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And then there was Multi-Frequency. *** Now I want one to deal well with iron trash.

September 09, 2020 08:26AM avatar
When we are in discussions about MF (Multi-Frequency) detectors it can result in some confusing discussions because many people only associate MF detectors with those that are Simultaneous operation, or SMF. I am currently, and have been, using several of the SMF models from Minelab, Fisher and White's since getting one of the Fisher CZ's, and then Minelab Sovereigns, then progressed through a half-dozen different Explorer series models plus both the White's DFX and Spectra series.

Using an SMF detector can sometimes provide some benefits for certain applications, but all of those models had one thing in common. They were not very impressive when hunting a very densely iron contaminated site.

Concentrating on hunting higher nail infested ghost towns and other places for several decades, that also have an additional amount of ferrous debris, has always been best-hunted using a single-frequency detector. One with the circuitry design and coil choice that provided superior iron trash handling.

In January of 2017, I got a Selectable-MF detector in-hand that allowed me to select one of three of its multiple frequencies. Additionally, the circuitry showed potential to handle really tough challenges with a proper small coil, and I got a nice 5" DD in -and just a couple of months later. That Selectable-MF detector was the Nokta Impact, and with the 5" DD coil I finally had a Multi-Frequency detector that would keep up with my proven single-frequency models.

So it was a MF detector that worked well in Iron contaminated sites, but it was functioning at a selected single-frequency, not simultaneous. I have had a newer simultaneous model in the Minelab Equinox 800, and currently have their Vanquish 540 in my detector group. I like it better of the two for my needs. But, in both cases, they are not that good at separation and unmasking in a tough test such as using my Nail Board.

I was holding out hope that we might get an SMF model that could provide better performance on that test, so I bought the new Garrett Apex. It has a SMF function, as well as four selectable single-frequencies. But it does not outperform, nor even match, my better single frequency detectors even to include the low-cost but high performance Simplex + using a 5X9½ Double-D coil. Not in a single frequency or SMF function, but that could be due to the 6X11 Double-D coil which is too large to handle all the nails. I am hoping they will bring us a small-size coil that will let it handle that tough iron nail test better.

So, as we're moving towards comfortable fall weather, I am still hoping to get a SMF detector in-hand that can work in that function, and not single frequency, and provide competitive performance on the Nail Board Test ... and I have faith that some manufacturer will get in this modern SMF race and provide such a device.

When that happens, it is sure to start a lot more discussion about frequency choices, performance, and the uses of SMF detectors in tough iron contaminated sites. It will perhaps bring a few newcomers to the world of SMF detector operation. I'm sure we'll start hearing some of that discussion by 2021.


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And then there was Multi-Frequency. *** Now I want one to deal well with iron trash.

Monte 74 September 09, 2020 08:26AM

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