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A rough definition of a 'hockey puck coil' and when & how I use them.

September 19, 2020 03:53PM avatar
Many decades of detector use has offered me opportunities to use a lot of the smallest coils that we call a "Hockey Puck." They are called that because their very small size looks similar to an Ice Hockey Puck. Those hard rubber disks measure 1" thick and 3" in diameter. From a metal detecting viewpoint, most of the 'Hockey Puck' coils range in size from a measured 3½" to 5". There are several coils called 5" that measure slightly less, such as 4⅞" to slightly more, like 5¼". There are a few coils in the 5" 'family' that might be 5½" to 5¾".

Personally, I like some of the 'Hockey Puck' coils that range from ±4½" to 5¼", with some a Double-D design and others are Concentric. Search coils that measure more like 5½" to 5¾" to 6" to 6½" in diameter I consider to be 'smaller-size coils, but all bigger than a so-called 'Hockey Puck' coil.

I have a Tesoro hockey puck and a Garrett hockey puck. i have not had a lot of success with them.
I never enjoyed very good success with the dinky Tesoro coil on several models I worked it on. Due to the Tesoro detector's circuitry design coupled with their smallest coil, I didn't get acceptable detection depth to be satisfied with in-the-fields performance. I have used some Garrett models with their 4½" coil and White's models with their Blue Max 350, and in both examples I enjoyed some reasonably good success, and it was far superior performance than what I had with the Tesoro / Hockey Puck duo.

If I move up to the ±5" DD coils from Teknetics / Fisher and Nokta / Makro, I also had very good success, and keep two of my dedicated Relic Hunting models outfitted with their 'Hockey Puck' coil full-time. Those would be the Nokta FORS CoRe w/4.7X5.2 DD I call the 'OOR' coil, and the FORS Relic w/5" DD. Both provide absolutely stunning performance in very dense Iron Nail contaminated environment, and they also do well when I have used them for littered Coin Hunting areas, too.

I keep a Teknetics / Fisher 5" DD on a spare lower rod in my Accessory Coil Tote in case I find another choice-condition Omega 8000, and a T2 5" DD on a spare lower rod in case I add another T2+ to my arsenal. Those coils work very well, on the T2 for Relic Hunting sites and the Omega for Coin Hunting applications w/o a lot of ferrous debris to deal with.

it seems like trying to wash a whole car with a tooth brush.
Yes, it can. That's why I choose to use those particular detectors with their small 'puck' coils in very brushy environments and when dealing with a lot of very dense debris. They aren't the best pick for trying to cover a lot of wide-open territory, to be sure. Just at-their-best when hunting a very trashy area using a slow-and-methodical sweep speed and ample overlapping.

I am wondering if its just my old standby admission, not excuse..operator. if I am just too impatient. i know should be a lesser area covered to cherry pick trash. do i swing it wrong, to fast, too much, too little?
Most people just do not have the patience to hunt slowly-and-methodically and overlap for best coverage. Instead, they get into a habit of sweeping too briskly, and with some detectors that is really going to have a negative impact on performance. A lot of very good detectors are 2-Filter types, and a brisk sweep in a lot of higher mineralization will defeat they ability to work well because too much ground signal is being fed info them to process it and then respond to a desired target.

they seem to pick up swingset bars and gymsets about as close as a small bigger coil.
Some detector brand/models are more reactive off to he side of the search coil and you might have that problem. However, if using any size and type search coil, it isd always best to work the coil with the metal fence and not toward-and-away from the fence. Also, don't sweep toward-and-away from metal poles. Instead, position the coil as close as you can to the pole, then keep the coil in the same orientation and distance from the pole as you move with little side-steps to work the coil around the pole and maintain a uniform coil-to-pole relationship. Then back it off an inch and repeat, Then back it off another inch and repeat, doing this until you are satisfied with your coverage close to the pole.

any tips on using the tiny boogers?
See above.


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hockey puck coils

dixiedigger57 109 September 18, 2020 07:58AM

Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils Attachments

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Re: hockey puck coils

OregonGregg 48 September 20, 2020 11:35AM

Re: hockey puck coils

EL NINO 46 September 22, 2020 12:08AM

A rough definition of a 'hockey puck coil' and when & how I use them.

Monte 63 September 19, 2020 03:53PM

There was one use I had for the Tesoro 'hockey puck' coil.

Monte 43 September 20, 2020 07:31AM

Re: There was one use I had for the Tesoro 'hockey puck' coil.

D&P-OR 33 September 20, 2020 11:41AM

I got surprising depth with my Bandido 2 microMax and the 4 inch coil.

Hombre 45 September 19, 2020 06:21PM

Re: A rough definition of a 'hockey puck coil' and when & how I use them.

jmaryt 44 September 19, 2020 05:09PM

Nope. Some of us were using 'hockey puck' to describe Tesoro's dinky coil long before there were CZ's.

Monte 57 September 20, 2020 02:09AM

Re: Nope. Some of us were using 'hockey puck' to describe Tesoro's dinky coil long before there were CZ's.

jmaryt 38 September 20, 2020 04:07PM

Re: hockey puck coils Attachments

SvenS 60 September 18, 2020 03:36PM

Re: hockey puck coils, I have actually used a small Tesoro coil....

Hombre 74 September 18, 2020 11:51AM

Re: hockey puck coils Attachments

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

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Re: hockey puck coils

SvenS 51 September 19, 2020 04:52AM

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