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Methods in modern trash

September 20, 2020 10:11AM avatar

Yes, the 800 is that good. End of story there.

However, I don't this the topic here..

My advice, Don't get in a rut, be flexible.

What I mean is that the remove-it-all method is the best way to 'clean out' an area of all the good targets. Sometimes, time constraints OR the volume of non-ferrous targets, both good and bad, don't allow you to do this on a particular visit.

I've found a couple methods to offer good success in taking some keepers home.

1 - recover only deeper targets. My 800 has excellent modulated audio that allows me to identify deeper targets and those on the fringe of detection. In some areas, like old parks or schools, the deeper targets can be the better, older targets.

2. another method is to go after coin signals. Here I use the audio discrimination my detector provides. I set up my 800 to 5 tones. 1 for iron, 2 for just above iron in the foil range, 3 is nickels only, 4 is the area between nickels and pennies (tab zone). I vary the upper end of this segment to accept IHC's/zinc pennies or not depending on the age of the area I am hunting. 5th is coins from copper pennies up. I assign a very low tone to iron, a lower mid-tone for foil a higher tone to nickels, a mid-tone to the 4th segment and a high high tone to coins. Then i go hunt for coins knowing that i'm leaving possibles out there in the foil and tab zone. There are some good possibles i might be leaving here, but again, the idea to find some keepers in all the non-ferrous junk.

As you sweep, listen for those high tones to come thru all the other noise. You'll be surprised.

There are just 2 methods. Again. digging it all is the only way to get all the keepers, but sometimes that isn't possible.

Good luck with your hunting.


So, what I'm after here is to get an idea of what detector, techniques, coils, tips, tricks you like to use in places where there is lots of modern trash.
Usually I just dig every good sounding signal and also, when time permits, I dig everything to clean out the area and then go back over it several more times, but sometimes I don't have very much time - that's why the modern trashy sites as they are close and convenient.
I have used the Bandito II micro max with a 6" coil, the Deus with the 5x9, the Anfibio with the 5"ish round coil and the 5.5x9" and the Simplex with the 5x9"ish coil. Out of all of these I preferred the Anfibio the the small round coil. For me I was able to come off the target slowly and have a better idea as to it's composition. I dig trash about 75% of the time when I think it could be a good target. I have been surprised at times how the good targets can be completely masked or the VDI is dragged down due to junk or the sound is scratchy or distorted and there is a good target in all of that. That's why the dig it all approach works so well, but sometimes it gets discouraging, tiring, boring and on the bad days, painful to do!
After speaking with a guy who uses the NOX 800 almost exclusively for these types of places with reported good target success rates of 80+% digging only good targets, I'm wondering if I'm just not skilled enough yet or is the NOX 800 just that good?
What's worked for you and what have you learned?

It's YOU that makes the difference.
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Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

Dan'o 119 September 20, 2020 09:35AM

Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

Digstrashtomuch 86 September 21, 2020 04:06AM

Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

Dan'o 80 September 21, 2020 07:35AM

"I would say the CTX3030 " ... But, in a LOT of modern trash?

Monte 100 September 21, 2020 05:27AM

Re: "I would say the CTX3030 " ... But, in a LOT of modern trash?

Digstrashtomuch 84 September 21, 2020 11:24AM

"Favorite detector & methods in modern trash?" ... Good question.thinking

Monte 91 September 20, 2020 08:04PM


dixiedigger57 59 September 23, 2020 08:57AM

Re: Compadre

D&P-OR 50 September 23, 2020 09:23AM

Re: "Favorite detector & methods in modern trash?" ... Good question.thinking

Dan'o 58 September 21, 2020 07:32AM

Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

diggindeep 61 September 20, 2020 03:41PM

Methods in modern trash

UtahRich 79 September 20, 2020 10:11AM

additional note.

UtahRich 63 September 20, 2020 12:34PM

Re: additional note.

Dan'o 60 September 20, 2020 12:58PM

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