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Managed a few finds after the Bliss V5 surgery

August 30, 2020 07:07PM
Finished up modifying my Blisstool V5, swapping out some cheap ground balance coarse and fine single turn pots. Replaced with min RV6 precision single turn pots. Big difference ground balancing the detector. They say GB'ing the Bliss has to be almost spot on, and is very touchy. It's very touch because the cheap pots have bad resolution. A very slight touch of an adjustment moves the ohm value 10 points. The RV6 post making the same adjustment, moves only 1 or 2 points. Kind of like having a multi-turn pot resolution in a single turn pot.

I also, switched out the cheap Gain linear taper pot, since most use between 0-3 Gain setting for 90% of hunting. Swapped it out for an audio taper pot. By looking at the chart you can see settings have been spread out for fine tuning.

After hunting for treasures at some local thrift shops today. Just had to take the Bliss out for a trial run. Went to a schoolyard where I never really find anything but trash.Who knows what under the fill turf.. Probably a junk yard of sorts. Wasn't expecting much at all. No high hopes of anything. I wasn't disappointed. I saw some one was there before me hunting, some yellow spots. Think they gave up soon after they tried hunting there.

Turned on the detector and began ground balancing. Piece of cake, didn't take long at all. Set the threshold a touch lower. The Bliss remained nice and stable, through out the time I hunted.
Did hear all the junk when detected in disc mode 3, switched to mode 2, if there was no target report, guaranteed junk. If I switched to mode 1, reported I would dig. Definitely if it reported in Disc mode 1. Good targets are always report with a tight, narrow clean response. If drawn out, mostly junk and iron. Takes a bit of time wrapping your head around the disc. system. It does work. You can kind of mentally visualize what your hearing. Not missing a screen with ID numbers when using this detector. Think a lot has to do with it being an analog technology vs. the newest digital computer processor technology. Might add this, canslaw can be discriminated out, well most of it, and not hear it in disc mode 1 and still pick up gold that would fall it that range.

While I was hunting, looked up, about 100' away stood what I thought at first was a German Shepard. No collar, no leash, no owner, not a stray dog. It was a coyote, stood there like a statue, sniffing the air. I stood just watching him. He made no moves to come my way. After 5 minutes, he decided to walk the opposite way towards the tree line at the railroad tracks. Then he was gone. Kept on detecting for a bit, then felt a few drops, of rain. A big black cloud in the blue skies above decided to spit. Kind of funny, it was a slow moving spittering. I kept walking slowly swinging the coil back to the car. The wall of spittering was always 5 feet or so behind me. Kept just ahead of it. About 50 feet from the car, it stopped. Allowed for some extra hunting time.

By now your wondering what did I find? Not even enough for a Tim's coffee. Found a US quarter, a US penny, and a Canadian penny. Never really find anything here anyways. But, there's always the chance. Gave me a chance to try out the mods. Happy with the results.

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product.
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Managed a few finds after the Bliss V5 surgery Attachments

SvenS 90 August 30, 2020 07:07PM

Re: Managed a few finds after the Bliss V5 surgery

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Bliss V5 surgery

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Re: Managed a few finds after the Bliss V5 surgery

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Re: Managed a few finds after the Bliss V5 surgery

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