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Re: Metal detecting is like...

October 11, 2020 10:05PM
That's just it Gregg-----The E800 doesn't NULL the rusted/busted tin (as you said)--it (effectively) I.D.'s it.-----Also, the E800 with 6" coil performs much better in this regard than the Vanquish with its small coil---and I can prove it.----Lord knows I've done enough testing with these two machines.----I'll tell you what----I no longer have a Vanquish & the coils I once had for it because of this---but----if you want--take a drive up to our place at Baker and bring a Vanquish with small coil for it with you.-----I will show you/demonstrate what I'm talking about.----It's much easier/better to see the results than try to type them out on a keyboard.-----If you want to come up--make it soon though as we are getting ready to head out for the SW.-------You are correct in saying the Minelab Etrac & CTX do not handle iron well--that is not their strong point.-----Your CoRE or Relic does much better in this regard.-----The point being here though is the fact that the E800 does a reasonable good job in iron and a VERY good job in busted tin (again, with the 6" coil).-------If you are hell bent on a Vanquish---you may want to step back & take a deep breath!smiling smiley---------Del

Have to agree AND disagree with you on that one Gregg.-----Over hyped--oh yeah--they did that all right---the b.s. was just ah flyin!-----Ghost towns full of iron & rusted/busted tin & fallin on it's ass yah say?smiling smiley-----I don't see that happening--not hardly.------It's nothing overly special in the iron---but---it's the best rusted./busted tin "worker" I've ever seen WITH THE 6" COIL (and I've tried a bunch).----Having said all that---they can loose that 11" coil for it--have no use for it.-----IMO, it's something of a quirky noisy running little buggar & I can see some people not liking it.----But--it can be very effective if used "right".---Myself---the only use I have for it is with the 6" coil in ghost townsy areas (mainly for working the tin--(to a lesser extent iron).------As to park hunting---I wouldn't use it for that---that's when I get ahold of my CTX or Etrac (which whips its butt in that scenario).-----To me the E800 is a specialty use detector & for use ONLY with the 6" coil & that's the ONLY reason I keep it.-----So yeah---I agree---and---disagree with you my friend.smiling smiley---------Del-------

I'm currently taking the time to learn the Equinox 800 and find out just how 'special' it really is.

I think you will find its not that special in ghost towns......all the freq it throws out will not come close to unmasking coins etc that a nokta makro single freq machine will do. Upon release they also realeased a whole bunch of hype ...or in my town we would say a whole bunch of B...S.... Like a minelab machine it will find the deep silver in the parks.....prob better than any other machine.......put it in a ghost town and it falls on it ass. its really that simple. It might be full of magic......but throw it in a ghost town full of iron and rusted tin.....you will find no magic in that machine.

Well Del you're prob right, Oregongregg put his big foot in his big mouth once again. But I mainly agree with what I said.

But something you said in your post and Monte also mentioned about the vanquish is they tend to want to null out rusted tin. If you hunt ghost towns the most frustrating thing about it is dealing with the rusted tin. Take my Fors Core for example, its a high gain,quick response, fast recovery machine.....but like a lot of the "high gain" machines they seem to like rusted tin. You can get a lot of high VDI readings and quite a few that will fall in the dime quarter range. So you can at times end up chasing a lot of that stuff.

I remember you mentioning that your Etrac handled the rusted tin well, but factor in the iron ( nails spikes etc) and that is where it failed. Too bad a ghost town wasn't either just iron or just rusted tin......it sure would make detecting so much easier. If it was only iron ( nails etc ) it would be a breeeze to detect. But throw both iron and rusted tin together in quanity and it does get a bit frustrating at times. To me the minelabs generally dont like or handle iron the best ( Etrac, 800, vanquish etc) But they do handle the rusted tin well.

So my question is even though you have to deal with both ( Iron & Tin) If these machines are handling the tin well......but at what expense ie: even though they null the tin are they still capable of unmasking the good target ? or are they just handling the tin and missing the good stuff ?

My Core at times in heavy rusted tin can be very frustrating but if I get that little coil over a good target most times its obvious, will the 800 still do the same. I think the advantage I might have with my CoRe if the site is iron only. In reality with that machine, hunting a site that is iron trash only is actually really pleasant. And if i use my Fors Relic, even more pleasant as it has iron audio volume. At least in iron only you have choices such as running min disc with iron audio volume, or as the core low disc and hear it all listening for a higher tone to squeak out or simply disc out iron and not deal with it. Rusted tin does not give you those options and you have to deal with it rather you like it or not. But the next question is i think the minelab machines kinda don't like the iron aspect of it.......throw the iron in and you will realize the minelabs weak point. But I am tempted to try a Vanquish just for that ability of being able to knock out rusted tin and hope it will still hit the good targets.

But I guess it boils down to what Monte has said for decades..........there just isn't a perfect detector out there yet,
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Metal detecting is like...

Dan'o 79 October 11, 2020 08:12AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

NWCindy 31 October 12, 2020 07:35PM

Metal Detecting should always be 'fun.'

Monte 45 October 12, 2020 11:03AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 55 October 11, 2020 04:55PM

Just some of my own observations.eye rolling smiley

Monte 50 October 12, 2020 02:01PM

Re: Metal detecting is like... Wrong & right Gregg

Kickindirt 43 October 12, 2020 12:20PM

Wrong or Right

OregonGregg 38 October 12, 2020 12:39PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 58 October 11, 2020 07:06PM

Some comments / opinions back to Del's reply to Oregon Gregg.

Monte 39 October 12, 2020 02:24PM

Metal detecting is like...

UtahRich 43 October 12, 2020 02:12PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 33 October 12, 2020 06:14PM

Metal detecting is like...

UtahRich 32 October 12, 2020 06:51PM

A question or two for UtahRich.

Monte 38 October 12, 2020 02:32PM

Questions for UtahRich - thinking

UtahRich 42 October 12, 2020 04:00PM

UtahRich, I generally agree with you.

Monte 28 October 14, 2020 06:26AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 41 October 12, 2020 02:20PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 47 October 11, 2020 08:48PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 49 October 11, 2020 10:05PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 38 October 12, 2020 05:31AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

Dan'o 47 October 11, 2020 05:14PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 42 October 12, 2020 05:33AM

I enjoyed your post. N/T

NWCindy 35 October 11, 2020 09:48AM

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