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Deeptech Vista X - Gold Star . . . . i mean ring.

March 26, 2020 03:25PM avatar
I'm looking forward to having a looksee at this new beep-n-dig machine.

I think by nature I dig more targets if I DON'T have a target ID simply because that is what I use the target ID for . . . . helping to ID a target and hopefully optimize my time by digging fewer likely bad targets. Likely. It's a statistics things here.

Those that have been doing this a while know that it still comes back to the audio characteristics, especially as targets approach the outer reaches of the electromagnetic field of the search coil. Experience can be your friend in knowing the tell tale signs of a possible target.

For example, on my 800, targets at the limits of reach will often have a good tone, but just a - - (dash dash) on the target ID. I've pulled deeeep coins from the ground by listening to the audio. The same can be said of co-located targets, you can hear 'something' as you come off another target. A guestimation has to be made for the location. Again, experience has taught there is 'something' there, the audio tells you so . . . if you listen.

My Deus has great audio the way I've set it up. One of my favorite to date. I'm looking forward to listening to what the Vista X has to say.

Rich -

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800 - Deus
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Deeptech Vista X

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Deeptech Vista X - Gold Star . . . . i mean ring.

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