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Andrew, I am 'kind-of' that way, and used to be that way ... however ....

September 16, 2020 12:26AM avatar
it was all how I looked at things early-on. I really like the looks of the Indian Head Cent and the Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickel, and naturally I like ALL silver coins simply because they are. I had moved back to Utah for college in late '67, and spent a lot of time busy with research at the county library. At the time, I didn't mind finding any Wheat-back Cents because they could have been a silver coin, or a Buffalo Nickel or older.

So I started looking more at the general areas in and outlying from any townsite for dance halls and old picnic groves. Some were in use into the '50s and had a lot of activity and, again, my main interests were finding silver coins as well as Indian Heads and Buffalos. Growing up in the '50s we learned early-on as kids the value of money and I'd help my Dad at his music store even at the age of 5 and 6 to 'earn' some change. I always had change on me, and back then we'd still get Buffalo Nickels in circulation and even an occasional Indian Head Cent in our change at a store. They were not highly common, but they also were not uncommon.

Also, a silver Mercury Dime was just a regular part of change we would handle, outnumbering the newer Roosevelt Dimes. I got my first Barber Dime out of a 5¢ gumball dispenser at the corner market when I was 6 that I stopped in after school across the street. I guess someone couldn't get their bigger fingers to fish it out .... but I did.smiling smiley That was fun finding a neat 'old' silver Dime. And there was so much activity at and around Dance Halls and Picnic Groves that I started using a cut-off in my research to include places dated through the Depression Era, and that cut-off was 1939.

That would include all of the Buffalo Nickels that were minted from 1913 thru 1938. And a lot of those sites produced a very good percentage of Nickels and silver Dimes compared with the number of Cents recovered. Since I lived in Ogden Utah, and considering the types of detectors we had back then, I still got out to an occasional ghost town, but there were so many productive urban places to hunt that I kept myself very busy, especially in those earlier times in this great sport. Most people had no clue what I was holding or doing, and my brother Ed & I could fill a pint jar at any city park in Ogden in 2½ to 3 hours, with a best time of 1 hr. and 50-some minutes. Coins aplenty, minimal trash like we have today, and I didn't find a Ring-Pull Tab until on vacation to Ogden in April of '72.

I moved back up to the much larger and more populated Portland Oregon area in the summer of '71, and continued hunting as many parks, parking strips, schools and other public access places I could. Coins were still very, very plentiful, and Portland had, and still has, some old-use parks that held / hold a lot of desired coins. Note zincoln's recent 1910 $5 Gold Coin which came from one of those very productive old parks. I'd still take in a ghost town or other older remote location from time-to-time, but they were a bit of a drive from Portland to Central and Eastern Oregon, or when on a vacation 'back home' to Utah.

Anyway, since many of the early-dated Wheaties, from 1909 to about 1920, had a conductivity similar to the lower-conductive Indian Head cent, which I had noted with the better VLF/TR-Disc. units I was using from '78 to '83, I couldn't separate Wheaties from Indian Heads even if I tried. Just using the Beep-DIG! approach to success in finding as much as I could. So, to make a cut-off date I decided it would include ALL silver coins and Nickels from 1945 and older, plus any Wheat-back Cent that was last minted when I turned 9 years old.

In July of '83 we got our first really decent detector to handle the Iron Nail infested ghost towns and other similar sites and I made a switch to 85% of my hunting devoted to older hunt sites and less to urban Coin Hunting. From mid-'83 on, for the next 36 years I'd still enjoy finding Wheat-Back cents, but most of the places I hunted, the old town sites, fort sites, pioneer and military encampments, logging and mining towns, homesteads, etc., etc., were producing my biggest number of Indian Heads Cents, Shield and 'V' Nickels, and an ample number of Barber silvers but an even greater number of Seated Liberties.

I have been more than satisfied with the old places and early-dated coins I had found, but that was also through the decades when there was a lot more out there to be found, and when I was in much better health and able to dedicate the time and effort to finding them in those out-of-the-way locations. That 36 year period of time, for me, came to an end by the middle of last year when my declining health and more impaired mobility cut in on my hunt-time. The terrain is too challenging and other health issues caused me to switch my time-and-effort, or at least that I can muster up, to more urban Coin Hunting at least 85% of the time now.

I will still come up with some old-site search time, but now I look for any urban locations that have ben ignored and might hold a good keeper or two. And since the last Wheat-Back cent was minted 62 years ago, I consider them fair game for me, or any typical Coin Hunter, because, if we're lucky, they just might end up being a silver coin.

Wishing I was younger and healthier again, I can only continue to enjoy this great sport if I make an old-guy adjustment in what I accept these days as being 'old'


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'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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"I am happy with anything my age or older.smiling smiley ... A nice conclusion. thumbs up N/T

Monte 36 September 16, 2020 12:41PM

Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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Andrew, I am 'kind-of' that way, and used to be that way ... however ....

Monte 50 September 16, 2020 12:26AM

Re: Andrew, I am 'kind-of' that way, and used to be that way ... however ....

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'Old Coins.' thumbs up N/T

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Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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'Older Coins.' winking smiley

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Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

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Re: 'Kickindirt' brought up an interesting topic about finding 'Old Coins.'

Kickindirt 37 September 15, 2020 09:36PM

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