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Silver dollar with 10 halve dollars on top

June 21, 2020 08:59PM
Could someone help me wrap my head around why this is so difficult for most detectors to hit?
I can understand how lower frequencies can and do aid in this but not so much with the rest of the variables.
Silver Sabre micro max, Bandito ll micro max, Vaquero and the Outlaw all hit it fine with just about any coil. The only other detector I've tried that hits them solid is the Deus but you have to turn the GB down from actual GB obtained and again the lower frequencies really help.

I ground balanced the Deus at 85/84 in my front yard and the only way to hit them was with the 9" X35 coil on 4khz. Other than that I had to turn the GB down to 80 on 7 khz and sometimes it worked on 11 khz but going to 17 khz meant I had to turn the GB down even further. The lower I went the better it sounded. Only on GM Power did I get a proper VDI. As a mater of fact, raising the coil around 8" or so gave me a digable signal where 2-4" would give me iron grunt and full VDI readings. I only tried it with the stock and custom programs with no other changes than the GB and frequency. More testing needed.

I tried the Fors Core, Fors Relic and the Simplex+ with no success - although I didn't think to lower the GB on any of those units. I'll go back and try lowering it with them. I suspect they'll hit it with the lower GB - based off of what I saw with the Deus.

What is it about the Tesoros that allow them to hit the stack without GB adjustment. I did not adjust it after the initial GB and would be interested knowing the effects of doing so, both up and down.

I'll do this again when I have more daylight and time and if I find anything interesting, I'll share it.

I don't imagine that anyone would come across such a stack (guess you never know) but my interest is in the understanding of the thing.
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Silver dollar with 10 halve dollars on top

Dan'o 66 June 21, 2020 08:59PM

Dealing with a stack of high-conductive silver coins is interesting.smiling smiley-confused smiley-sad smiley

Monte 33 June 23, 2020 05:04AM

Silver dollar with 10 half dollars on top

UtahRich 51 June 21, 2020 10:20PM

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