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It's coming, plus some comments.

March 06, 2020 05:47PM avatar
Joe in alabama
Monte have You gotten another Impact yet?

II's in transit and UPS Tracking says it should be here next Wednesday.

Joe in alabama
That IM28R 11" round coil is impressive on the Impact.

When I got the Anfibio 19 in Aug. or 2018, one of the first really impressive things I liked about it was the new 'round' 11" DD coil. I used that coil a bit when I got a replacement system box for an Anfibio Multi. I really liked that coil, even though I spend very little time using that type of larger-size coil. Currently I am using two bigger coil at a few selected locations, the 11" DD on my Simplex+, and 9X12 DD on my Vanquish 540. One thing I will say about both of these models and their bigger-size search coils is that they are lighter and comfortable for an old phart like me to enjoy using. Not for long durations, but I can still manage a bit of field time with them ... comfortably.

I use smaller-size coil the bulk of the time and fill in the rest of the gap with what I consider to be a 'medium-size' coil My smaller coils are the 'OOR' DD on the CoRe, a 5" DD on the Relic and I have one coming for the Impact. I keep a 6" Concentric on my Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX. (I'm waiting for smaller coil to be released for the Simplex+.)

For my 'mid-size' coil needs, I have a 5X9½ DD for my CoRe and for my Relic, and I keep that size on an ORX. I have the round 7" Concentric in the Impact package, and I also have a 5X8 DD on a Vanquish 540.

Joe in alabama
On the Vista X..just got it..havnt had a chance to get it out to any of my sites yet..but run it thru my 18 yr.old test garden...It high toned my 12" minnie ball.. gain set about 40..
Seems to have a fast reset..joe
I look forward to checking the Vista X out on the WTHO this June as Lance is brining his. They have my attention, but I want to see how they perform and match-up with what I own and use.


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Hello Guys new member here...

Joe in alabama 154 March 05, 2020 07:17PM

Welcome, y'all come back now, ya hear?

Hombre 91 March 06, 2020 06:11PM

Hey, Joe in Alabama, tabman here. N/T

tabman 99 March 06, 2020 05:32PM

Re: Hey, Joe in Alabama, tabman here.

Joe in alabama 108 March 07, 2020 09:17AM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

NWCindy 94 March 06, 2020 01:42PM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

OregonGregg 92 March 06, 2020 06:54AM

Welcome to the AHRPS Forums! smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

Monte 90 March 06, 2020 04:32AM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

Kickindirt 100 March 05, 2020 08:33PM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

WM6 102 March 05, 2020 08:22PM

New member here...

UtahRich 97 March 05, 2020 07:46PM

Re: New member here...

Joe in alabama 88 March 06, 2020 03:28PM

It's coming, plus some comments.

Monte 88 March 06, 2020 05:47PM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

D&P-OR 96 March 05, 2020 07:42PM

Re: Hello Guys new member here...

Digstrashtomuch 82 March 06, 2020 11:51AM

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