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Hello Chris, and yes, you asked a very frequent question. confused smiley

November 22, 2010 04:13AM avatar
The only general question I have is if I was to have only one metal detector, which one should I choose? I know you love that question.
Other than specific technical questions related to control function and set-up, etc., I'd say that your question about limiting yourself to only one detector could qualify as a very often-asked question. All too frequently I hear it from one of three categories, such as:

1.. A newcomer who thinks they only need one detector and wants to know what the best detector on the market is for either their needs or their price range (or both). .. A tough decision because they still nee dot really know what they are going to do, the sites they might encounter, and consider their patience level to learn a detector. For some, a simple turn-on-and-go detector, like a White's Classic ID or IDX Pro or Garrett Ace 250 or Teknetics Delta would be all they need. However, if they are truly interested in this great sport, the really need a model that provides more operator control to deal with ground mineral challenges and such, like a modified IDX Pro or a White's MXT, MXT Pro, XL Pro or XLT or a Teknetics Omega, Gamma, T2 or G2. Many others, in both categories, can cause them to become confused and it would help if they really learned more about detectors than just read the product literature.

2.. A hobbyist who has been detecting a bit, off-and-on, and thinks they have a good understanding of the model they have been using, but now wants to 'upgrade' to a better model and have only one, parting with the unit they've been using. ... I often suggest an avid enthusiast own more than one model. In this case it might be good for them to keep the model they currently have (for their own use or as a loaner or back-up) and to add to their arsenal by getting a better detector. One with more adjustment features for better operator control. naturally, by my suggestion to own at least two detectors makes it tough to answer your question about owning 'just one' detector. winking smiley

3.. The folks who weren't sure what they wanted in the first place, bought from a dealer or individual who couldn't really help them, felt a desire to have more than one detector (often many more, to maybe six or seven or way more), and now with a number of models they either want to simply trim the number so they have fewer to tote around and pick from, or they could have settled on a particular type of hunting and only want one or two to satisfy their needs (wants?).
Not always, but very frequently, the problem here is that they acquired too many makes and models, maybe not enough optional coils to help make them work better, and didn't spend ample time to really learn them and master them. I see this often with an impatient person who always thinks they have to go deeper or maybe they want better Target ID or even worse are those who don't want to dig any junk.

In these cases I encourage them to consider which models they have that compliment each other, which one(s) they have used that let them make some of their better finds, and then eliminate all others that are used less, not understood, or just 'fluff' and then get out and hunt! Use what they have so they know them and, in doing so, they can answer their own qurestion.

Minelab Explorer II
White's Electronics IDX Pro
White's Electronics Classic 5
With the three models you own and list here, I can see two immediate answers to my regular response, and possibly three. So, now readers know that I seldom suggest a limit of only 1 detector because you can short yourself of success by hunting in different areas with different needs.

If I were really pressed to limit myself (as in me} to only one of the above, it would be the White's IDX Pro. Then, to provide myself with a much more functional detector I would ship it off to have it modified and the result would be a model with an added Threshold and 1-turn Manual Ground Balance controls. Most who know me are aware of my fondness of such a model.

Then, if I was limiting myself to just two of your detectors, I would likely go with the Explorer II. Why? Much different performance than the other two, and it would be a model mainly used for hunting older silver coins that might be deeper (an honest 4"-7" or so) in old-use parks and such. For some it would maybe be used more often and the IDX Pro would handle other needs, but for me and my health, the Explorer II would see more limited use due to the weight and balance issue.

So, I am sure some wonder about the Classic 5 ID. This is simply a White's Classic ID that had some front-end changes to operate at the 8.1 kHz frequency rather than the well-used 6.59 kHz White's used for all the other Classic SL's and XLT and XL Pro and many more. By having a different operating frequency it would allow two people to hunt closer together in a brush-choked ghost town (for example) and not have the close-by interference. Note the attached photo of two avid seekers employing just such a case. smiling smiley

So, to conclude, I will do what I often do and just turn the table and ask questions back, such as:

Which one or two models to you like the best?

Which one or two models have rewarded you the most from an assortment of sites?

If you are considering trimming your present detector battery, is it maybe because you think you might want to keep one, but add another in the near future? If so, then what are you looking to get, and which of what you have would compliment it the best?

Welcome to the AHRPS Forums. I'm sure others will soon be directed here and you can benefit from their replies to your question as well.

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Hello Chris, and yes, you asked a very frequent question. confused smiley Attachments

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