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And now, for a reassessment of my One Detector Pick.

August 22, 2020 02:29AM avatar
Thursday, the 20th, when I first posted and answered my question, I had an 8 AM appointment at the VA Clinic over in Idaho, then I grabbed some breakfast and headed to a few city parks to do a little new-detector and new-coil hunting and evaluations. I only hunted some of the playground areas, and I selected sites that I knew had been worked this recent week by local 'regulars' who would leave very little to be found. I like challenges.smiling smiley

The main thing I was comparing was the weight-and-balance of the different makes and models using a comparable-size search coil. The biggest problem for me was trying to last more than 20 minutes at each location as I worked different detectors at each site. A few things came to my attention quickly as I realized I hadn't been able to stay very active for very long this past six months to a year, with hunt-times shortening just about each time. The 'comfort' factor has been even more of a consideration as time goes by with my increasing age and declining health, and now my right hand and wrist are getting to be as annoying as my left hand has been for quite a while now. Much more numbness, combined with arthritic pain, carpel-tunnel and general weakness and lack of strength all add up to the fact that I need the lightest weight and best balanced package I can handle in order to reduce the fatigue and some pain.

Yesterday, the 21st, I spent my time with my oldest son as I was out shopping for a mobility scooter. I bought one, brand new and still in the box and crated, then also bought the fellow's power chair. Unboxed but brand new. After Monte Jr. trailered them home, to my place, he was busy until sunset with the uncrating and assembly of everything. They are both out being charged up right now, which is something I wish I could do with my own body. I'm facing reality and know that it won't be long before my driving privileges will be gone and I'll need a scooter to get a round, and the power chair to help maneuver indoors when shopping.

I'll continue to get out detecting all I can, but more and more I am finding my shift back to urban Coin Hunting will soon just about eliminate taking on the rough-textures and brush-choked Relic Hunting terrain. As I thought through my initial post yesterday I was reminded that there was one model, with Target ID, I forgot to add to my 'possible' list, and that was the Teknetics T2+. Since they were introduced in 2006 I have had a lot of T2 series models through the years and I never liked the standard 11" BiAxial coil. I always used them with a 5" DD which, while smaller-size, is still a very good coil for hunting trashier places, especially city-type trash around picnic areas, etc.

And for those who have never owned or used a Tek. T2 / Fisher F75 model, let me tell you that I think they are possibly the best all-around physical package design you could ever find. The configuration and grip design, combined with a very simple control adjustment concept, has to be about the best I have seen. And it is also one of the lightest and most comfortable detectors to use, too. My evaluation hunts on Thursday also pointed out how I can be quickly run-down just by bad weight distribution and detector handling .... more easily than in recent months.

In my initial post I settled on a detector choice of the Makro Racer 2 w/5" DD coil. To be honest, I still feel that is an excellent choice for most consumers to consider, especially if they are going to be putting in a good share of time in Relic Hunting sites that have a lot of nails and other ferrous-junk to deal with. But by the time I was finished using a few different makes and models, and knowing that for a lot of my adventure back into city-site hunting, Target ID can be important along with using a very light and comfortable detector.

Therefore, I am going to change my Racer 2 decision. If Garrett's new Apex balances well, as it appears it might, and if the performance is decent enough, then the Apex might be a consideration for me, especially if they get a smaller-size coil in the works quickly. From my 'possible' list the Fisher F44 works better for average Coin Hunting than many might think and it would now be my 2nd choice. For the best weight, balance and comfort, the Teknetics T2+ would have to be my ONE DETCTOR PICK to last me a year. Yes, there are things I do not like about it, but enough that I do. I don't have a need for waterproofing which often calls for a thicker, thus heavier, control housing to withstand the water pressure and leak potential, and it doesn't rely on a built-in lithium battery in a poor location that also adds to poor weight distribution / balance.

As I sit here at the computer at 3:00 AM Saturday morning, I am trying to think of a few places with easy access to go detect, but living in small Vale Oregon I do miss the larger metro areas with a lot of hunt sites available. And with increasing mobility issues cutting in on my get-around ability with my cane, I start to wonder just how much time I have left to me mobile at all due to the high blood sugar readings, high blood pressure and very low pulse rate that I take several times a day.

So, IF I was confronted with a need to pick just one new detector today, it would be the Teknetics T2+. The 5" DD on it will handle a lot of where I would hunt and what I can do. The T2+ would be the one since it would come close to some of what I have, isn't inmy current inventory, and has to b one of the most comfortable units available. (However, I am curious how the Garrett Apex will feel and perform, and in what smaller-size coil they will offer and it's weight.)

Fortunately, however, these forum posts are simply questions of interest and 'what if' decisions. I have a very good working arsenal of detectors now, and face the fact that I might soon be trimming down to only one or two of them that I can still put to use, even for brief hunts, just to stay-in-the-game as best I can. Most of my contributions are going to be in the den at the computer answering forum posts, PM's and e-mails.


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Okay, let's change the ONE NEW Detector shopping list. Try this one:

Monte 140 August 20, 2020 08:15PM

Re: Okay, let's change the ONE NEW Detector shopping list. Try this one:

Digstrashtomuch 77 August 22, 2020 01:07PM

And now, for a reassessment of my One Detector Pick.

Monte 94 August 22, 2020 02:29AM

ONE NEW Detector shopping list.

UtahRich 84 August 21, 2020 01:56PM

Yes, Rich, a good answer and for now will put another check in the Garrett Apex column.

Monte 67 August 21, 2020 03:36PM

Re: Okay, let's change the ONE NEW Detector shopping list. Try this one:

OregonGregg 83 August 21, 2020 12:32PM

A very clear response from OregonGregg, and will put a check in the Garrett Apex column. N/T

Monte 58 August 21, 2020 03:31PM

What ? A No Go on the Equinox 800 ? Tones ?

UtahRich 70 August 21, 2020 02:40PM

Re: What ? A No Go on the Equinox 800 ? Tones ?

OregonGregg 73 August 21, 2020 02:55PM

Re: Okay, let's change the ONE NEW Detector shopping list. Try this one:

Dan'o 81 August 21, 2020 08:31AM

Dan'o, thank you for another good answer. Chalk one up for the Equinox crowd. N/T

Monte 56 August 21, 2020 03:29PM

Re: Okay, let's change the ONE NEW Detector shopping list. Try this one:

diggindeep 80 August 21, 2020 08:16AM

Andrew, a very good answer that, as you describe, fits your needs. N/T

Monte 56 August 21, 2020 03:26PM

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