectors were not going to perform well.

I then asked them to select a single frequency with the Minelab Equinox they were using and check out some of the targets we were comparing, and guess what? Improved performance! They thought they maybe needed to buy a new detector to complement what they had, but all they had to do was learn their detector better.

Another was a case where a guy had a selectable Multi-Frequency model, this one being a Nokta / Makro unit, and all he used was the 14 kHz operating frequency. He got a competitor's model because it worked at a higher frequency and used a different coil than he had and he tried to show me where it worked better than his unit. I simply used one of my smaller coils, a 5" DD, on his unit and then used the 20 kHz frequency, which he never tried or it didn't work because of the coil he was using, and I got the same or better performance than the other new detector and coil got. All he needed was a different coil, and to learn his detector and the higher frequency option.

Third, and George's example here is a good one. That is take a look at any extra search coils you have around. Then, if there is a detector that uses that same coil, it saves buying an extra coil when only a different detector that uses it might be to your advantage.

Forth, and this is the final suggestion, is to be willing to accept change, but not always think you need to buy the most expensive model.

Here are some examples:

Some people like the White's V3i and they own it and use it and that's just fine ... for them. Personally, I don't care if it is a very expensive top-of-the-line model for White's, I found the MXT Pro and MX-7 (and the MX Sport if you want waterproof) are better-performing, all-purpose detectors. Especially if you hunt a wide range of sites and varying challenges to deal with. Another is back when I had a Teknetics T2, I also had and most often used their Omega 8000 because it worked better and ID'd better for urban Coin Hunting use.

A year ago, I had swung a friend's XP Deus a bit and didn't like it. Mainly because of the terrible audio, to me, and I was fine with what I had. I didn't mess with his settings. I had also played with a Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 at a dealer's place and felt the 600 was all many people would need, but I would have picked the 800. However, I didn't like their feel and balance compared to what I was using. Again, I didn't tinker with all the settings on the 800, simply because at the time I wasn't interested. So a year ago I didn't own an XP or Minelab device.

Today? In support of my Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic and Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX models I know and trust, and have added a Simplex+ I also two XP ORX models that each use a different search coil, and a Minelab Vanquish. So, why the change?

Simple, I always like to check detectors out, and if they appeal to me and I have a use for them, they stay in my Detector Outfit. The XP ORX devices provide me the overall performance of the more expensive and more featured Deus, but they are 'Simple' and very 'Functional.' Best of all, they are very light weight and that's something I've had to factor in as I adjust my detector line-up. And for places I like to hunt, the challenges I take on, and the performance they provide, I come out ahead.

And the Minelab Vanquish? A model they call "entry-level?' Well, they do have a lower-end 'entry-level' model in the Vanquish 340, in my opinion. The Vanquish 440 is definitely a notable improvement, but I bought the 540 Pro Pack. It has a few more adjustment options, and as their top of the Vanquish line, comes with two search coils. One I especially like. it is only a Simultaneous Multi-Frequency using what they call Multi-IQ, so I don't have the option of selecting a single frequency. Like XP, they also do not offer a smaller-size search coil for the Vanquish ... but I have that taken care of with my Nokta and Tesoro models.

So, never figure that you can't change or accept something different, because a newer and little bit different make or model might come along. And to my advantage, I knew my detectors well. The ones I owned and used regularly, so it was easy to make a decision about liking or not-liking any newer detector I checked out. The XP ORX? I liked it quick enough to add a 2nd. The Vanquish 540? I was able to isolate any weak points and strong points within 2-3 days to know it was going to stay in my Detector Outfit.

Okay, my babbling is done. George, I hope you like the G2+. I know the package feel and balance should be pleasant and better than the AT Gold. I just hope the model features and performance with your 5" DD meets you needs enough to satisfy you. Plus you can bring it along in a week or two and check it out 'on site' at 'Rippville' and see how it does.


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Monte you owe me $40 !! Ha ha

Kickindirt 175 February 21, 2020 04:01PM

Good results, but different test.

Monte 110 February 22, 2020 05:58AM

Re: Good results, but different test.

Kickindirt 103 February 22, 2020 10:12AM

Hey Joel, like I said ....

Monte 106 February 22, 2020 07:40PM

Monte, remember the Tek 5" coil you sold me?

glabelle 105 February 22, 2020 08:05PM

A 5" DD that gets a new detector ... smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 109 February 22, 2020 08:51PM

Re: A 5" DD that gets a new detector ... smiling bouncing smiley

glabelle 94 February 22, 2020 09:40PM

A detector and coil change comes with comments and a suggestion.

Monte 96 February 23, 2020 12:12PM

The Bigger ha ha !!!

OregonGregg 133 February 21, 2020 07:32PM

Sworn to secrecy!!!

Monte 119 February 22, 2020 05:16AM

Re: The Bigger ha ha !!!

Kickindirt 103 February 21, 2020 07:36PM

Re: The Bigger ha ha !!!

OregonGregg 97 February 22, 2020 03:42AM

Re: Monte you owe me $40 !! Ha ha

glabelle 114 February 21, 2020 04:42PM

Re: Monte you owe me $40 !! Ha ha

Kickindirt 101 February 21, 2020 04:59PM

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