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"Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

October 09, 2020 10:21PM avatar

Q.. To get our kids or grand-lids or someone else's kids involved in this fun sport, what Age Range do you consider a 'Kid' to be? How old do you think thy should be to get them started, a reasonable age so they might understand some adult explanation?

Age ? LOL I go by when they show interest, not age. I have a 7 year old grandson I've taken detecting a few times now. He asks to go and we have fun. I have a Tesoro Mojave' that is "his" to use.

Q.. And at about what age do you think a newcomer might be ready for something like a quality 'mid-price' level detector? Someone who is likely to retain an interest in the sport and wants a quality produced, more versatile model?

When they've shown enough interest to warrant the expenditure and they've 'outgrown' the basic detector already in use.

Q.. At what age, or with how much dedicated in-the-field experience, do you feel someone ought to be / have to consider a transition between a 'Kid' Level or 'Beginner-Level' and a more expensive or 'upper-end' detector model?

see answer to the question above.

Q.. Considering a Manufacturer's MSRP and not a discounted selling price, what MSRP range do you think a 'Kid' or a 'Beginner' or an more experienced Hobbyist' should be shopping in?

I am not going to spend any money on a junk detector, if I'm buying a kid detector, it would need to be simple in operation, yet have reasonable performance; between $200--$300 new. I'd be more likely to find a good basic detector USED for less money.

Q.. What size and type search coil do you think ought to be on a Kid's Detector?

6" - 8" diameter OR similar if not a round coil. The Mojave' has a 7" coil that seems about optimal

Q.. What size and type search coil do you think manufacturers should use as a 'standard coil' for most consumer-based detectors with an MSRP less than $500?

Not enough information. It would depend on what the detector is being used for to decide on a best standard coil / size.


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►► Questions: About "Entry-Level" and "Mid-Level" Metal Detectors. --- Updated 10/14

Monte 110 October 09, 2020 08:05PM

'diggindeep' responds ....

diggindeep 42 October 14, 2020 01:37PM

Back to 'diggindeep' regarding models to acquire and evaluate.

Monte 27 October 16, 2020 03:34AM

To those who've inquired: Yes, I'll be doing an "Upper-Range" evaluation following this one.

Monte 36 October 14, 2020 12:58PM

Bench testing, comparisons using test samples, and some detecting.

Monte 45 October 14, 2020 11:08AM

Looking forward to the evaluation results Monte. N/T

Timbertodd 29 October 14, 2020 01:23PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

jmaryt 43 October 10, 2020 05:07PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

Timbertodd 54 October 10, 2020 09:29AM

"Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

UtahRich 51 October 09, 2020 10:21PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

Druid 49 October 09, 2020 08:47PM

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