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Back to 'diggindeep' regarding models to acquire and evaluate.

October 16, 2020 03:34AM avatar
I'm going to skip past all the questions about kids and metal detecting because I haven't had much success in getting my kids to excited about metal detecting. As for myself I was exposed to metal detecting at a young age about 8, but didn't really get that serious about it until I was in College. So my experience is limited when it comes to youth metal detecting.

Understood, and I know I have more kids and grand-kids who are not into the hobby than are. Three of my six adult children have one or more metal detectors, but they are not as active in the sport as I wish they were. Of the 16 grandchildren only 3 have a detector and don't get out often. But some do want to do it when grandpa is around so maybe I can spark a little more interest the next time I see them and let them try something new. I'd like to see more younger folks get active in something worthwhile.and even educational.

But I'm finding this more of a struggle to find a good 'fit' in a physical package along with a detector design and performance to match the mental abilities and interests of some kids. The age break-point is kind of narrow when ti comes to a real 'kids' detector and something that they are able to and ready to 'advance' in as they grow quickly. These are electronic devices and I've noticed that a lot of younger folks, from teenage on up, who have an interest seem to grasp the terminology and concepts faster than a lot of older people who get into the hobby later in life. Yo can see it in the replies and conversation from 13 year old Coinboy.

As far as the metal detectors you plan to test (I know it's hard to get them all) I would think the Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F19 and the Vanquish 440 would be some good models to throw in the mix. The Vanquish 440 has a smaller stock coil than the 540 and less features. So it might make sense to have it as an option. Might even consider throwing a Garrett Ace 300 in the mix. I know from personal experience, of all the metal detectors you have listed I would only consider buying of even recommend to someone, the Racer 2, Simplex or Vanquish 540. Additionally the Vanquish 540 would be my suggestion for a kid as it's pretty easy to run and has better than average performance.

Very true, I sure can't get all of them in the under $550 retail price range, but I'm concentrating on those that interest me, and that I figure ought to be of interest to a more interested or dedicated hobbyist .... or one who'd like to join a more active group to enjoy this sport. The Vanquish 440 is almost a V-540 in that it still is a Multi-IQ unit with 10 levels of Volume and Sensitivity, but it is only a 3-Tone and the V-540 is 5-Tone, and the has 12 Disc. segments and the v-540 has 25. Plus, the V-440 is a High Iron Bias only but the V-540 provides a Low Iron Bias setting. The V-440 standard coil is 7X10 DD but for the same price range you can get the V-540 Pro pack and that provides the 9X12 DD as well as a 5X8 DD that makes a great general-use choice.

I do have access to some Garrett Ace models to use, and a Fisher F44 which is also a decent model for a 'budget' price. As for the Fisher F19, it used to be a higher-retail model, like its cousin the Teknetics G2+. But with recent price adjustments and the introduction of that circuity in the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro (with a better-looking decal in my opinion) all of these are selling right around the $400 price-point so they are a consideration. Right now I have bought six detectors for this in the recent couple of weeks plus what is due for delivery in three days, so I will likely borrow something, if available, or do some trading some of the units I plan to thin out of my outfit.

If you do buy a Vanquish 440 and want to get rid of it after your test I will guarantee you a sale as my brother-in-law is looking for a metal detector for his wife and wants to buy a 440 before next Spring. Even if he doesn't want it I would buy it myself.

If i get one, I'll let you and everyone else know because I am certain I am going to be selling or trading some f the detectors i will be evaluating. It's kind of crowded around my place already from my current arsenal. This is kind of like a holiday season when you're having some fun when more are around, but you'll be glad when the company is gone.


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►► Questions: About "Entry-Level" and "Mid-Level" Metal Detectors. --- Updated 10/14

Monte 115 October 09, 2020 08:05PM

'diggindeep' responds ....

diggindeep 44 October 14, 2020 01:37PM

Back to 'diggindeep' regarding models to acquire and evaluate.

Monte 27 October 16, 2020 03:34AM

To those who've inquired: Yes, I'll be doing an "Upper-Range" evaluation following this one.

Monte 37 October 14, 2020 12:58PM

Bench testing, comparisons using test samples, and some detecting.

Monte 47 October 14, 2020 11:08AM

Looking forward to the evaluation results Monte. N/T

Timbertodd 31 October 14, 2020 01:23PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

jmaryt 44 October 10, 2020 05:07PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

Timbertodd 56 October 10, 2020 09:29AM

"Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

UtahRich 53 October 09, 2020 10:21PM

Re: Questions regarding "Entry-Level' -- "Beginner-Level' -- 'Kids Detectors?'

Druid 52 October 09, 2020 08:47PM

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