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"Favorite detector & methods in modern trash?" ... Good question.thinking

September 20, 2020 08:04PM avatar
So, what I'm after here is to get an idea of what detector, techniques, coils, tips, tricks you like to use in places where there is lots of modern trash.
The two important points here are "lots of" and "modern trash." Since there can be a lot of trash, I continue to rely on a smaller-size to possibly a mid-size search coil, as I have for many a year. Currently, I'll grab one of my Tesoro's with a 6" Con., a White's MX-7 or possibly the XLT, each always equipped with a 6½" Con. coil, or it could be a Minelab V-540 w/5X8 DD, Nokta / Makro Simplex + w/5X9½ DD ,,, or while waiting for a smaller coil from Garrett, the new Apex with the mid-big 6X11 DD 'Viper' coil. Of all these units, I am hoping for a smaller-size coil for the Apex and Simplex +.

Usually I just dig every good sounding signal and also, when time permits, I dig everything to clean out the area and then go back over it several more times, but sometimes I don't have very much time - that's why the modern trashy sites as they are close and convenient.
Using any of my visual Target ID models, I keep the Discrimination set low enough to hear at least some of the Iron Nails. Then I rely on an Iron Audio Volume to help reduce the noise level, and I make use of the audio and visual information to help 'classify' any potential ferrous junk, such as Bottle Caps, and then I listen and look for targets most likely to be non-coins or non-jewelry and usually ignore those potential pieces of modern trash.

I am referring here to the incidental places I happen to come upon and I set out for Coin & Jewelry Hunting when it is a site I might only be there that one time. If I am Coin Hunting any urban location close to my daily travels and can work it at will, then I'll visually grid an area and set out to search it and clean it out of annoying, masking trash. Those would be near-by locations that I would frequent more often.

I have used the Bandito II micro max with a 6" coil, the Deus with the 5x9, the Anfibio with the 5"ish round coil and the 5.5x9" and the Simplex with the 5x9"ish coil.
I can use my Nokta CoRe or Relic with their smaller coils for performance like you get from the Anfibio, but in most 'modern locations with ample new trash, I can do fine with the Tesoro and 6" Con. or other models I mentioned. The key is to use a detector and coil that will allow a slow-sweep and still provide a quick-response when things get challenging.

Out of all of these I preferred the Anfibio with the small round coil. For me I was able to come off the target slowly and have a better idea as to it's composition. I dig trash about 75% of the time when I think it could be a good target. I have been surprised at times how the good targets can be completely masked or the VDI is dragged down due to junk or the sound is scratchy or distorted and there is a good target in all of that. That's why the dig it all approach works so well, but sometimes it gets discouraging, tiring, boring and on the bad days, painful to do!
I know that I might not want to recover ALL the trash, but I feel I should be removing at least some of the discarded debris if I want to be as effective as possible.

After speaking with a guy who uses the NOX 800 almost exclusively for these types of places with reported good target success rates of 80+% digging only good targets, I'm wondering if I'm just not skilled enough yet or is the NOX 800 just that good?
I would think using an Equinox and hunting specifically a 'modern' trashy site with a 'lot' of junk to deal with, he would be using the 6" DD coil. I am aware a good detector with a bigger-size 11" round coil can find good targets, but it doesn't seem like the better choice for working a very trashy site.


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Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

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Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

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Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

Dan'o 83 September 21, 2020 07:35AM

"I would say the CTX3030 " ... But, in a LOT of modern trash?

Monte 104 September 21, 2020 05:27AM

Re: "I would say the CTX3030 " ... But, in a LOT of modern trash?

Digstrashtomuch 85 September 21, 2020 11:24AM

"Favorite detector & methods in modern trash?" ... Good question.thinking

Monte 91 September 20, 2020 08:04PM


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Re: Compadre

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Re: "Favorite detector & methods in modern trash?" ... Good question.thinking

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Re: Favorite detector & methods in modern trash

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Methods in modern trash

UtahRich 82 September 20, 2020 10:11AM

additional note.

UtahRich 65 September 20, 2020 12:34PM

Re: additional note.

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