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Blisstool V5 Beast

June 21, 2020 09:48AM
By now think most have heard about these and the drama stirred up on many forums by many. Yea and nay posters....
I have looked at this brand for about a year before anyone on this side of the even knew they existed............
Anyways was interested in trying one. But after prices skyrocketed by the guy who was bringing them over as well at the Bulgarian company website. I passed.

Sure looks like Blisstool was shot down. Many who couldn't wrap their heads around using the controls, couldn't make them work properly, sold. Those that too the time to learn did really well with them and still do.
Not sure but, think the issue was, the detectors operation was in a "raw" format and not in a "processed" format. Similar to how modern digital cameras operate. Many will shoot pictures in the camera processed jpg format so pictures are usable with no or minimal picture software editing programs. While pro like camera prefer to shoot in a raw format where the picture taken has two to three times as much information than a jpg picture. The picture is unprocessed by the in camera software and needs to be fully edited in a computer photo editing program. With such a program there is a multitude of controls and adjustments that has a long learning curve. You adjust a bit, then have to remove some here, because you added some there. Not for the average photo picture taking person. Have a feeling now that the Blistool operates in a similar fashion. And not like a modern digital machine with preprogrammed hunting modes.

Well, going to find out. Recently, a friend in the US has had a V5 for a number of years and decided to part with it. He offered it to me with 3 coils for the cost of shipping. Jumped at that. The V5 is in transit, hopefully it will be here end of next week. This could be fun, as I like dials and switches.

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product.
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Blisstool V5 Beast

SvenS 75 June 21, 2020 09:48AM

Expected to arrive on Monday June 29

SvenS 23 June 28, 2020 08:59AM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

D&P-OR 40 June 24, 2020 11:14AM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

SvenS 42 June 24, 2020 11:55AM

Sven, I think you might have a point about

Monte 38 June 24, 2020 01:02PM

10 Knobs -- 3 Toggle Switches -- Headphone Jack up front.

Monte 47 June 24, 2020 07:18AM

Re: 10 Knobs -- 3 Toggle Switches -- Headphone Jack up front.

SvenS 31 June 24, 2020 11:58AM

1 out of 3 ... I guess that's not too bad.winking smiley

Monte 35 June 24, 2020 12:28PM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

UtahRich 37 June 21, 2020 10:15PM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

SvenS 32 June 23, 2020 07:01PM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

WM6 40 June 21, 2020 03:49PM

Re: Blisstool V5 Beast

Druid 41 June 21, 2020 09:52AM

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