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Del ... Back to your topic of interest ... Club Hunts and Activities..

March 19, 2020 10:16AM avatar
Does anyone know of (other) detector competition club hunts around the country that are being called off due to the coronavirus?------Patsy & I belong to the Quartzsite, AZ Detector Club & the club board has decided to cancel this next Saturdays competition hunt because of this.------We normally have 175 to 200 participants in these hunts.----I guess they have decided "it's better to be safe than sorry" (stay away from gatherings--even if everything is held outside).-------Del

Del, it appears we have too much attention being applied to this particular virus, at least in my opinion. No, it isn't a good thing we have this virus, but it also isn't a good thing for people to be unprepared for some of life's challenges and then get scared, worry-and-fret over such a virus, even to the point of making posts or expressing a near-panic attitude. It's not a virus that had caused such a crazy surge for people to over-shop and cause frustrations for others, it is simply a situation where people are more out-of-control than a virus might be.

A decade ago we had an even greater spread of a virus that caused a huge number of depths, but it went on ... and Club Competition Hunts continued.

The simple answer to your question is Yes, but personally I don't think they should have been cancelled. Many of them are just now going to be held and others later in the year. Though few in number compared to when the hobby was at its peak, when hunts usually ranged from March to October, with many, many hunts being held when we had hundreds of metal detecting clubs in the US.

Sorry to hear they cancelled your hunt. Those 150-200 people, if that many attended, would be spread out around a hunt site in open, fresh air and I'd bet the event would have been just as enjoyable as in years past. I saw they cancelled or postponed the big Garrett Memorial Hunt and have heard about some others. You probably already had a lot of the people down there in your area anyway for the hunt, so I don't know why the board cancelled it. Sorry to hear that.

I haven't heard of any Hunts or Outings being cancelled that are a ways out because they are waiting to see how long this virus will continue to be at the present level or until people will be encouraged to move about normally. The only activity I am aware of that is continuing 'as scheduled' isn't a Competition hunt, but just a routine, go-have-fun Welcome-To-Hunt Outing June 3rd-7th. That's almost 2½ months away and I think we'll see some significant changes in the health conditions, a decline in the spread of the virus, and more businesses and restaurants and such getting back to normal operation.

I know that unless I get infected, and I'm doing my best to stay clean and healthy, I will be down there for some detecting, regardless of how many make a decision to stay away. I'd rather be in all that fresh, high-desert air at 5600 feet elevation than wallowing among a sea of people in some larger germ-city environment. Sure seems much healthier to me, and I'm preparing for it now. Watching my diet, drinking more water, staying away from infectious looking people and places, avoiding crowds, and getting in what detecting 'practice' I can.

Back on the topic of Competition Hunts, I do remember those good old days where there were far more people active in this great sport, and that meant a lot more clubs. Not every club held an annual hunt, but quite a few of them did, and there were some big ones! The better a person was in those speedy hunts to scurry about and make recoveries quickly, the better their take of all the plated silver coins. I have many fond memories of fun hunts and meeting a lot of good people. I sure miss that era. I wish there was a way to spark more detecting clubs .... but that would mean we'd need to see more interest in metal detecting, and I think those days are gone.

If you hear of any in our region for later in the year, let me know. If any reader is in a club and they have an activity or Competition Hunt sometime this year, please let me know.


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Del ... Back to your topic of interest ... Club Hunts and Activities..

Monte 142 March 19, 2020 10:16AM

Re: Del ... Back to your topic of interest ... Club Hunts and Activities..

D&P-OR 85 March 19, 2020 11:03AM

I understand their reasons, but I still wonder if it was 'over-thunked.'

Monte 85 March 19, 2020 11:32AM

Re: I understand their reasons, but I still wonder if it was 'over-thunked.'

D&P-OR 91 March 19, 2020 12:22PM

Re: I understand their reasons, but I still wonder if it was 'over-thunked.'

FeistyFrank 95 March 23, 2020 05:53AM

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