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WM6 ... A reply for you and anyone curious. ... Monte and the XLT.

June 25, 2020 05:31AM avatar
NOTE: WM6, I combined your 2nd post with your initial post to make it easier for me to respond just one time and not let your secone post get buried below any discussion.

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Old love never gone (probably most popular Monte saying)
I acquired my first XLT. Due to a fall, injury to my shoulder and neck, a resulting cervical spine surgery in Aug. of 2018, I let XLT #33 go to Drew in Canada. Weight and balance were part of my issues, but in May of last year I acquired XLT #34 and in a post I made, July 5th of last year, I said I didn't think I would ever let it go. I was wrong because due to my impaired mobility I don't get out for long duration hunts anymore, and I was still working at getting some strength back in that shoulder and arm. UtahRich convinced me I should thin it out of my Detector Outfit .... and ever since I have missed the presence of a clean and nice-performing White's XLT.

So here it is 26 years ago this month I acquired my 1st XLT, and here I am, hoping to find pristine XLT #35 and I can guarantee anyone that when I do, it will NOT be sold or traded off until I pass away or am just no longer able to enjoy this great sport any more. I started using a White's detector in the summer of '68 and have owned or made use of just about every land-based models they ever made. I had some I liked better than others, but of them all my favorites were the Classic ID, IDX Pro (both with modifications to add Threshold and Ground Balance), the 6000 Pro XL which had a name change to the XL Pro, the MXT Pro and MX-7. But my favorite-of-favorites has to be the final XLT version.

I still have my two favorite search coils for an XLT, and now I just need to find a spectacular-condition and proper-working unit.

Monte, what is main difference (on outer sight) between XLT e-series and earlier 'rainbow' version?

Is it rainbow painting on earlier XLT coils only?
There were just the two appearance versions of the XLT. The 'original' rainbow version with the colorful decal on the stock 950 coil and sides of the Control Housing, and the e-Series version that didn't have the rainbow decals. Personally, I never liked the rainbow decal look on a high-tech detector. I feel it was the best designed product Mark Rowan engineered when at White's.

The other difference was a change in the 950 search coil from the original thin-and-flat design to the 'newer' saucer-shaped design. It was supposed to be an improvement because the newer and thicker coils could be opened for repair / service and then re-sealed, whereas the origin thin-design coils couldn't be fixed and were simply discarded and replaced with a new coil. Personally, I preferred the original thin-shaped design's looks and feel. However, I very seldom used any 950 coils on any model because a 6½" Concentric coil handled the majority of my detecting needs, and when I worked a more open grassy park or beach or plowed field, my favorite is the burgundy-colored Royal 800 8" Concentric. It balances better, feels better, and therefore, to me, it looks better.

I read Steve Herschbach post where he say that: "It was cosmetically refashioned as the XLT E-Series in 2001 and finally discontinued in 2010."

Only cosmetically refashioned, or there was some real improvements with e-series?
The 'improvement' in my opinion was getting rid of the 'rainbow' decals that I thought were ugly.

But along the way and going to the e-Series, there were more weaknesses than there were improvements. Many of the XLT's had a weaker or fainter LCD display. Also, some components were no longer available, or so they told me, which is why the XLT's Backlight adjustment had a more limited adjustment range and wasn't able to be as bright as they originally were. So I always tried to hand-pick an available XLT to find one with the boldest display I could.

XLT was/is really one of the greatest and most accomplished Whites developments in metal detector field ...
but, but , but ... don't you consider still a bit to heavy for our challenging veteran backbone'?
Believe me, I am a verteran of backbone issues along with several other limiting factors that slow me down and I need take a conservative approach to selecting detectors that are not heavy, and especially designs that balance well. I am not one of those who over-extends the search cod way out in front of me, nor do I like to use a standard or larger search coil which would add more front-end weight.

instead, I use a smaller, lighter 6½" coil and keep coils working about ±18" in front of my led toe. Thus, even the XLT can balance well for me, and my side-to-side swing-speeds are a more comfortable modest or slower sweep rate. Again, that keeps it lighter, balanced well and comfortable.

From my point of view, if it was hip-mount design, then ......

Way back in the latter '70s and into the mid-'80s, I tried a few different Hip-Mounted detectors but never found them to be comfortable. I don't like straps going over my shoulder and neck, and a belt-mount option doesn't work well anyway this past 20-30years. Once you age and lose your rear-end, britches don't seem to stay put if there's any extra weight added.

Besides, the majority of the places I like to get into are brushy and that tangles all the extra-length cables running from a belt-mount device to the rod & display piece. Some folks like a hip-mount design, but I never really enjoyed them..

In case of XLT malfunction, one of most probably issues could be oxidized contacts
on micro controller MC68HC711E9 sockets.

Carefully take it out and cleaning, using Electronic contacts cleaning spray, helps in
such cases. After cleaning take it carefully back, of course.

All this without battery inserted (we even need to wait 10 minutes after rejecting batteries,
till all electrolytes are empty).

I pamper all my detectors to keep them clean and looking good and free of dirt and grime. I'm not opposed to owning and using older, discontinued detectors, either. I have a Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX and not only were they introduced in 1997, but the company is out-of-business a year-and-a-half now. My get-serious Relic Hunting favorites for very dense Iron contaminated sites I have handled by 2 Nokta FORS CoRe and a FORS Relic, and those three units have been discontinued for a couple of years now. The XLT's have been discontinued almost a decade, and now the manufacturer is defunct as well.

If a product is well built and maintained and kept clean, I figure they can last quite a while w/o service. I do own and use five new and currently manufactured units, but haven't had problems with the out-of-production models.

Funny things, there are still available genuine Whites
Hip-mount kits for XLT on ebay:


Another cheap hipmount solution:

Good information for those who use, or might care to use, a hip-mounted configuration, but they aren't for me.

Now, all I need is another choice XLT, specimen, #35, and I'll be ready for some detecting adventures!!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Whites XLT thinking - yes again

WM6 77 June 24, 2020 11:26PM

WM6 ... A reply for you and anyone curious. ... Monte and the XLT.

Monte 54 June 25, 2020 05:31AM

I'll be getting my 35th XLT shortly. -- (Updted to correct what I forgot to add.)

Monte 43 June 27, 2020 04:40AM

I'll be getting my 35th XLT shortly.

D&P-OR 44 June 27, 2020 09:08AM

Del, that might apaply if I was hunting grassu urban parks, however - - - -

Monte 23 June 27, 2020 07:29PM

Etrac, CTX3030 | XLT

UtahRich 31 June 27, 2020 07:02PM

When it comes to the Etrac / CTX-3030 Vs XLT ... You're quite correct, Rich.

Monte 21 June 28, 2020 02:00AM

Re: Etrac, CTX3030 | XLT

D&P-OR 19 June 27, 2020 09:45PM

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