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Re: To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

May 20, 2020 10:46AM
I've used many of the SMF machines available through the years, probably the Minelab Explorer series the most. Currently have the Minelab Equinox 800 and 90% of the time it's in SMF. If I feel I need a single frequency detector I will usually just grab another metal detector from my car rather than run the Equinox in single frequency. But on occasion it's been the only metal detector with me and so have had to switch to single frequency either due to EMI or too much trash and in which case I almost always run 20 KHz. Why 20 KHz? Because I'm almost always in an area with lots of iron junk and 20 KHz seems to work the best in these places.

I'm on the list for the new Apex and I don't see me running it any different than the Equinox (SMF most of the time). The thing I'm interested in is the algorithm(s) the Garrett machine will be running. Minelab I feel has the SMF thing figured out and their machines are deep, accurate and do OK in dense trash. Fisher's CZ's have been known for depth but accurate target ID has been somewhat of a crap shoot IMO, and should be as it's analog. They don't do that well in dense trash either. I've had 3 CZ's over the years and I know there's going to be some CZ's guys that will disagree and that's fine. Where in the modern age now so time to move past the old CZ's. The White's DFX was another I tried out, very accurate ID but pitiful depth in my dirt and I've even seen mild dirt where many other machine beat it out. Never had a chance to take it to a ghost town so not even sure how it would have performed there.

I'm hoping the Garrett Apex will have it's basis covered in depth, accuracy and target separation and if it does, it could be a real competitor. I should have a good feel for what it can do once I get a few hours on it out in the wild.


XP Deus-Minelab Equinox 800-Minelab GPX 4000-Tarsacci MDT 8000-Makro Racer 2-Fisher F19-Nokta Makro Simplex-Garrett Apex-Easy Radar ER500A GPR
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To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

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Re: To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

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Re: To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

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Re: To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

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Re: To users of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency detectors: .thinking

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