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Troy X2

August 31, 2020 01:00PM
i got the troy X-2 that belonged to my departed friend. its clean... and i was wrong on the coil... since its been a while since we hunted due to this plague.. disease.. not politicians... not that plague... i was thinking it had the spider 9 inch coil. it does not! it has the Precision 7 coil... it was hanging vertical in a rack beside a BH101 that had a spider coil. i guess the stress of things clouded my memory. i should have known, but i am fine with that. it was hard to see his toys being gone thru.

anyhow weather heat humidity pop up storms, real feel temps over 100, i got out a minute with the Troy x2. i had already overheated yard work time, but had to get'r done to hunt later. i checked a place that we have been crushing, and did not find anything but pennies, couple dimes, some brass etc... i dug all targets basically. storms came up had to leave. a simplex, AT PRo, sabre, eldorado, mxt , lots of units been over this small place. its in a downtown park with history, good finds, and trash by the heaps. lots of old and new underground pipes and cables crossing. some pipes from 1800s. winos trash--aluminum caps and tabs.

the coin check was what i was curious about, i did not know if he had adjusted it. it knocks out a penny most time, found a few with coin check but they were surface and scratchy. what i did notice was it cruised over tabs and bottlecaps,, most of them, on a coincheck. knocked them out . Now the flat rusty crowns, really older ones, found a few, and they were halo targets. but overall i see how it really works. lyle was disabled and mainly hunted a couple schools that were devoid of most iron junk. getting up and down was a problem. he used a predator 31 inch t handle to help. since he was coin shooting mainly.. elementary schools, mainly clad. he scored some silvers and bling though. he knew where to run disc, to turn disc and see fallout, etc... i will re-adjust the unit using an indian head. i think the first two years were actually bronze coins.

lots of testing, broken rings different caps brass bronze tabs everything etc. just need heat break.

he really liked this unit. so do i.

my aging Silver Sabre plus will get disassembled and a paint job that is acceptable, no silly stuff, new screws, nice pole assembly etc, pads this winter. Techman was on a forum a while, did the mods and checked the caps. it has the Mojave coil precision 7. the troy x2 will be my cruiser until then. i will post before and after pixs when i do, kinda like a plastic surgery commercial.. from ugly to beauty I hope lol.

The first silver i find i will mount on the rod butt end like i have seen, and i will put lyles name on the shaft. this unit will be a forever keeper. and used, like it was meant to be.

as simple as it is there is a learning curve. its well made the knobs are stiff. the topside design is not easy to turn like my old underneath sabre plus i could just thumb away on. but this is a very nice unit.

simplicity in hunting has its advantages.

Monte send me an address i have a package ready to go but i cant find your address... been having computer issues .and replaced phone but lost some info. addresses etc.

hh Carey
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Troy X2

dixiedigger57 73 August 31, 2020 01:00PM

Re: Troy X2

dixiedigger57 40 September 01, 2020 07:43AM

Re: Troy X2

Timbertodd 54 August 31, 2020 04:47PM

The 'cousins,' a Silver Sabre microMAX and Troy Custom Shadow X2, are definitely simple and fun to use.thumbs up

Monte 55 August 31, 2020 03:50PM

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